How to Make Free VoIP Calls on Your iPhone

Have you ever been sitting at home while making a call to someone only to find yourself hurrying up the conversation to save minutes? Or how about paying outrageous international roaming charges when travelling abroad? Now, wherever there’s a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can make ‘app to app’ calls for free.

You may wonder what ‘app to app’ means. Well, with VoIP calls there is no direct and easy way to make free calls from your iPhone to a cellular or landline. Doing so does costs money (albeit sometimes far less than using your cellular network), and each VoIP client has their own rates. But, if you wish to call someone who is already using Skype, Fring, or any of the other apps listed below, you can in fact do so for free.

Below are some of the most popular and widely used VoIP apps for the iPhone!


Skype is undoubtedly the most popular VoIP app of all. If you use Skype at home then it should definitely be on your iPhone or iPod touch. To make calls, simply select someone on your Skype contacts list and you’ll be talking in no time.

On top of voice calls, Skype for the iPhone also allows for chats just like the desktop app (it now allows for landscape chat mode). It also permits the user to set his or her status and profile information.



Skype also offers a range of subscriptions that make international calls remarkably inexpensive. You can either pay $5.95 per month to call unlimited landlines in one country of your choice, or $12.95 for any country in the world. A huge money saver if you would otherwise be paying network rates.


Fring is another popular mobile VoIP client and, aside from its own functionality, is great because it allows you to integrate other popular social outlets such as Skype, ICQ, Twitter and AIM. Fring provides an excellent way to keep most of your social networking and instant messaging all bundled in one app.

You can make free calls to any other VoIP, Fring or Skype user. Fring offers a special version for visually impaired users as well.




Truphone is similar to Fring in that it integrates with other accounts you may have such as Twitter, but this is about it. Truephone, just like all of these VoIP apps, has its own contacts list from which you can freely call other Truephone users.




iCall is another highly rated app that can be downloaded from the App Store. You can link your Facebook account which is nice. After the main start-up screen and accepting the user agreement, iCall will prompt you to select an account type. It offers a variety of accounts including a trial, free-use and paid use. iCall will then place a verification call and your account will be ready to go.




CallGlobal is similar to iCall with its registration process. After it sets up your account and number, you may make CallGlobal to CallGlobal calls, VoIP calls and direct calls. CallGlobal to CallGlobal calls are free, while all other calls cost a certain rate per minute.



When to Use VoIP

Some of you may be asking, “Why would I ever need to make a VoIP call?” There are a few situations in which using VoIP would save the day (and a lot of money!).

First, when making an international call. For example, say I want to call my buddy in the UK. AT&T charges $1.29 per minute for a US to UK phone call. After chatting for a few minutes, this could get quite expensive. The solution? Ask my buddy to get on Skype (or Fring, etc. – you get the idea) from the convenience of his own desktop or iPhone and we can converse all day long, free of charge.

If asking someone go sign into their VoIP service seems unreasonable, the alternative is to purchase a call package from one of the above companies. It’s still likely to work out far cheaper than the standard network per-minute charge.

Another useful situation in which using VoIP would work well would be if you are somewhere that offers a connection to Wi-Fi and you want to save those expensive minutes for more necessary calls. If you have Wi-Fi at home, using VoIP on your iPhone could potentially save you hundreds of minutes.


VoIP has some major limitations, first and foremost, being that a Wi-Fi connection is required. No 3G or GPRS network can be substituted for a Wi-Fi connection, and it isn’t possible to use any of these apps over your cellular data connection (unless you’re happy to jailbreak your iPhone first).

After you do have a Wi-Fi connection, then the problem of who you are calling is presented. Most of the apps listed above only permit free calling to others who are also using the same app. As time goes on, VoIP will become a more convenient way of calling friends and family.

Bonus Tip!

In my research, I did find one way to make free calls to commercial landines. To do so, call (I used Skype): 1-800-GOOG-411

This is Google’s free 411 service. I used it to look up a few local businesses and it proved to be reliable. Try it for yourself and let me know how it works!

Bonus Tip!

Bonus Tip!

How Do You VoIP?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! Do you have a particular preference for one VoIP application, and would you consider jailbreaking your phone for access to these apps over a 3G connection?

  • mks

    btw, Skype allows you to call all “free” numbers (1800) in the US, not only google :)

    • http://OPTIONAL cool


  • William Mengers

    Ha, yeah I figured. Good call. Now I may just have to JailBreak my iPhone so I can do all that over a 3G connection!

    • Wayne

      Instal VIBER from your apps store, its free and you can call and SMS anyone/anywhere with VIBER using 3G/4G networks….only available on iPhone though

      • annoyingly!right

        Unfortunately, It has crashing issues… also many bugs. Right now, it almost unusable unless you are one of the lucky people for whom it actually works. If the fix the bugs, it could be one of the best app in the app store.
        Right, now i use talkatone paired up with my google voice account. completely free calling, and texting to any numbers in canada and us. You can also buy minutes for international calling.

  • Orfebre Martin

    In addition, eight of the last century, nineties a large number of foreign equipment has been purchased become obsolete, require updating

  • biju


    i am biju, am used i call trail version, when i make a call i cant here any ringtone and voice,

    what is your rates for the call. Were i can get your billing rates.

    thanking you


  • iMacker

    I found some free apps you can use to make free calls to landlines or cell phones. Unlike Skype where the reciever of the call needs skype also or you need credits these programs are free. Check them out here

    • Zara

      hey the link you put up doesn’t work :(

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  • Jason LaBaw

    Solid article. I use iCall but will have to give CallGlobal a whirl. I also found this article on how to use voip on an iphone. which is also solid. Between the two of them I’m thinking it may be time to switch to a data only plan! Thanks!

  • Dustin

    I am using Skype from long time and according to me Skype is the best online program to make internet calls. voice clarity, network connectivity, everything is astonishing. Whichever programs you all are using just try Skype for some times, you will never regret on your decision.

  • http://7860801488 ashutosh singh

    i am aks singh

  • aadil

    Can anyone tell me what kind of settings are required to make an app that will use VOIP.

  • Rusty @ Free VoIP Calls

    Hey Adil, it’s totally depend on which application your using and which device. Every application has its own functioning. If you are using any app and have any difficult then let me know. I will try to help you.

  • Directorio Dirsur

    Didn’t work, thanks for alot of aggravation. There is no where for me to change it to .M4a to .M4R and you said it was important to delete it before this step so now I deleted it and it cost me money

  • JoVoIP

    Thanks for this great information on how to make free calls, with the introduction of VoIP technology communication cost has reduced. Now most providers offers free calls from VoIP to VoIP users and cheap paid calls to non VoIP numbers like mobile and landline.

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