Shuzzle: A Fast-Paced Time Killer for Your iPhone

When it comes to iPhone games, they all pretty much fall into two broad categories: Games you can play on the go, and immersive games that take a while to play.

Shuzzle falls into the play-on-the-go category, because it’s not only easy to pick up and play, but it’s easy to turn off as well. So is this game worth the 99 cent entry fee? Hop in after the jump to find out.

The Premise

Shuzzle is, at its core, a puzzle game. Once you start a game, a circular pattern is displayed on the screen. The inside circle in the pattern displays a shape in a particular color. The outside circles display a color with a hole in the center for a shape. Simply touch the outside circle you want to drop the center piece into, and you’re good to go. You get 1 point for matching the shape but not the color, and 10 points for matching the color and the shape. As an added bonus, there’s a timer here to factor in, so the faster you do it, the better off you are.

Touch and go, it's just that easy

Touch and go, it's just that easy

If you feel like upping the difficulty a bit, then try tilt mode instead. Hold your iPhone in your hands and lean the iPhone in the direction of the outside circle that you want to hit. This amps things up a lot, because to get the center piece in the correct slot you’ll be constantly dancing the iPhone around.

Tilt mode takes the difficulty up a notch or two

Tilt mode takes the difficulty up a notch or two

The Action

As I said before, this is a game that you can pick up and run with whenever you want. I like to call this category a “Doctor’s office game,” because it’s best if you’re chilling in a waiting room somewhere before your dentist/haircut/doctor’s appointment. But don’t think that means there’s not stuff to do, because this game can suck you in pretty fast, until the next thing you know it’s two hours later and you missed your appointment.

The timer pushes you every time you play. Each level seems to get progressively harder and harder, and therefore faster as well. You find yourself constantly slapping the outer circle to try to find just the right shape that will score a few bonus points, and occasionally, freezing in your tracks and wondering which option is your best choice. This turns the game from slow to frantic, and makes it lots of fun to play.


Like many iOS games today, this one is customizable. As previously stated, you can switch between tilt and touch modes to change up the difficulty. You can also turn the effects and music on or off, plus play your own iTunes library while you play. There’s also a vibrate feature if you prefer the game to vibrate with every match. And if you’re colorblind, you’re still able to play the game by changing the settings, which turns frequently missed colors to a neutral shade of gray.

Start of basic, or add extra shapes to the mix

Start off basic, or add extra shapes to the mix

As if all that wasn’t enough, there are also multiple difficulty levels to battle through. On Easy mode, you’ve got the basic shapes shown above, and that’s a slow time scale. If you want to lose your mind though, feel free to amp it up to Extreme mode, and get ready for some quick moves. Now you have to place your shapes in under two seconds, making what’s usually a frantic game to levels that most middle school kids amped up on Mountain Dew wouldn’t be able to contain. Is it tough? Heck yes it’s tough. And that makes it fun.


Let me explain how I feel about Shuzzle by telling a quick story.

My wife and I both love video games of all kinds; In fact, it’s part of the reason we’re married today. And although we cross streams here and there with titles, for the most part I prefer adventure and strategy games while she prefers the mindless games that you find on PopCap or similar sites. I personally don’t think I could spend more than an hour or two playing this game because it would get pretty repetitive. Yes, it gets more challenging as the game progresses, but it’s not my bag.

My wife though, would absolutely love this game. I can see her spending hours with this app, tapping away on the screen so fast that she starts to build up smoke. And that’s really the thing about Shuzzle; Either you’re the type of person who prefers a good first person shooter, or you’re one who likes to play something that takes your mind away from the everyday stresses in life. If you fit into the latter category, then I think Shuzzle is a perfect game for you.


Place colored shapes into colored boxes in a fast-paced game.