Welcome to Productivity Week!

The App Store is packed full with millions of apps, and it seems like most of them have some form of the phrase “to-do” somewhere in the title. It can be frustrating trying to find the perfect app for making your lists or trying to get things done, and fortunately, that’s why we’re here. Welcome to Productivity Week, where we’re going to spend the next few days making sure you get a few things accomplished.

Each day this week, we’re going to have a review, how-to or roundup that will help you work more efficiently and quickly to complete whatever it is you have to do. We’ve got some big reviews coming this week too, and we’ll even dig into our archives so that you get as much GTD in your life as possible. We’ve even got a contest that we’re kicking off later today to celebrate.

So if you’re all about making lists, keeping your stuff organized and maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a “touch” of OCD, iPhone.AppStorm is your place to be. Here’s to getting things done!