How to Save a Wet iPhone or iPod Touch

You just dropped your beloved iPhone into the pool! Now what? Today we’ll take a look at the best way to ensure that this isn’t the end of your device.

In addition to outlining which recovery methods work best, we’ll also tell you some very important actions to avoid if you don’t want to ruin your phone while trying to save it!

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A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Like anyone with a modicum of sanity living in the arid desert of Phoenix Arizona, I own a swimming pool. I also own an iPod Touch. You can see where this is going. One day, as I was diligently brushing the walls of my pool, a friend stopped by. Being the polite guy that I am, I turned my back to the pool to engage in discussion.

The problem of course with turning your back on a swimming pool is that you forget that it’s there, which means when you take a step back, your friend has cause to roll on the ground with laughter as you fall helplessly through the air in slow motion with one thought on your mind: My iPod is in my pocket! Splash.

I was drenched, completely submerged. As I scrambled out of the water I handed my phone to my friend to dry off, he managed to suppress his laughter for long enough to comply. At this point, we have an all too familiar situation on our hands. This is no mere $20 mp3 player. This is a significant purchase that has possibly seen its last Words With Friends session.

In this situation there is a right and wrong way to react. Before we get into the steps that you should take, let’s look at one important thing not to do!

Don’t Turn Your Device On

This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but trust me, it’s not. In fact, when as I climbed out of the pool having already handed my iPod to my friend, I found that this is exactly what he did. He quickly dried off the outside of the device with his shirt and then naturally wanted to see if everything still worked and tried to use it.

This is a fantastic way to fry your device permanently. Granted, it’s likely already on standby and not truly off, but you’re still only going to heighten the risk of permanent damage if you try to increase the electronic activity.

Fortunately, in the end, this action didn’t spell disaster for my iPod Touch, but you might not be so lucky.

Drying Out the Device

As soon as you recover your device from its watery grave, the first step is to get all of the water out that you can. This goes beyond wiping the device off to even gently shaking it to try to free any trapped water inside.

Be Wary of Heat

From here one of the most common ideas is to grab a hair dryer. The problem with this method is that you can do as much damage as you repair. We know that water and electronics don’t mix, but it turns out heat and electronics have a similar relationship.

I’ve talked to and read about people that have successfully saved their iOS devices with a hairdryer, so it can in fact work. However, I don’t recommend it. If you’re convinced that this is the way to go, just be sure to use a low heat setting and take frequent breaks to allow the sensitive components in the phone to cool down.

Silica Packets: Do Not Eat!

You know those packets that come in everything from shirt pockets to guitar cases? These handy little guys are always equipped with a life-saving warning: “Do not eat!” This message doesn’t really help us in this situation but the packets are actually quite useful. As you know, they’re designed to absorb moisture, which means they offer a great method for sucking the water out of your wet device.


Silica packets are awesome for saving wet electronics

What you want to do is fill a plastic bag or tupperware container with silica packets like in the image above and then toss in your iPhone. Next, seal the container and let it sit for a lot longer that you want it to. At the very least, let it go over night. If you’re cautious, 24-48 hours is a safer bet.

During this time, resist the urge to take your phone out and turn it on to see what happens. There will still be some condensation hanging around inside and you therefore have the same circuit frying risk as before. Patience is the key!

Rice: A More Practical Solution

In theory, a bag full of silica packets is awesome, but who really has twenty of those things lying around? If I tear my house completely apart I might be able to find two if I’m having a really lucky day.

When my iPod Touch went for a dip, I was too busy being angry at myself to fix the thing. Luckily, my wife jumped in and took over the situation. Being the resourceful woman that she is, she put my iPhone in a bag and filled it with rice. I was born with an overactive sense of skepticism so I saw my wife’s actions as pure nonsense and started planning my trip to the Apple Store for a replacement.


Rice is a great substitute for silica packets

It turns out though that my wife’s black magic is actually a fairly common practice with wet electronics. The rice acts exactly like the silica packets and absorbs the moisture. In fact, this trick worked like a charm and in 24 hours I threw my iPod on a charger and it came to life. That was well over a year ago and the device still works!

The reason that rice is a less ideal solution than the packets is that it’s much messier. Rice might take the water out of your device, but it can fill it with dust. Still, unless you’re a strange hoarder who happens to have mounds of silica, rice can be a very effective solution.


To sum up, as soon as your iPhone gets wet, resist the urge to turn it on. Next, dry it off as best as you can, avoid heating it up unnecessarily and reach for the silica packets. If you don’t have any, fill a bag with rice, throw in your iPhone and seal it for around 24 hours.

Despite many stories of successful revivals, you’ll likely find that an iPhone that has been completely submerged in water will never be quite the same. Even if it still works, there will be noticeable quirks in how the responsiveness of the buttons, the audio quality, how well it takes a charge, etc. Ultimately, if you didn’t kill it, you’ve definitely brought it much closer to death than it was before.

It’s important to note that Apple has sensors in place that can tell if your phone has gotten wet, so don’t stroll into the Apple Store and claim that the thing just stopped working unexpectedly. Be honest and tell them what happened. You probably won’t get a free phone but Apple should offer you a discounted replacement (often refurbished).

If you’ve ever gotten your iPhone or iPod wet, tell us your story below. What method did you use to dry it out? Would you recommend that to others? Did Apple work with you on getting a replacement? We want to know!

Photo Credits: Scott Brown and Lisa Norwood.

  • Matthew Guay

    Dry rice works amazingly well for drying out gadgets. It got my sister’s point and shoot camera working again after it fell down a waterfall (literally). I was very skeptical, but it worked wonders. Glad it got your iPod Touch back!

    • Margarette Pierre-Louis

      I drop my Iphone accidentally in the toilet and that was a nightmare. Immediately the phone went out of wack. Took it out and shook it gently to take the excess water and called my daughter she said to put in the sun and rice. Of course, I didn’t have rice because I was at work. Put the phone in the car on top my dashboard for about one hour upside down to protect the screen. Went and got the phone out the car, I saw some moisture on the screen but it wouldn’t turn on. when I got home took a bag of rice and put the phone in there, immediately the phone turned on but it wouldn’t do anything else. I let the phone stay in the bag for a little while but I keep taking it out to see if it works and kept calling people by it self. So I put it back in the rice and let it stay overnight and it worked the next morning. I don’t know for how long it’s going to work but it works for now.

