Weekly Poll: Is Your iPhone Your Primary Camera?

With the iPhone, Apple didn’t just take over the smart phone industry, they took over the photography industry as well! Geekaphone and other sources have been reporting that the iPhone has literally become the world’s most popular camera, not too bad for a device in a genre typically known for producing horrible images.

This of course makes a lot of sense. As one of the most popular phones on the planet, lots of people are carrying around an iPhone everywhere they go. Combine this convenience factor with the fact that Apple has done a phenomenal job with the camera setup on the iPhone 4 in addition to the wealth of awesome photography apps in the App Store and what you get is a recipe for photographic greatness.

Today we want to know how much you value your iPhone as a camera. On a typical day, do you bust out your Canon 5D mk II or simply reach into your pocket for your phone? Vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know what other cameras you have and when you use your iPhone over them.