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We are mere weeks away from the end of the first decade in this new millennium. This year has been a big one for Apple’s multi-touch product line with the arrival of the iPad, iPhone 4 and iOS 4. Along with these new technologies has come a seemingly endless barrage of great apps that keep us coming back for more.

Today we’ll take a look at some of our favorite apps that were either introduced or popular throughout the year. Some of them made the list as a result of huge sales while others are an important piece of iOS history. A big thanks to all of our Twitter followers who submitted votes for their favorite apps! You’ll definitely see many of your submissions included below.


Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on 14th February. People have mixed feelings when Valentine’s Day comes around. Although it’s turned into something of a commercial and cheesy occasion, it’s still a good chance to celebrate with your loved one (or an easy opportunity to ask someone out on a date!)

In order to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your iPhone, we have gathered 9 seasonal (and handy) applications. These should go some way towards spicing up the event and making your Valentine’s Day even more special. Just don’t spend all evening playing with your iPhone!


With the launch of our beautiful new website, and it being Christmas and all, we felt a roundup was probably in order! I have put together 21 of the most popular and fun Christmas themed apps for you to pick up from the App Store – from games, to helpful day-to-day task apps, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Read on for a selection of useful and fun apps to fill up your iPhone – and welcome to this fun new world if you’ve just received one for Christmas!