      • jeremie leblanc

        my i pod went into the washing machine and i put it in rice it did help and i hope it works a long time

      • lexcia anthony

        i just got a replacement for a crack screen now i just dropped it in the toliet trying to rush n go pee im soooo mad at myself i put it n the rice sooo hopefully it works fingers cross

      • http://USA Abby Montgomery

        I dropped my ipod in a frezzy i had it in a bag of rice for 5 days still doesnt work

    • Stu

      Haha this worked!!!! LOLOLOL Left my iphone in bag with open bottle of Evian….switched and flickered off with a red flashing light next to earpiece – was crying I was so upset – wouldn’t switch on – put `it in plastic tub covered in rice with a sylicon gel sachet out a show box – FOR 1 DAY -1 day later plugged phone in and it powered up as normal LOL. A-M-A-Z-E-D try it it worked for me LOLOLOLOL

      • Ken G

        Never got my iPhone wet. Just the sweat in my palm tripped the base sensor (one) and it was denided repar service. STAY AWAY FROM GREEDY CROOKS.

    • m.h

      hi how long did you put your phone or ipod in the rice.

      • M

        It says in the article that he put it in for 24-48 hours, which is a day or two.

      • Madison Johnson

        I put mine in a bag of rice for 2 days (24 hours) and it worked great!!!!

      • http://Facebook Miguel puente

        2-4 days

    • Vapor Armor

      Or you could just get Vapor Armor for your electronic devices. This nano technology makes cell phones and other hand held devices water repellant!!! check our our videos on you tube….

    • ryan

      i went swimming in a clorinated pool and after 5 minutes i realized i had my ipod in my pocket. i was so devastated i paid 400 bucks for it i put it in rice for 5 days didnt work i plugged it in probrably 4 days later and it worked as soon as i took it off the charger it died so let it sit for a couple of days after rice and dont charge it my advice.

    • maddie

      i did not put my iphone in a bag off rice and it works still i can still do stuff with it but i dropped it in a pot when i was cooking and now it shuts off every 5-10 minutes it happen about a couple mouths ago what should i do?

    • Dussy

      Im so happy to find this article.Today i felt asleep after talking to my bf and i was so tired that i felt asleep holding phone in my hand. Then i woke up on some strange water noise…. look around and my iphone was in my glass of water next to bed!! I quickly dried it with tower and it was all working so i was happy and put it on safe place. Then woke up 2 hrs later and couldnt make it work at all. So did my research online if there is any way i can make it work. Ofcourse i was crying in my head already and thinking where i get 500 to get new phone. Anyway found this page with rice trick , so i brought out my card and placed phone into rice for half day. Then put it into charger and it was working..:) I mean it is working. Just the light on the screen come up every minute even if i dont touch it. Not sure that more rice rest would cure it…any tips?

      • Veerle

        Gosh that it had to fall right into the glass of water! Good luck with it, I would rice treat it a bit longer if I were you.

      • Julia

        OMG, seriously! WHAT ARE THE ODDS that of all the places for your phone to take land is in a cup of water… this just happened to me this morning b/c it slipped out of my hand in the dark & I was out of my bed faster than if the mattress had been on fire. It was submerged for MAYBE 2 seconds, the bull of it is if it hadn’t been on the charger it wouldn’t have fallen in the direction that it did and I had just gotten out of bed a mere hour earlier TO PLUG IT IN. Curses to the forces that had woken me up & made me realize the battery was nearly dead! Anyway, I knew about the rice thing so I’ve got about 36 more hours to impatiently wait it out… and continue fighting the urge to fish it out & see if it comes on. Grrr…..

      • Ed

        Forget the rice. Take off any covers and remove any Sim chips. Use a hair dryer on all the open ports and connections. Keep hair dryer about 6 inches from phone and let it go for about an hour then move to another port. It dried my iPhone 4 in 5 hours after a dunk and swim into a pool!!! Restored back to 100% with no issues

      • gos

        same thing happened to me, with the difference that my iphone was plugged to charger and dropped to glass full of water next to my bed, unfortunelly I didnt hear when that happened. I think my phone spend few good hours in the glass still charging, good nothing worst happened. I placed it in rice, but honestly dont think it will ever work again… will see

    • JMC

      My Ipod went through the washer. When I tried charging it, it went to my lock screen, but I cant type in my code. There is lots of water under the screen and rice isnt helping much, what can I do???

  • Brian

    Rice is a life saver. I’ve brought a Nike+ receiver, and iPod shuffle and a tv remote back to life from water/juice spills. A friend brought an iPhone 3G back to life after a swim in the river. The key is also to not turn it out…agreed!

    • Anonymous

      Ok so I went on a field trip yesterday to this lake kind of place. We where on the dock and my friend kept making it rock so while I was near the water and trying to hold on, my iPhone (Which was only 2 weeks old and had no insurance plan) was inside the front pocket of my jacket. While we swayed side to side unfortunately my phone slipped out of my pocket and down on the wooden dock and I stepped back accidentally kicking it in. All I heard was *plop* and I saw my purple Speck case floating and then sinking. I was like wtf just happened? And No one would come and get it out I was sooo upset. Until this guy came out and took it 10 minutes later. He told me to put it in rice so thats what I did but I’m worried it might not work and I dont have a warranty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • alessondra marie perry

        today nail polish remover spilled and soaked my i pod touch from apple and we put it in a bowl of rice over night and still the inside is really wet and we tried after that letting it sit in the bowl of rice a little longer and i also tried putting it at a heater and we let it and it didnt help just made it worst and now i am going to try it in a bag of rice out in the sun

  • Ahmed

    Thanks for the tips. Looks like I need to go out and stock up on some rice!

  • Yarden Refaeli

    You KILLED me with your story! So funny!
    Thanks for the advices! I’ll try it in the next time I’m making a suicidal run into the sea with the device in my pocket :)

  • Noah

    Oh boy, the old rice myth. Hello, you have to boil rice for 20 minutes to get it tok hold water, it doesn’t just suck it up like a sponge. But the myth continues!

