What to give your sales team a competitive edge? Today on Appstorm I’m going to look at Salesforce apps for iPhone that give you and your team access to the wide range of Salesforce tools and services from an Apple phone. These applications accompany Salesforces’ powerful line-up of Sales, Marketing and Analytics SaaS business solutions.

The reasons for incorporating Salesforce applications into your business are abundant. The applications alone are leaders in their specific departments, however, when integrated with your business software their benefits are supreme — helping you to manage your whole business and its data from one application.

The main way to access Salesforce applications on your iPhone is through Salesforce1. In addition to this, admins can use SalesforceA to help manage their employees access and permissions.

Read on to find out how useful Salesforce apps for iPhone can be!

Salesforce 1 App Cloud

Salesforce1 is the unified “platform as a service” solution for Salesforce products. Set up similar to a social network, the Salesforce1 app for iPhone incorporates a Feed and “Chatter,” a team communication solution, to make sure teams stay connected. To ensure that users are not overwhelmed by each of the Salesforce products the app gives you customization options, being able to pick and choose which products are included.

Salesforce1 makes the process of business management easy through the “Action Bar” that resides at the bottom of the application. Through this, simple tasks can quickly be achieved, making sure that easy workflows such as creating events, posting comments and many more can be completed with no problems.



SalesforceA is the admin solution for superiors. Working in conjunction with the Salesforce1 application, users can control employee permissions, reset user passwords and even choose to lock out specific individuals altogether.



The app is setup simply, making sure you can track your employees’ activity easily. SalesforceA also acts as a way to monitor issues occurring on your Salesforce1 application.

Pricing: From $25 per month.

Salesforce 1 Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides an agent with the tools for quickly managing customer cases, using consoles, communities, knowledge bases, collaboration, social service, and multi-channel support features. In some cases, organizations can even create online support communities where customers are able to find their own answers to common concerns or questions.

Pricing: Three available packages. Ranging from $65/month per user to $300/month per user.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

As one of the largest and most well known CRM solutions on the marketplace, Sales Cloud is highly regarded thanks to its suite of tools designed to help businesses sell more and grow faster. Sales Cloud has introduced hundreds of features that give professional users ways to connect with leads, accounts, contacts, and important business information all from within a unified web-based system.

Pricing: Four available packages, ranging from $25/month per user to $250/month per user.


SalesforceIQ utilizes advanced analytics to track and utilize email communications. Through this Salesforce app for iPhone’s easy-to-use interface, professionals can keep up with all ongoing conversations, including the number of days since the last email exchange. Using SalesforceIQ, businesses can free up their time and energy for use on more important tasks.

Pricing: Ranges from $25/month per user to $250/month per user. Most popular package costs $65/month per user.

salesforceiq for iphone screenshot


Desk.com offers a range of customer support tools for small business owners. This customer support application will supply your support agents with a selection of tools that operate within an entirely web-based environment. The benefits of using the Desk.com software as a customer support solution is the ability for busy small business owners to out-source their customer service needs.

Desk.com is accessed through its own Salesforce iPhone app, separate from Salesforce1. Through push notifications and automatic syncing with the web-based counterpart the app makes it easy to stay on top of customer issues. The application itself is clean and modern, utilizing a simple feed that lists all of your active cases.

Pricing: Three available price bands. Most popular package is $60/month.



Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Mass mailings will no longer work in today’s hyper-targeted marketing environment, where consumers are being hit with hundreds of messages each day. Salesforce Marketing Cloud takes a more sophisticated approach, enabling marketers to reach individual customers through tailored, relevant content. This content runs the gamut from traditional email marketing tools, all the way to the most advanced cross-channel campaign functionality.

Pricing: Pricing dependant on which package you require. Email, Mobile and Web Marketing starts at $400/month. Social Media Marketing starts at $1000/month. Advertising starts at $1250/month. B2B Marketing Automation starts at $1000/month.


Sales teams are always looking for more strategic ways to nurture leads. Salsforce Pardot is a B2B marketing platform that automates this process, providing organizations with the ability to grow their pipelines, generate better leads, and improve their close rates from within Salesforce.com.

Pricing: Standard package costs $1000/month. Pro package $2000/month and Ultimate package $3000/month.

Now you’ve seen some of my choices of the best Salesforce applications for the iPhone, visit our sister site GetApp where you can search and compare more top Saleforce software. Let us know the Salesforce apps you get the most out of in the comments below!