Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Space Settlers

It seems like games on iOS are a dime a dozen these days. It’s hard to find anything different that stands out in the category, particularly when we’re flooded by Angry Birds clones and anything else that will make a cheap buck. But what we don’t have a ton of are multiplayer games set in a sci-fi universe, complete with real-time strategy components. And that brings me to this week’s sponsor, Space Settlers.

The premise isn’t simple. It has to do with man’s fascination with the “God Particle,” Hawking and time travel. But that’s OK, you’ll figure it out as you go. The basic gist is similar to other battlefield games, in that you play with a semi top-down view of the playing field, and you have to navigate your troops to their appropriate positions. Your soldiers are various mecha and other vehicles, and there are lots of different options with more than 100 accessories to choose from. Basically, there’s no way you’re going to run out of ways to play this game, because there’s a ton to do, and it’s all right there on your iPhone (or iPad, naturally).

Go Get It!

Space Settlers is free, and it’s a pretty addicting game, so get ready to settle in for a few long afternoons of fun. If you want to advance the game faster, there are in-app purchases of Dark Energy that you can buy, but it’s purely optional so don’t let that turn you off in any way. This is one of the good games that breaks the cookie cutter mold and sets out to create its mark on the genre. Support it today!

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