    • Joshua Johnson

      Interesting! I had never thought of this but I bet you’re right that it’s more effective that way. Just plain old uncooked rice did in fact work for me but this might be a better way to go.

      • noah

        But how do you know it “worked”, and that putting it in the cupboard wouldn’t have had the same effect? Next time, just leave in a dry place with airflow and see if it dries up just as fast (or faster). Although I hope you don’t have to :)

    • hembo

      Hey Noah

      I takes 20 min’s in boiling water to make rice eatable, and in that amount of time they absorb 166% of their own volume/size in water.

      If you leave rice in a moist environment, they will absorb moisture – so like the ricegrains will keep the salt in saltshakers “shakeable”, it will also be able to absorb moisture from your eletronic device.

      • Pyronaught

        Good point… the long time practice of putting rice grains in salt shakers is done to keep the salt from caking due to moisture. If it didn’t work, nobody would do it.

    • jim

      your wrong i’m pleased to say.
      my son dropped his iphone down the toilet, 48 hours in a tub full of rice brought it back to life!

    • BEQ

      You’re wrong about the rice, it can absorb without boiling mate. My old guitar got some water damage dring a cyclone and I sed rice to absorb some of the moisture from the wood. Due to the amount of moisture the rice actually swelled a little bit (and stuck to a few parts of the guitar) which indicates that the rice did help but absording moisture.

    • Lisa

      Rice does work, just letting you know. My sister has used it for her touch screen phone, and I have used it now today for my ipod touch. Thank you very much.

    • Amy

      Actually the rice method does work. If you leave an electronic in rice for like a week (occasionally changing the rice) it will dry them out. The product may never work the way it did before, but this is certainly no myth.

    • John Rogers

      One way to find out I will perform an experiment. I will take four dishes, two with one cup of rice; one covered one uncovered. Then two with no rice; one cover and one uncovered. Four equal amounts of water. Then watch and see if there is any d efferent in evaporation rate.

    • Calder Munroe

      Boil the rice for 20 min. that is the dumbest thing you could have said. The rice is not going to absorb any more water after boiling it for 20 min.
      If you don’t believe it put some rice in a ziplock bag and add a bit of water, check it a while later the water will surely be absorbed.

      • ashli bailey


    • Joe

      Your a dumb ass

      • n b


    • Ruth

      Actually, many varieties of rice absorb water without boiling. Jasmine rice is probably the most absorbant, Basmati is another good choice. When we cook it, we rinse it in cold water tioll the water turns clear constantly changing the water. Even in that short 10 minutes, the rice expands..

    • shannon

      Sorry Noah, the rice trick actually does work.

      Try putting a few drops of water into your salt shaker. The salt will never be the same. Put the salt back in the cupboard, leave for a week. The salt will still be ‘soggy.’ Place some rice in the shaker with the salt, and hey presto! it dries right up!

    • Phil McCracken

      you are a moron. of course it absorbs water.

    • Napoleon Dynamite

      you guys are idiots, Noah was being sarcastic, he meant to say if it takes rice 20 min for rice to suck up water, than it surely will not dry out your device…FREAKIN’ IDIOTS!!!

      • Docdoc

        Napoleon Dynamite – you’re an idiot too! Go give your buddy Niah a reacharound!

    • Bernster

      Idiot. It does work! Thanks for proving you’re a complete moron!

    • machelle137

      Put rice in a bowl with water overnight without cooking it and see what it does.

    • Sam

      Hahaha that is so funny – Boil rice for it to absorb the water?? If you put rice in a pot of water that is cold and leave it eventually it will absorb it. It absorbs boiling water quicker because of the heat not because its only absorbs water that is boiling!!!
      Anything that absorbs water like rice or pasta will absorb it regardless of temperature it is just that the hotter the water the quicker it will absorb.

      I just dropped my dam Iphone in the toilet this evening, am really hoping that the rice works although the flash light is stuck on and can’t get it to turn off. It has all my pictures of my daughter since she was born 1 year ago so am really gutted as haven’t backed it up in weeks.

      Hubby says they should be stored on ICloud so fingers crossed if the rice doesn’t work I won’t lose them.

      • Sue

        Sam, did it work???? I just dropped my phone in the toilet Saturday night and i immendiately put in rice I haven’t tried anything yet!! Im sos scared it wont work but I am also going NUTS without my phone!!!

        ~ Sue

  • Jan

    Very good tips! Didnt know that but I’m gonna have to remember this. Going on holiday to a tropical place so theres gonna be swimming pools there to drop my iPhone in 😉

    One thing tho, I imagine you wont be so lucky when you drop it in a sea? I mean, the salt will remain once the water is gone. How much damage will that do?

    • Deeceer

      Re seawater, a very old trick with cameras (as in film cameras – this goes WAY back) was to as soon as possible (if not immediately) submerge the camera in a bucket of plain water and keep it there until you could get the camera to a repair shop. I’d suggest with an iPhone a quick dip in plain water might at least flush the salt. Then go through the rice dryer…

  • Daniel

    Loved this article. Thanks for the tips, I’ve lost many an iPod to pools.

  • Nick

    If I had known then what I know now. I tool fell into a swimming pool with my iPhone 3GS in my pocket. By the time I got out the phone was soaked. I did try to turn it on, but nothing. I was in Florida so stuck it in the garage which is very hot to dry off. I tried turning it on a few times and it did come to life about 48hours later. However for the next few months it seemed to just shut down without warning, and the battery seemed to drain very quickly. In the end I took it to my local store in the UK. I did not know about the water sensors so just explained about the battery drain, they took out a little tool, looked in the headphone socket and declared the phone water damaged and dead. I had no insurance, or extended warranty, however they did off a refurbed replacement for £130. A new iPhone costs about £500 in the UK, so quite a bargain. I took the refurb, and I still use it now. I thought it was really good service to replace it for the price they did.

  • Michelle

    This story brings back memories. My son, now 16, saved all his birthday money to buy an ipod touch for his birthday. The day of his birthday we went to the local resort for a swim and he jumped in the pool with it in his pocket. He hadn’t even had it 24 hours. He cried for days over that. A month or so later we bought him an iphone on a plan so he is happy now. We did try to fix it by drying it out for two days before turning it on, but no luck. Wish we knew these tricks we could have saved it.

