Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Basket

Our feature sponsor for this week is Basket, a simple and clean grocery shopping list app.

So you’re heading out to get some groceries — the usual stuff: milk, eggs, four quarts of rocky road — and you want to jot everything down in a single place. Basket is designed to do just that. Add or delete items on your list, then pull out the app when something is in your cart to check it off.

Think that’s it? There’s also iCloud support (a first for grocery list apps), meaning you can sync your lists between your devices. Maybe you’ve got an iPod touch at home that you use for your lists, and an iPhone for on the road. Plus, the app is customizable as well. You can pick your own fonts, font sizes and more.

Other cool features include shake to clear completed items, pull down to make a new entry and swipe to remove an item. It’s all very straightforward and that’s the point, right? Who wants to have to drill down four screens just to add peanut butter to their list?

Go Get It!

Basket is available on the app store right now, and better yet, it’s free. Go get your copy now so you can keep those lists in order!

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