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Everyone wants to improve their health, whether it be through joining an expensive gym or purchasing a pricey set of equipment for their home. What a lot of people don’t realize is you don’t need all this expense and clutter. All that’s really required is determination, and a motivation to stay fit.

There are hundreds of iPhone apps for all manner of health and fitness tasks. You can monitor what you eat, how you exercise – even measure different calorie intake or your body mass index. With this list, you can have a full on personal trainer as well as an arsenal of exercises in the palm of your hand!


Gone are the days when you’d need to tune into the local news to hear tomorrow’s weather forecast. The Internet has long offered a way to quickly gather an up-to-date weather forecast for anywhere on Earth, and the iPhone has brought this directly into the palm of your hand.

Today we’ll be looking at 6 versatile and feature-packed weather applications for the iPhone, comparing the features and interface of each. We can’t stop it raining, but we can make sure you know when to take an umbrella out with you!


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