    We also could have used this advice a few months ago in Brisbane (flooding and all) but more recently the kids at the local school actually got their phones wet coming home from school when they were drenched in a downpour right at home time :( , they had their iphones in their pockets and in their bags…took them into the local Apple store, they were great by the way… replaced the phones.

    Nice to know that hope is not always lost. Thanks for the info :)

  • Bob E

    A little off track with this one:

    I install wireless internet connections in rural areas
    One day I was ALMOST done with a job when it began raining, 30 seconds from finish
    I did my best to keep my netbook keyboard & screen facing down but it shut down on me

    Knocked battery out immediately and pulled the laptop as far a part as I could, blew it out with compressed air and let a fan blow directly on it for entire weekend

    Monday AM = dead
    Next weekend = dead

    Thru it in donation pile for next trip to Goodwill
    Months later before leaving for Gwill, plugged in power supply & gave it one last shot and IT WORKED!
    Until it slipped out of tool bag while on roof and did a Humpty Dumpty…

  • Christine Wilde

    My iPhone 3G got vodka and red bull spilt on it on new years eve once. The screen went very dark but you could still use it. I threw it in the airing cupboard for a couple of days and it seemed to sort itself out. It was never the same though. The sound quality wasn’t great and sometimes the screen would flicker. I traded it in for the iPhone 4 =]

    • lharvey2797

      I heard it doesn’t work for anything except water.
      If there is sugar in the beverage that just ruins it…..not even rice will help.
      My sister, almost twelve, just got her first phone (not an IPhone) and after having it only 2 weeks she dropped it in the toilet at school.
      I told my mom about putting it in a bag of rice to absorb the water.
      She did it when my sister got home from school and the next morning my sister took it out of the rice and it works just fine. No problems since!

  • Hawaii Web Design

    Great article. Another silly thing that you may try that a friend showed me is to carry your iPhone in a ziplock bag and use it if you know you’ll be in wet weather. Better to be proactive than panic.

    It works like a charm!

    • John Paul Bell

      Great suggestion!!!

  • Dania

    haha! This happened to me and unfortunately I learned this the hard way as well. I turned on my device and it never worked again. I also learned the rice trick after it happened. Live and learn!

  • Terry

    I drowned my Iphone 3GS not by jumping in a pool but by placing it carefully in my hard eyeglass case on my bedsidetable thinking it would be better protected from getting knocked off in it; unfortunately I also place a glass of water next to the case and sometime during the night knocked the glass over and it filled up the hard case like a mini tub and my iphone sat it it for HOURS! I woke up in the morning reached for my phone and encountered water! Fighting panic I quickly made sure it was completely off then peeled off the silicone case it was in and wiped it dry before popping out the battery and grabbing a gallon baggie and old nylon and a bag of rice. I slipped the iphone into the nylon (to keep the rice from getting stuck in the battery opening) then placed it in the baggie and filled it up with rice and sealed it shut. Then came the hardest part I left it there for 2 days. After that pulled it out popped the battery back in and turned it on and it WORKED!!! It’s been 6 months since the “episode” and I’ve only had a few issues since then mostly with the camera looking like it has a slight soft focus on it when I take pictures and sometimes the “END” call button is slow to respond when pressed but nothing bad enough to make me buy a new one.

    • Becky

      How did you take the battery out of an iPhone?

      • Robert

        I had the same issue – and even the Verizon tech guy couldn’t tell me (after my Iphone4, 2 weeks old, took a toilet bath). It seemed to come out of it 99% fine, but I am giving it the trice treatment. I saw a video which I’m sure is on YouTube about removing 2 little screws at the bottom of the phone, which allows you to open the back. But it’s a bit complicated to remove the battery, but it IS removable. I am going to see if my phone revives sufficiently; otherwise I have to pay a $199 deductible to get insurance to replace it :(( There are independent repair places that may also be cheaper than the deductible. I love the phone. Never ever happened to me before after 20 years of assorted cell phone useage. Weird

  • Jenny

    Sadly, I just put my brand new iphone 4 through the washing machine. I dried it off ,put it in a bag of rice right away and started Googling to see if there were any other solutions. It looks like the rice is the most common trick out there, even my service provider told me to use rice when I called to activate my old device while I wait these dreaded two days. Who comes up with these ideas?

    Wish me luck!

  • Madison Alnemy

    So my ipod fell in the toilet and I tried putting in a bag of rice. I let it in there for about two days and when I took it out and tried charging it, it turned on but the touch screen won’t work. Also, when I look down the headphone thing I see a white, circle. Is that the water indicator? I dont want to take my ipod apart to make sure. Can anyone help on how to get my screen to start working?

    • P Buddemeyer

      Just curious did your touch screen ever start working? That is the problem with mine right now and it’s still in the rice…hoping for a revival without glitches. Would appreciate a reply…close to giving up. I rely on my phone for my business so this is killing me.

  • George Hammerton

    The bag of rice trick has worked well for me in the past and I’m now collecting every precious packet of cilia gel, just in case :)

    Thanks for a great article, I’ve shared it with a few friends who have dropped their iPhones in the toilet lol

    • j

      i cracked my iphone last summer and ever scince its been really slow, but latley the volume would go on and off and it wouldn’t connect to my computer. I started thinking that there might be to much moisture in it so i got some rince and put it in the rice. its been like 32 hours and i plugged it in to my computer and it worked (slowly but it worked) then i tried listening to music and it worked!!! then i put it back in and im going to leave it there over night! Wish me luck!!! 😛

      • j

        I meant 3 hours not 32 sorry :)

    • rob

      dropping in the toilet is very common, my friend sue dropped hers in my toilet after my brother had forgotten to flush his pee away, a week next to a radiator later and she charged it up and it worked fine, I just put a bottle of water in my man bag with my iphone and the top came off durrr i’m an engineer and i did not check i had the top on tight! serves me right you might say!I have just put my soggy phone in a bowl of uncooked rice cos it sounds logical to an engineer ( albeit a stupid one ha ha)

