Ripples of The Verizon iPhone Launch

If you’re reading this from the U.S., the fact that you might be doing so from a Verizon iPhone is big news. Many Apple fans have waited not-so-patiently for four long years for this opportunity and customers of other carriers are no doubt licking their lips wondering when their turn will come.

Now that the Verizon iPhone is officially in the wild, what effect did it have on the market? How are other carriers responding? Has someone hacked it yet? Today we’ll take a brief look at a world where Verizon iPhones exist.

iPhone Competes with Free

Let’s face it, competing with the iPhone isn’t easy. The retina display blows the competition out of the water, the multi-camera and FaceTime combination is amazing and most importantly, the App Store knows no equal (sorry Android, close but no cigar).

Now that the two biggest dogs in the U.S. cellular service fight are both enjoying the iPhone and its horde of followers willing to dish out hundreds of dollars every time Apple sneezes, how can the other carriers compete? T-Mobile has an interesting approach, they’re giving away phones, the good ones.


T-Mobile is jut giving these things away.

On February 7th, T-Mobile announced their upcoming Valentine’s day deal, which states that “all T-Mobile phones, even the fastest 4G smartphones running on America‚Äôs largest 4G network, will be offered for free at T-Mobile retail stores with qualifying plan on two-year contract.”

Needless to say, this is a great deal. Many of T-Mobiles smartphones are normally upwards of $100 so getting one free with a new contract sounds too good to be true. Of course, you’ll be locked in with them for two full years so you better like that non-iPhone that you just bought because you’re stuck with it. There are plenty of great Android handsets out there though so this deal will no doubt make customers not interested in the iPhone quite happy!

AT&T and Verizon Bickering

Another effect of the iPhone now being on two carriers is the launch of new commercials from both AT&T and Verizon, each of course claiming that their version of the iPhone is better.

In Verizon’s commercial, they show the iPhone dramatically spinning over a black background while lavishing complements about its genius. The commercial then throws in an obvious jab at AT&T: “but does your network work?”


Yes, I can hear you now.

AT&T quickly responded with a much more lighthearted ad depicting a man on the phone with his wife, lying about having already made reservations while he browses the web on his phone and makes up for the oversight. The commercial closes with a message that “only AT&T’s network lets your iPhone talk and surf at the same time.”

AT&T and Verizon jousting matches are nothing new, but it’s definitely interesting to see them targeted at a single, nearly identical device that both of them now possess.

Jailbroken Already!?

The most current Verizon iPhone firmware puts us at version 4.2.6. Sometimes jailbreakers have to wait days or even weeks for the hacker community to come up with a response but this time they were on top of it.

So even if you’re currently taking the wrapper off that beautiful new iPhone box, you can already jailbreak it to take advantage of the plethora of hacks and apps not traditionally compatible with the device. The newest Verizon-friendly jailbreak is Greenpois0n RC5.4 and can be downloaded free from a number of sources online.

iFixit Breaks Into Verizon’s iPhone and Makes a Discovery


iFixit discovered a chip that supports both GSM and CDMA

The handy people at iFixit have already posted a complete breakdown of the Verizon iPhone’s inner-workings. The biggest shocker is that it has a Qualcomm dual-mode chip, which technically supports both GSM and CDMA.

Don’t read that as an indication that the Verizon iPhone supports GSM networks, because it doesn’t. However, the fact that Apple is already using a chipset capable of such a feat points to the inevitability that they’ll soon be merging the two distinct handsets into one device that will function on any network (a likely feature of the iPhone 5).


To sum up, the Verizon iPhone is already making big waves. It broke all Verizon pre-order records in the first few hours, is causing T-Mobile to literally give away its most expensive phones, has AT&T on the offensive, spurred jailbreakers into action and has the tech community buzzing about the likely GSM/CDMA hybrid iPhone of the future. Not bad for its first few days!

This kind of buzz is why iPhone.AppStorm exists. The iPhone is an unprecedented phenomenon and the world simply can’t get enough of it. We’ll be here, dishing out reviews, news, rumors and everything else iPhone-related for some time to come simply because we are as fascinated by Apple’s wonder-phone as you are. Thanks for stopping by and offering your continual support!