Special Deal: Get an Extra 20% at Newaya Recycling!

So now it’s official: we’ve got a new iPhone. Doesn’t that old iPhone 4S look a bit dated now? Thing is, you can pretty much pay nothing for your next iPhone — something I’ve proven myself in the past. But if you don’t want the hassle, we’ve got a pretty sweet deal for you — right after the jump.

The people at Newaya Recycling (formerly Green iPhone), have paired up with AppStorm to give you an extra 20% back on any iPhone that you trade in. All the prices are listed below, so just see what you’ve got and go from there.

Maybe you’re a bit hesitant. Should you trust these guys? I did this myself last year, and I received a check within 10 days of sending in my iPhone, and I’m going to do the same myself this year. Also, they can pay via PayPal the same day that they receive the phone!

This deal is for a limited time: it’s good until two weeks after the iPhone 5 ships on September 21, so don’t delay! To sign up, simply go to their AppStorm-specific site, and enter your info!

AppStorm Special Pricing

AppStorm Special Pricing