Check-in and Meet New Friends using With

Since the powerful iOS 4 developer library was introduced, many fantastic app ideas have come to fruition. In the social networking realm we’ve seen Facebook and Twitter exploding into the mobile market. Previously, we had looked into popular check-in services using the powerful GPS feature within every iPhone and iPod touch.

The release of With by Path, Inc has shown some tremendous popularity. It’s a check-in service similar to Gowalla or Foursquare where you not only update your status but include @replies to who you’re currently with. It’s a stroke of genius and promotes a fantastic system for meeting new people in your area. If you’re looking to get started using With, hit the jump to find out more.

Getting Logged In

You can download With app free from the app store and get going right away. Once you’ve launched you’re greeted with a heartwarming “Welcome!” display bubble. This provides some information about the app along with a Twitter Connect button. From what I can tell the app’s website doesn’t offer any type of signup process. For the time being, it seems like you’re only able to create and edit your profile from the mobile app itself.

With download and first run

With download and first run

Moving forward, the Sign In screen is fairly straightforward. The process allows you to sign up for a Twitter account if you do not already have one, or simply input your account details and connect. You’ll be asked to provide an email to complete the process as well. Additionally, your Twitter avatar will be imported into your With account — pretty convenient!

You’ll notice many of the most active user profiles include a custom avatar. This is a powerful way to distinguish yourself amongst the crowd. If you have friends on Twitter, you are able to invite them into With, assuming they can download the app. However, the best way to start meeting people is to dig through suggested users and search out your favorite Twitter accounts.

Twitter connect details

Twitter connect details

The Home Screen

One of the nicest features is live streaming updates on your home page. Once you’ve launched With, the app will auto-refresh and update with the latest check-ins. You’ll see each individual user and avatar as they’re included from another With account, or similarly a Twitter account.

In unison with the other popular check-in apps, With gives you the option to snap a picture and tie it into your update — as if check-in services weren’t storing enough information! These are displayed as semi-transparent backgrounds in each user’s live stream. Although this step is optional, it provides a layer of trust and will get your profile seen by more users.

Home screen and Milk Profile

Home screen and Milk Profile

But the biggest way to gain attention and meet people is to be active. This means consistently checking-in with others, whenever possible; Going out to eat, bowling, movies, whatever the occasion may entail. If your friends are using Twitter, you can include their account inside your With check-in, even if they don’t have a profile.

Tracking Down Followers

Try checking the bottom left-hand corner of the app window and you’ll notice a square holding your current avatar. Touch this to bring up your user profile page, complete with Twitter bio and URL fully imported.

You can check up on those you follow and how many people are following you. This is the main concept of With — connecting between many social networks and sharing updates with those around you. If you happened to follow anybody earlier in the signup process you can now access that list under Following in the lower left corner. From here, you may unfollow anybody you wish, or also access their profile pages.

Finding your friends and followers

Finding your friends and followers

Other profile layouts are basically similar to yours, displaying current followers and bio. From these screens it’s a lot easier to find people you’ve never met who are working in the same industry, or possibly those who enjoy similar hobbies. If you have friends already using the network it’s really simple to find people through their profile as well.

If you go back to the app home screen you’ll notice a search button located in the bottom-right. This will bring you back to the search page where the signup process initially dumped you off. If searching Twitter isn’t yielding results, attempt a keyword search. This includes full names and usernames among the many With profiles.

Build Your With Network

Remember that With works like Twitter, so it’s important to follow users you’re interested in. No doubt, it’s a great way to add some action into your live stream and also get your profile noticed. Many users are joining With each day, and the network is growing rapidly.

Updating a new With checkin

Updating a new With checkin

As you begin to follow many users, it’s only natural that followers will find your profile as well. If you are updating frequently and active in the app, chances are good folks will begin to recognize your profile. Surely there are plenty of great people to meet via the mobile web, and With provides yet another unconventional way.

Another handy feature is that the check-in process will actually notify your Twitter account to any users you are checking into using With. Once you post an update, it’s sent live to Twitter and includes a personal check-in link. We’ve also seen this behavior on Foursquare and Gowalla. With performs all of these tasks so elegantly and requires barely any setup time, it’s truly a wonderful experience. Since the network is also public, it’s easy to include Twitter users and recruit them to With, just from a single update.


The process of meeting people on With is simplified a great deal. If you’re already a Twitter user, then you’ll probably end up with followers by just registering an account. The system is quite elegant with recognizing users and following your friends automatically. But even if some people are skipped over, the search functionality will be able to pick them up lightning fast.

User interface and design patterns are also stunning. Topping off what is one powerful and addictive social networking app, I highly recommend playing around and joining With. It’s a colorful community collective of bright minds and tech-savvy mobile users. And with a free price tag how can you beat the experience?


You can meet some fantastic people via With and update whenever you're together. It's a fun mobile checkin app with a lot of neat features for sharing photos and events with your friends.