iPhone App Entrepreneur: Now Available!

I’m incredibly excited to let you know that the first ever AppStorm book (in conjunction with Rockable Press) is now available to buy for just $19. iPhone Entrepreneur brings together insight and ideas from experienced iPhone developers and users to help you understand how to approach the development of your own app.

Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting to think about creating an iPhone app, this book will help you make your next release a real success. Read on to find out more, read a few testimonials, and grab a discount!

What to Expect

In iPhone App Entrepreneur, AppStorm manager David Appleyard sheds light on what it takes to get you to iPhone app success!

This book provides you with the knowledge and the techniques you need to spot a great opportunity, get the most from the App Store, make smart decisions about development, craft a stunning interface, and promote your app successfully!

Drawing from the insights and experiences of 16 top-notch app developers, and survey responses from over 1000 iPhone users, David Appleyard equips you with everything you need to successfully become an iPhone app entrepreneur!

Book Contents

Here’s what you can expect from the book.

  • Learn how to perfect a killer idea, brainstorm, and spot opportunities
  • Find out about how the App Store works, and how to get your app approved
  • Different development options and choices
  • The importance of simple, sexy interface design
  • How you can start simple and iterate
  • Learn about how to price your app for the right audience
  • Discover new promotion opportunities for your app
  • Hundredsof useful development resources and links
  • A survey of 80+ iPhone developers – see how they achieved success!
  • A survey of over 1,000 iPhone users – find out what they look for when buying and using iPhone apps

If you’re undecided, you can download the sample pages of the book to get a feel for the layout and style!

Buy Now!

If you’ve heard enough and would like to pick up your own copy, you can buy iPhone Entrepreneur either as a PDF eBook, or in paperback form:

Grab a $4 Discount! (7 Days Only!)

If you’re an Envato Marketplace user, the book is available to buy with your marketplace credit. For the first week only, you’ll receive a $4 discount by purchasing it through the Tuts+ Marketplace!

Find Out More

If you’d like to read more about iPhone Entrepreneur (and check out a few extra quotes/testimonials), we’ve put together a launch page that should tell you everything you need to know:

Still not satisfied? Just drop me an email to ask me a question about the book – I’ll be happy to help!

Thanks for reading AppStorm and, if you do choose to pick up a copy of iPhone App Entrepreneur, I really hope you enjoy it!