  • Sheila

    Exactly one week after I purchase my 3GS iPhone, it fell into the toilet. I had it in a very short pocket on my jacket. When I turned around I realized it was falling. I followed it right in and grabbed it out immediately (clean water, y’all!!). My son happened to be there and came running when I screamed like a banshee. He turned the phone off immediately and pulled out the sim card. He shook out the excess water and I immediately placed it in a bowl of rice, actually, it was Minute Rice. I started researching online and realized there was hope for my phone. I did not touch it for 3 days and nights. I plugged it in, charged it all night and then turned it on the next morning. The phone worked perfectly, however there was still some water under the glass. I know everyone had said not to use heat or a blow dryer or anything like that. So, I turned the phone off again laid the phone on top of the rice and used my piano lamp. I put it about 8 to 10 inches from the phone and left for work. That night before bed, I turned it on and the water was gone. Took it to work the next day but it shut off within a couple of hours. I took it home and this time I stood it upright in the rice with the back side facing the lamp. Piano lambs can be twisted around to get direct light. I left it there all night and the next day. The phone was fixed. It worked abosolutely perfect for about three months until I updated to the IOS 4.1. That was ten times worse than the water. lol. Whatever you do, don’t get impatient. Live without your phone for a while like I did. iPhones are a lot more resillient than you think and i absolutely love mine.

  • Tom

    I dropped my phone into bathtub, and I took it out right after it fall. and it was playing music. then I turn it off. and put in dry rice like everybody else. after about 8 hours, I turned it on. and it is working, but just now and than it will restart itself. it just happened this morning. I will let you guys know how it goes.

    • Elizabeth

      That is exactlly what happened to me… Worst part is i have had the phone less than 72 hours.

      I think it was in the water for less than a second. when I pulled it out it was still playing the music.

      I checked online and is says for the iPhone for it will show little red spot indicating water damage where the head phones are and where you plug it in to charge.

      After close inspection NO RED spots thank got and the phone was in a case but not a very good one, at least not one that is water tight.

      I currently have it sitting in a bag of Jasmine rice and am hoping for the best.

      Can you let me know how your phone held up? Would love to have some encouraging news…

  • Michelle

    Kayaking today I dumped myself, dog and iPhone in the river. iPhone is sitting in a bag of rice now, hope it works, not sure if I’m covered through AT&T. Damn!

    • JDS

      Same thing happened to me while kayaking. My iphone was in a ziploc, but there was still moisture. I shut it off, and stupidly tried to turn it on later figuring that it was in the ziploc so it probably didn’t get too wet (just moisture). I have it in a ziploc with silicon packs (yes, I do save them). I am trying hard to be patient and hope to leave it in there …for …… a week.

      • JDS

        SO, I didn’t touch it for a week. When I finally charged i,t it popped on and and worked fairly well for about 3 days. Then I saw a screen flash problem and it would randomly stop and shut down, then restart. Sent it in to apple for the $199 water damage replacement plan. They’ve been good. Sadly the replacement has a hardware problem which I did not cause, but they are sending another one. On another note. My old IPod nano also got soaked. It had water under the screen. I left it in a ziploc bag with the anti moisture packs that are used to ship items to you. Yes, I collect them. I let it the entire month without touching it, and it works perfectly!

    • rob

      sod the phone, how is your dog?

  • Ashley

    I was talking on my phone while in the pool like I always do and never drop my iphone (3gs)…. :( but i dropped it today and snatched it out of the water and took the case off and tried my best to dry it off. My friend told me to blow dry it; so I did each end for a while and my phone was still on. It wouldn’t shut off after it got wet. The screen works. I can still do everything right now, but it keeps vibrating and the screen shuts off. I went online after all that and discovered this article. The phone is in a bag of rice. Im going to leave it in the bag for 2 days. I hope this rice thing works for my phone.

  • Michael

    If you need silica packs go to a local pharmacy and ask them for some. I got a whole ziplock bag full of them.. perfect! Also take the SIM card out from the top to allow for better absorption.

    • GK

      Hi all,
      I have a question to ask for those who’s iPhone fell in water; Did it get warm after the fall? Am asking coz mine just fell in water and it is getting too hot even to handle…

  • Rashawnica

    I got in a horrible car accident and my ipod got a little wet from rolling into a ditch and having a trailer land on top of me. I’m not sure where the water came from but the Ipod didn’t get that wet, it was on and playing when it got wet, and I remember it staying on while it was wet. and on Thursday it wasn’t working, I haven’t tried to turn it on since the accident and its been in a cool, dark and dry place since Thursday and I’m scared to try to turn it back on, I have about 70 GB of music on there and not all of it is backed up. I could are less about the actual ipod I will just cry if I can’t have all of my music back. That’s all I want. Are there any tips or tricks other than the rice and letting it dry? Or is my music doomed??

    • Tammy

      Not sure if this works with the touch Ipods. But I washed my 120 GB Ipod once. I placed it in Isopropyl Alcohol and placed it on a very low heat source. In theory, alcohol replaces/repels the water, low heat source evaporates the alcohol. Allow plenty of time, 1-2 days for total evaporation, and only a very low heat source.
      Charged it after 36hrs, it turned on immediately and haven’t had any problems since. Hope this helps.

  • Pat

    One day, my friends and I decided to take a trip to the quarry. All my friends decided to go for a swim but I didn’t feel like it. So I sat there watching them having fun, jumping off the cliffs so I decided I might as well go join. I run, dive off the cliff and as soon as I hit the water it clicked into my head that “omg I didn’t take my iPhone out of my pocket.” I reach down and surely there it is. Good thing I decided to go swimming… Anyway later when I got home I took off the back of the phone and stuck it in a bag of rice for about a day. I plug it into the charger and bam! It starts charging. I have had absolutely noo problems with anything on the phone except the battery does not hold a charge nearly as long as it did before. I will have it fully charged when I go to bed and 7 hours later, it lost about 40% of it’s battery life, when I used to get just about 2 full days of use on one charge. I have since replaced the battery thinking that was the problem, but nope, battery still drains even when I’m not using it. I still havn’t done a restore, so hopefully when I’m back from the cottage I restore it to an older back-up, and it fixes the problem.

  • Taylor

    Last night I’d placed my iPod touch on the arm of the couch and it slipped off.

