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After what we hope was a fantastic Christmas week for those of you who celebrate, you may be hoping for a bit of downtime to recover from all that food.

This weekend, you can relax with the following fine titles from the App Store’s gaming section that are worth playing before the new year rolls around…


My first iOS experience came by way of an iPod Touch that was given to me at Christmas  in 2008.  I remember feverishly setting it up so I could comb the App Store for goodies; making sure to download all the best apps and games available at the time. Now that Christmas is upon us this year, some fortunate few are being introduced to iOS for the first time.

When you find your way into the App Store for the first time, you’ll soon discover that it houses a lot of apps. Like, millions. Many of them bring a unique feature to the iPhone that you don’t get from first-party apps, but then there are the apps that compete with Apple’s offerings. Now, being that Apple owns and operates iOS, its apps often include killer features that you won’t find in third-party alternatives. However, even with this advantage, some third-party apps are capable of offering a superior experience.

With this in mind, I’ve rounded up a list of what I believe to be the best free and paid alternatives to Apple’s first-party iOS apps. Read on and get ready to download! (more…)

The best time of year is upon us, and along with holiday cheer we’re also getting a deluge of fantastic new game releases just in time for Christmas.

We’ve gathered up some of the best, including a new Halfbrick title, a casual mega-sequel, a deep RPG, and more!


If you’re in the north, you’ll probably be hiding out from the cold like I am. It’s a good excuse to catch up on your mobile gaming, and we’ve got some pretty huge titles lined up for you today.

Click through for the biggest App Store games this week!


Happy December, everyone. Now that you’ve made it through the first week, let’s unwind with some fresh games from the App Store.

This week, we welcome a new Telltale series, a new blockbuster from Halfbrick, and all sorts of other goodies—come have a look!


In the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday, it’s good to remember that there’s a lot of fun to be had with the toys you already have—like your iPhone!

We’ve pulled together some of the most exciting new games this week, so jump in and get playing…


The other half of the new gaming console coin drops today, so just like last week we’re here with some iOS game recommendations to help you pass the time while you pick up your pre-order, stand in line, or totally ignore the big consoles!

Click through for some incredible adventures, including one very familiar looking RPG…


Big day in gaming today as we kick off the next generation of consoles, but the industry has become much bigger than that now.

Whether you’re not interested in the big gaming machines, or you’re just after something fun to do while you’re waiting in line for a pre-order, we have some sweet iOS games for you…


It’s a blockbuster week for iOS gaming, friends. We’re looking at some incredible sequels and some creative new spins on familiar franchises.

Click through and let’s get gaming!


Alongside the deluge of Halloween updates we’ve seen this week, there have also been some remarkable new titles released.

Let’s work off that candy hangover with some gaming, shall we?


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