Dunk: Your Personal Dribbble Browser

Web designers and digital illustrators are growing in numbers around the planet. And now with websites and mobile apps in heavy demand, it’s common to see so many new social networks focused on design rising into power. Website Dribbble is a product out of Salem, Mass. and features some very outstanding portfolios.

Each person is able to share a shot of their most recent works. These could be logos, icons, illustrations, signup forms, or anything digital and pretty. With Dunk, you’ll be able to browse the latest Dribbble shots from anywhere with your iPhone or iPod Touch. But before we get too into too much detail, let’s look at some of the application features after the jump.

Getting Started

Once you launch the app you’ll notice that the default view is set to landscape. Often this is reflected upon as bad practice in the design community, especially since most users will be launching the app in portrait view. Nonetheless, it opens very quickly and boasts some outstanding graphics.

Dunk Dribbble App Splash Screen

Dunk Dribbble App Splash Screen

One point of notice is the toolbar at the very bottom screen. You’ll use these basic iOS tab buttons as navigation throughout each of the app views. These 5 tabs are:

  • Shots – You may select between the most Popular shots and Debuts of recent additions. If you have a Dribbble account you are also given the option to display only shots submitted by users whom you follow.
  • Players – Here you may sort through the many users of Dribbble. Also labeled as Players, you can add some of your favorite Dribbblers for easy access to their portfolio and profile information.
  • Tags – Have that one area of design you enjoy more than anything else? This could include iOS icon design, iPhone apps, forms, Twitter icons, or whatever. Choose from a large list of pre-populated tags or add your own custom searches.
  • Me – Only for members of the Dribbble community. Enter your username and Dunk will pull all of your profile statistics directly inline for you to view. This includes your total number of shots, followers/following and your profile avatar.
  • Settings – Update basic application settings. You can change your profile if already logged in, clear cache of backed up photos, or also rate/tweet about the Dunk app. Aside from credits and some external links there isn’t much to work with beyond your own account username.
Viewing Shots - Home Screen

Viewing Shots - Home Screen

Browsing Shots

Try heading back to the home page and tap on the Popular bar, then Dunk drops you right onto the first shot in full presentation view. You can flick right to scroll down the list of recent popular submissions, or also flick left to head backwards.

This style of app design has been created before in Apple products. Most noticeably the iPod Touch features this panoramic display in album cover slides. If you’re bored and looking to kill some time on Dribbble, this is easily the most luxurious way. Dunk doesn’t take much time to download and process each image, so it’s a very speedy process to flip between posts.

Flick through Shots Google+ Example

Flick through Shots Google+ Example

When moving around the Dribbble shot title and author name will be displayed for a few brief moments at the top of each page. This functionality is perfect for checking out each work at a glance. If you happen to recognize the author or artwork, you can double-check yourself by tapping anywhere below the 50-percent mark.

Extra Author Details

Extra Author Details

This brings up the author’s avatar and username along with some statistics on the shot. These include total comments, rebounds, likes, views and further author information. You can hide this info by tapping anywhere above on the shot image. Dunk is wise enough to detect where you’re tapping and display either the top navigation bar or further shot details accordingly.

Rebounds and Sharing

As a Dribbble user and lover myself, I can’t get enough of the community. Whenever I find a new designer whom I’m not following I can browse through their shots for hours. If you press the small author icon under each shot you are taken to a fullscreen view of their profile.

From here you can check out their total followers, likes, profile links and even add them to your Dunk app. With the big “Add to Dunk” button it’s possible to add a whole list of authors onto your app for quick reference. There is also a large grey button in the corner which will bring you back to a panoramic image view of the author’s shot library.

Collection of Dribbble Search Tags

Collection of Dribbble Search Tags

As a side note, there are a few tips to bring up. Each profile features icons for the user’s location and external links. The Twitter icon will let you follow the user directly from their Twitter page. Dunk also allows you to view the user’s location by tapping the pin icon located in the same area. These are all added features which can give you a bit more insight towards your favorite Dribbble stars.

To share your favorite shots online it’s also a very simple process. When you are browsing and find a shot worth sharing, tap below the 50-percent marker to bring up the shots menu. Of the 3 icons to be displayed the arrow on your far right can be used to share the current Dribbble shot. Tap to bring up a menu with possible choices between Twitter and email. I’d love to see more functionality added in the future such as short links, but for now these are some great features for sharing.

Viewing Your Dribbble Profile in Dunk

Viewing Your Dribbble Profile in Dunk

Sometimes Dribbble users will post a shot but update the project’s design at a later date. In this scenario, when they go to upload a newer version these can be counted as a “rebound.” This means the shot is a remix of the original upload, maybe with new textures or colors. These have been included into the information area on each shot, however they aren’t as common as you may think so don’t spend too much time looking for them.

The Final Score

Dunk is truly a fantastic app worth your time and money if you’re a true Dribbble fan. There are a few others on the App Store which all cost the same price. They feature mostly the same functionality, but Dunk is able to pull much more content from Dribbble’s API.

Any true fan of Dribbble has to get this app. Dunk has also been released for iPad users, so it really encapsulates the whole iOS audience. As a designer myself, I have found an unlimited number of resources and inspiration from the many users of the Dribbble community. Being able to access shots on-the-go is just a beautiful convenience.


Dunk is a great app for viewing the latest Dribbble's and keeping up with your favorite players.