    Directly into my cup of water. It was only in there for a few seconds before I realized it and it stayed on. I took the case off and cleaned off the water. The screen didn’t seem to have any water under it and it was working for a while after I’d dried it off. It glitched some times though and eventually the only thing that was happening was the sound kept going down until it was completely off and I’d turn it back up but it would just keep going down. I felt safer in this area as I’d encountered that glitch before and the first time it had just started happening with no known cause. I turned it off when I realized the touch screen wasn’t working and turned it back on. It told me to connect to iTunes and I was freaking out. I connected it and iTunes told me it couldn’t read what was on my iPod so it reset all of the original settings for me. It would turn on, but the screen still wasn’t working. I held down the sleep/wake button and the home button for about ten seconds to reset it and put it in rice overnight. This morning I tried to turn it on and it won’t even turn on so I put it back in rice and I’ll probably keep it there all day. I wouldn’t be so worried if there weren’t cracks in the screen, which had never affected it’s working ability before but since they got wet water probably seeped in. I don’t want to take the screen off because I don’t want it to break up and fall apart. I don’t know what I’m gonna do :0 I’ll probably have to go the store and get a new iPod, but I hope it starts to work again. I can live with a few little glitches.

    • Alex

      the same thing happened to me, exept that it fell in the bathtub! Butt it work about perfect. :)

  • Kevin Dolorico

    Just an aside, instead of silica packets from electronics, you can also find crystal kitty litter (about $6 for 4lbs) which is essentially the same stuff.

  • Painlessone

    I soaked my phone for more than one min at the bottom of a pool before it could be retrieved. I blew off the water with an air compressor and blew the air into the headphone jack and water ran out the speakers at the other end.
    Went to Home Depot and bought some “Moisture Rid” which is used to dry out areas that tend to mildew (closets etc) For three dollars I got the smallest package, dumped the Calcium chloride crystals into a tupperware bowl, put down a paper towel and laid my Iphone on the towel. Snapped the Tupperware lid shut and left the bowl shut in an oven with the interior light on for 24 hours.
    Works perfect.

  • mike

    My iphone was in the water a good 5 minutes as I forgot to leave it ashore before swimming. I turned it on after exiting the water, saw the icons light, then go black. (uh-oh)
    I first shook the phone several times and saw water fly from presumably the speaker holes and then the charging hole. I did not do the rice thing. I had a large strong fan blowing in my garage, the temperature was probably about 85 degrees. After removing the SIM card on which I could see moisture–just laid that out to dry in a safe place, no wiping of that (SIM removal is an easy process, Google iphone SIM Card Removal) I placed the Iphone in such position that a strong breeze from the fan blew into the empty SIM card slot all night. Once the SIM card slot is open, air can pass from one end of the phone and out the other end. The first thing I noticed in the evening was the water haze had disappeared from inside the camera lense. The next day about noon, before an intended trip to the ATT store to see about a new phone, I turned the previously wet phone on. (I had the previous day after reading postings here, turned the phone completely off with the 10 second pressing of both startup buttons.) After a few seconds the Apple logo appeared and a few seconds later my icons could be accessed. The only lingering effect that I have thus far noted is a slight mottling effect caused by the water on the view screen, so that photos have some mottling now when viewed. Otherwise, all apps, phone features, texting etc. seem to be working as previous to the drowning of the phone. The fan method–that I haven’t seen listed anywhere–saved my phone and it took less than 24 hours to do so!

  • Carlie Ginn

    I droped my fone in a bucket of mop water and it stoped working soi put it in rice for two days it turned on but the touch on the screen dont work please helppp meeee !!!!!!!!!

  • annabelle

    Well guys dont ever ever ever leave your phone on the floor when ur child is nappy-less and wees on your iphone! because no company will touch it! and it is now BUSTED! no rice can help! GUTTED! new phone to buy now :((((

    • Veerle

      Put it in the washing machine, then do the rice trick!

  • Cammie

    I was at work and had my iphone in my back pocket (somewhere I usually never carry it), I went into the restroom and well… It took a dive into the toilet. :-( I quickly dried it off, started shaking the water out, and held it under the hand dryer. I then googled wet iphones and help… It said use compressed air on the top and bottom, which I did. It also said use rice. I ahd none available at the time. It said the silica gel packs, so I went searching all over my work, found 6 and threw them and the phone into a plastic baggie. I also looked up moisture absorbers and found something called damprid. So, I opened that back and put my baggie into there. It comes on now, but I turned it off to allow more time… We’ll see tomorrow how it is, if my efforts pay off.

  • Marcus

    I bought my iphone 4 and had it in an otter box from day 1. It was in excellent condition until it fell off the back of my commode and into the toilet (clean water :-) thank God). It took about 5 seconds to fish it out. I hit the home button and it came on. I immediately ripped off the otter box components and shook out all the water. I tested it again and it was black screen from there on out. I remembered reading a post that talked about putting a wet iphone in the freezer. I hesitated, but did it. I later got on the internet and found this forum and read everyone’s posts. After freezing it 45 minutes, I decided to pull it out before my glass broke. I took compressed air and blew all excess water out. I turned my home thermostat to fan (not a/c or heat) and put the phone on the floor register and let it sit for several hours to dry out completely. I tried turning it on several times after that and nothing. Finally, I put it in a bag of rice and let it sit for about 15 hours. I tried turning it on the following day (after about 15 hours) and still nothing. I called technicians who work on damaged iphones and the lady told me to plug it up and then try powering it on-in case the battery was fried. I did and it immediately came on! Nothing was wrong with the battery. I’ve only had it going a couple of hours, but at this point, it actually works better than it did prior to getting wet! It moves through websites quicker than before and is more responsive. The lady did inform me that it typically takes 24-48 hours for the rice to work and to just be patient. I just happened to work quicker for me. Thanks for the advice with the rice guys. I really think it works. -Marcus

  • cody

    yesterday morning i was getting ready for class, dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet. i had one of the otterbox defender series cases on it which is water resistant, but not water proof. i quickly grabbed my phone and removed the case and dried off my phone. when it was dry everything was working except the speaker when music played. i turned it off and put it in a bag full of rice. so far its been in there for 36 hours so i really hope its fine when i take it out!

  • Sin

    Tonight I dropped my ipod touch in the toilet. Got it out as fast I could and put it in a jar filled with rice. Now I’m going to wait for a week. My fingers are crossed. Hope it works.

