Thanks To our weekly sponsor: Bitrix24

Our featured sponsor this week is Bitrix24, an app that utilizes social enterprise, project management, file sharing, online document management, CRM and a whole ton of other things, all in one place.

Alright, we get it. That sounds like a mouthful for a description, right? So let’s just boil this down to brass tacks.

Bitrix24 is a unified workspace for your company. This lets you exchange information between your employees in a number of different ways, and it’s all in one app. Prior to Bitrix24, you might have to use a multitude of different applications to get things done — BaseCamp for project management, Yammer for IM and social networking, Google Drive for shared calendars and information — and even then nothing would work in harmony. Bitrix24 combines all of those elements and puts them in one secure location in the cloud, making sure that your data is safe from harm and only your employees can access it.

Think about how much easier that could make things for your business. Now you have one centralized place for all of your employees to check in, get their tasks, schedule things out, write and even more. Just the savings on licensing fees alone for some companies is huge, think about the additional productivity!

There’s a lot of stuff crammed into Bitrix24, that’s for sure — even more than we can get into here. If you have a small business and are interested in the service, it’s absolutely free if your company has 12 employees or less. There’s also a free license available to startups for a limited time — that’s a $2,400/year savings!

Go Get It!

If you’re a small business owner, want to get that startup off the ground or have a few employees you want to manage, Bitrix24 is a great way to go. The iPhone app is free, and don’t forget about that free startup option!

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