It’s Here: The iPhone 4S

Well it’s official, we have a new iPhone today and it’s called the iPhone 4S. There was a lot of big news that came out of Cupertino today, most of it covered live via Twitter. You do follow us on Twitter, right? If not, hit us up at @iphoneappstorm today.

But if you weren’t there to watch it all go down, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Hit that more button and let’s get into all of the big news of the day.

iOS 5

  • Official release date: October 12.
  • Free upgrade
  • Find My Friends announced — easy way to track buddies with iPhones, but it’s privacy protected and can be done on a short-term basis as well.
  • iTunes Match: $20/year for 10GB; $40/yr for 20GB; $100/yr for 50GB.
  • iCloud official release date on iOS 5 on October 12.

iPhone 4S

  • A5 Processor — dual core, 7X faster graphics.
  • Dual antenna system. Can intelligently switch between antennas for faster download speeds and better call reliability.
  • GSM & CDMA in one phone — It’s now a World phone.
  • 8 megapixel camera — f/2.4 aperture, edit photos right on your iPhone. Watch for a follow-up post on the camera soon.
  • 1080P video recording with image stabilizer and temporal noise distortion.
  • Siri Assistant — voice recognition where you ask in plain English for something, and it does it. Works with email, texts, reminders, etc. You can respond via Bluetooth or headset mic too.
  • Dictation feature for emails and texts.
  • $199 for 16GB model, $299 for 32GB model, and a new 64GB model for $399.
  • Comes out Oct 14, preorder on Oct 7.
  • Now on Sprint in United States.
The iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S


  • New app released: Cards — Make your own greeting cards on your iPhone and then Apple will mail them out for you.
  • Infinity Blade 2 demoed — Amazing graphics, looks like lots of fun.

That’s all of the important details for now. Check back in the next few days as we start to tear into the iPhone 4S and really get to the heart of things!