Graphic Designer Bundle on Sale!

Hello readers of AppStorm! As you may know, from time to time we cross promote other Envato sites and services here on the AppStorm network. Well, today we launched a short-run Graphic Designer Bundle on our marketplaces, and it’s fantastic value – $500 of photos, images and Photoshop/Illustrator add-ons for just $20!

In the bundle are files from our long-running and highly popular GraphicRiver marketplace, and the newly launched PhotoDune marketplace for royalty free stock photos. It’s a fantastic deal with some great stuff in it. I should know, as I picked the files myself!!

Maybe it’s just because I love graphics and design, but I would buy this bundle in a heartbeat. If you love a bit of Photoshop, you’ll have so much fun with these files, and they’re bound to come in handy on projects.

Buy the Graphic Designer Bundle

or check out just SOME of the $500 of files included in the bundle:

… and there are plenty more beautiful items and images included. It’s really a great deal, and definitely one for your toolkit! Don’t delay though, it’s only available until Friday midday (Australian time!)

Buy the Graphic Designer Bundle

OK that’s enough marketing from me, now back to your regularly scheduled programming 😉