    • Sin

      So, It’s been 18 days and it’s still working like nothing happened.
      I left it in rice for 2 days, and then I bought a package of moisture absorb agents. Left my ipod in a jar along with those for 24 hours and opened it… ta-daa! It works just as normal since then.

  • Katrina Guevarra

    just recently, about 2 weeks ago i went to the movies with some friends and after the movie we went into the toilets and my iPhone 3G was in my back pocket and it fell right into the toilet i was panicking and yelling out that my phone fell in and that i wasnt joking and like five second after it fell in i could see the screen was on in the toilet haha and i kind of hesitated for a bit and then grabbed it out of the toilet and slid it under the toilet stalls to my friend and she took off the case and started to put it under the hand dryers because the ladies in the toilets were telling her to and when i finally got out of the toilet we ran all around the shopping centre trying to find the apple store but we ended up going to optus haha and they took out the sim card and everything and then we went to the phone repairs and there was two girls in the line and they said to put it in rice for a whole two weeks (even though most people say only two days) and we tried it and my phone pretty much worked like how it did before i dropped it. But my iPhone was jailbroken and it was very slow and kept freezing, so i restored it and now i have trouble with dragging things like the slider on the homescreen and it really annoys dad says its working just fine and that im just impatient lol but he said he recons it will work fine later on…hope it does :s

  • Hari

    Can you tell me what exactly happens if we switch on the iphone immediately after it gets wet? Can we still try the ‘rice-thing’?

    • rahul

      Yeah I dint know wat to do and tried to turn it on but the screenw as already black and water logged.I could see a lot of water.I panicked.I aint all dat rich and I had saved so much money over the years.If it hasnt short circuted the rice thing should work.Or u shld try using a thermostat or nail polish remover(it apparenlt worked

  • Bruce

    My wife just dropped her new iPhone 4 in the toilet while we were at a restaurant. She brought it out cursing and still drying it off. I told her to immediately turn it off. It turned off and then it showed the apple sign and turned right back on?! I took it from her and tried to turn it off several times myself and it would just do the same thing and turn right back on by itself… I even tried to do a hard reset by holding down both buttons. Still just turned back on. So I texted her phone to see if it still worked. The message went right through and she received it. My sister told me about the rice thing so we went and bought some. I took out the sim card and noticed that now it wouldn’t turn on. I have it in a bowl of rice right now and we are gonna leave it there for the weekend. I am really afraid that it fried itself by not turning off when I kept trying to get it to. I guess we will see Monday…

  • Bruce

    IT WORKED! I put it in rice for the last 2 nights and then plugged it in. At first nothing. I thought for sure it was dead. I left it plugged in and left te room. I never heard the chirp of when it turned back on so I assumed it was dead. After about 15 minutes I told my wife that her phone was dead and we were just gonna have to get her a new one. I walked back in the room where it was and unplugged it. The thing just turned right on and said it had less than 20% battery life! I am so amazed! I plugged it back in and let it charge all the way. My wife has been playing around with it for the last hour and there seems to be absolutely no problems at all. Audio works great, buttons and apps all work correctly, and it holds the charge just fine! Rice…. Who woulda thought. And I gotta hand it to the iPhones too. They are built pretty dang well to withstand water and still work!

    • Yvette ~ Muy Bueno

      OMG! Mine doesn’t power off either and is sitting in rice. I’m praying it will work. I’ll give it a couple of days. Grrr!

      • Aveen

        same thing happened to mine :( did it work then?

  • kyle fraser

    i was drunk one night, last night to be exact and after i was done my bowl of apple pie i threw up in the bowl. i woke up to see my phone submerged within my vomit… i have yet to see if my phone is alive or not.

  • eric

    just dropped my iphone in the shitter… sitting in a rice bowl with a fan on it. hope it gets the water out. not sure what to do about the poop

  • Cleo

    I just dropped my new Iphone 4S in the pool, its in rice now….hope this works…… will find out today.

  • iLikeHeroes

    PLEASE REPLY ME!!!!!!!!

  • iLikeHeroes

    So here is the story, I accidently dropped my ipod touch into a toilet. IT was been there barely 3 to 5 seconds. Then I wiped out all the water and then i blew in to the speaker and water came out. (I did not use hairdryer) then i checked to make sure everything was okay and everything except the audio won’t play. The ringer tone was working somehow but the songs and camera shutter sounds, lock sounds etc did not worked. So i plugged in my earphone and it worked.( I turned of and turned on and used some apps :( hope its fine) So I searched on how to fix it and repair it then i found this website about an 10 minutes later i think. there was no rice nor package of silica. I was afraid to tell my mom so i ran to the store and got rice and now my ipod touch is in the rice. I don’t what will happen hope it works.
    But another problem i was exaggerated at that time so i pushed my ipod touch into the rice strongly and then there is this piece of rice stuck inside the headphone jack. (Pain in the Ass). I haven’t tried any dangerous things yet, i only tried sucking it up but its still there. (its really close now)
    So I cross my finger and hope it will work.
    So any suggestions on how to pull out the rice out???

    • iLikeHeroes

      Now few minutes ago i checked it and pulled out one rice and then there was 3 more and i removed 2 of them but the last one broke into many species!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!! I can’t pull it out! I REALLY LOVE MY iPOD TOUCH 4Gn and im crying any suggestions please? please help me, my headphone jack was perfectly fine before this happened and now i’m so scared please help me! :(

      • N

        er….vaccum cleaner/hoover

      • rob

        ha ha, thanks guys – really sorry to those of you who have lost your phones altogether, but thanks to those who submitted funny accounts of how you got them wet, especially the toilet related stories, we brits find those particularly funny!

  • Donna

    I dropped my iPod touch in a boiling hot cup of tea last night. Have had it I. A bag of rice since. Really hope it’ll work but haven’t tried to charge it yet

    • robert

      i dropped mine in my coffee this morning..

  • Kayla

    I guess I’m out of luck. I’m at my dorm, it’s 1 AM, and I have no car and no way of contacting anyone to drive me anywhere with my phone off. Granted my phone just dipped the bottom speaker into the tub for a few seconds at most, this was the second time in a row. The first time it was fine, but now the speaker on the bottom is a bit fuzzy. No rice. No silica. Sigh… I have it off for now. Hopefully it’ll resolve itself. I’m scared to turn it on…

  • Mark

    I used a product called DryNow or Dry Now that I got at a hardware store in LA. It’s marketed for cell wet cell phones but worked really well. Open the bag, drop the ipod in and waited a day or two. Hope this is helpful.

