Weekly Poll: Your iPhone Tracks Your Every Move, Do You Care?

This week news outlets all over the U.S. exploded with a juicy conspiracy story: iPhones are secretly keeping track of the location of their users on a minute-by minute basis! (Read about it here)

The gist is that your phone creates a file with this information which is then hidden deep on your computer upon sync. As far as anybody can tell, the file isn’t being transmitted to Apple in any way. If this is true, the only privacy threat then comes from people that know how to access the file and have direct access to your computer. In other words, if you’re cheating on a tech-savvy spouse, you’re bound to get busted (unless you encrypt the data).

Obviously, there are two primary reactions to this information. Some are convinced that Steve Jobs and Obama are huddled in a room watching everything you do, others are taking a “Who cares?” approach because their lives aren’t really that exciting anyway.

Today we want to hear your opinion on the matter. Is this a major invasion of privacy or no big deal? Vote abovet and leave a comment below explaining your vote.