Winners Announced: Win One of Ten Copies of HQ!

Well, it’s been a week now, and we’re proud to announce the winners of our HQ app giveaway. They are:


All winners have been notified via Twitter DM, so check your messages! Thanks to all who entered!

Just the other day, we reviewed HQ, a great new to-do app with a unique interface that’s been getting a lot of attention. Maybe you like HQ but don’t want to plunk down the cash to buy it, or possibly you want to try it out for free. Fortunately for you, reader in our hypothetical scenario, we have a way for you to win one of ten copies of the app for free.

How do we work this magic? Find out after the jump.

How To Enter

Want to win a copy of the app? Fortunately, it’s super easy. Here are the steps:

1. Follow us on Twitter — @iphoneappstorm

2. Post a comment on this very post with your Twitter handle.

3. Come back to this very post in just one week, and find out if you’ve won!

Thanks in advance to all of you who enter the competition and good luck!