Weekly Poll: How Often Do You Browse the Web on Your iPhone?

The iPhone was a revolution in mobile browsing. For most of us, it was the first time we got a taste of a phone-sized browser that, aside from Flash, could really handle the full-size web without compromises.

Before the App Store came along, I frequently browsed the web using mobile Safari. Almost anything I wanted to do, be it play a game or check Facebook, required me to go through Safari. These days though I find that there really is an app for everything, which leaves my mobile web browsing at almost nil. Only occasionally will I want to check out a restaurant’s menu or run a quick Google search while I’m out.

Despite the myriad of industry experts claiming that mobile web apps are the future, I don’t regularly use a single one but stick exclusively to native apps. This week’s poll asks the same question of you. Do you frequently browse the web on your iPhone or are you more apt to use native apps for everything? Vote in the poll and leave your comments below.