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Producing music nowadays is becoming easier and easier as developers try and simplify their software’s UI to become more user friendly. It’s not a wonder there are some great and easy-to-use apps to compose music for recreation or actual studio-quality records. I’m a producer myself, so I’m always on the lookout for some innovative ways to use my iPhone as a production tool.

There are a number of composition apps available for the iPhone, but I’m going to highlight the noteworthy and more user friendly apps in order to maximise your experience with composing on your iPhone. ¬†Whether you’re a serious musician or just looking to test the waters, these apps are accessible to all skill levels. (more…)

Despite the fact that an iPhone is capable of holding a ridiculous amount of music, it’s fairly easy to grow tired of your selection of tunes. Fortunately, the App Store has never been short on ways to discover new and interesting music.

Today we’ll step away from major players like Pandora and and take a look at a few gems that you’ve likely never tried. Each of these apps has its own unique spin on music discovery and they’re all completely free to download and use.


Certain categories in the App Store stand out not only for their functionality but for the beautiful design trends that you tend to see within them. Custom ringtone apps are definitely just such a category and several of these apps have absolutely gorgeous interfaces.

Though there are tons and tons of ringtone makers available, today we’re focusing only on the top tier of attractively-designed applications. Each of these apps comes in at less than a buck and all offer their own spin on giving you the ability to build custom ringtones from the music on your phone or even audio that you record yourself.


Have you ever seen those YouTube videos of bands playing songs using only iOS devices and wondered what those apps were? Well look no further because today we have over 100 apps to provide you with everything you need for your digital band. We’ve got everything from guitar, piano and drums to music education.

Don’t have any musical talent whatsoever? No worries! We’ve also included a few awesome Rock Band style music games that put you on stage and rocking out to popular hits. There’s definitely something here for everyone, no matter where you are on the musical talent spectrum.


Music is an art which exists in different forms around the globe. It varies depending upon culture and society, but always has a distinct style and feeling. Today, it has become a huge industry and evolved with the development of technology.

If you intend to learn any kind of music instrument, you don’t necessarily need to pay a tutor or buy that instrument at the outset; technology in the form of iPhone applications is there to instruct, guide, and assist you. Today we’ll be looking at a selection of different software for music enthusiasts – whatever instrument you specialise in!