  • Alice

    Crap. I just dropped my iPod in a river. Tried to turn it on, shook it, and dried it with a hairdryer. I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a visit to the Apple store soon :(

  • iLikeHeroes

    Surprisingly it works! My iPod is working perfectly fine I left it in rice for about 30 hours after dropping it in toilet!!!!! 😀
    I really recommend rice for those who are having trouble with water damaged iphone, ipod etc.
    Remember the longer you left it in rice the better it absorbs more water~~ (more than 24 hours)

  • Elaine

    I came home from the gym last night to find that my 5year old son dropped my ipod touch in the sink while washing his hands. I can’t be too mad, especially since he was washing his hands. My teenage daughter said she dryed it immediately, so I put it in a bag of rice last night, I am going to go home tonight and hope a pray it comes on when I plug it into my computer. Wish me luck!!

  • Lexie

    I dropped my Iphone4 in a cup of water for probably less than a second, and it wanted to power off so I let it. Then I turned it back on. Everything seemed to wok fine except the speakers. My music wouldn’t play along with not being able to hear anyone on the phone, though they could hear me. I could still hear my phone ring though. So i put it in a bag of rice, i was going to leave it in there til the next morning but after reading this, probably a day or two :(

  • chriss

    umm my ipod got wet, i tried to dry it with with cold air then, then tried to charge it… do u think that fried it? i have it in rice right now , but is it to late?

  • Jaci Doyle

    I have just dropped my iphone down the loo i am praying the rice works :-(((

    • Alan

      Hey, can i contact you? the same thing happened to me and i want someone that experienced this :( GOOD LUCK FOR YOU AND FOR ME!

  • Jaci

    Rice Rocks lol

  • lily smith

    Tomarrow is my birthday and my parents are getting the new iphones so I get my moms iphone 4. Tonight driving home from last minute shopping i put her phone in the cup holder as i always do but i forgot that there was a cup of water there! YA i put my future phone in a cup of water!!!! I feel so stupid! So i now have it in a bag on brown rice! i hope it will work.

  • sharon

    omg my ipod works again i washed it on a full 40 cycle the other week with all my work cloths by accident , i thought it would of killed it off, put it on the radiator over night and left it in the kitchen draw for a few days then tried charging it up but wasnt doing anything, so put it back in the draw and thought id give it another week or so, two weeks later i thought id just try syncing it on the laptop and shock horror its charging up and im listening to it again, cannot believe it, its a miracle, only down fall is the screen is grey now but hey its playing music and thats all thats counts :) so dont give up hope if youve got yours wet too, give it a few weeks and try it yourself again …………. good luck…………..

  • jamez

    My toddler threw the iphone 4 in the toilet. I googled the situation and found the rice trick, which i implemented immediately. The next day I went to a crafts store and picked up some silica gel used for drying flowers and put it in that for 3 more days. So far its working again without problems. Whew!

  • Lisa

    So, I was drinking last night at a party, had my phone and ipod touch in my back pocket. Went to the bathroom and before I sat down basically my ipod fell in there (luckily not my phone because this one the touch screen messes up with even humidity.. ugh). I checked it to see if the screen worked (it never turned off) and it did, so I thought I was good. Well today I wanted to see something on my ipod and when I tried to turn the volume up it said “headphones” but there was none in it. So I freaked out of course, but I knew my sister used rice for her phone, so I put it in a bag of rice for like 4 hours maybe, and it works. :) It wouldnt have been that bad, just would have to only listen through the headphones, but I wanted to try it. Rice or silica packets are the best.

    • N

      Same with my spanking new iphone 4S. Bro dropped in like WTF!!!!! i yanked it out and started playing music 2 see if speakers work and said *headphones*. i put vol up and down and up and down until teh speakers start workin, then left it in rice after extreme radiating(heater) and it has been like about 14 hours. Wish me luck :)

      even tho ur comment was from ages ago 😛

  • Mariah

    I had a pantec c3 and I accidentally washed it inthe washing machine and then without knowing it sent it through the dryer as well. It came out in peices with the face plate off and the battery out. I took it out of the dryer and put it together and it worked fine.

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  • Miss Bliss

    OK, so… earlier this year… I dropped my 4th gen Ipod 32gb in the ocean… So nice! So, I freaked…. I was so upset.. And I said ocean….so SALT WATER, which I have read is the worse! Someone with me told me about the rice, so after trying to suck the water out of any open place on the ipod, I ran back to my place (10 feet max) I actually was freaking out trying to turn it off and on a few time. I ended up plugging it in, and it told me to plug into itunes, and it made me restore default which I was so upset about.. anyways.. so… I had it in a bowl of rice… Plugged in.. To my computer (Wow I was stupid). I never googled anything about it… Or did anything. At first when it started working again.. the volume was acting crazy.. Up and down on it’s own. But then it seriously worked perfectly fine… Needless to say I have thrown it when I was mad, so now it’s cracked and shattered and even gotten wet again (sweat from workouts) and still working.

    Since that device was so **cked up.. i decided to get an iPhone 4… (not the s). I have had it since the 7th of Nov.. and last night (11-29) I dropped it in the toilet. Yup. FML… Being now experience.. I grabbed it within seconds, ripped off the case, started drying it off, took a vacuum to the holes, and dipped it in rice. Me, being curious I tried to turn it on.. it worked, I even plugged it in.. It kept saying “Slide to power off” I would press the home screen.. Then it was fine..then turning it on again, it started to flicker than powered off. And later read that I should NOT turn it on, or plug it in…(DUH).. So i took it off the charger.. Sealed it in a bag of rice.. and went to sleep with lots of hope. This morning I woke up, took it out of the bag.. Luckily it turned on, I messed around for 15 seconds, loud speakers worked, but I tried to listen to a vm and it was really quiet…. I threw it back in the bag and brought it to work with me, where I was able to get some silica packets and they have been in with those most of the day… I just tested it again, and I was able to call someone and hear them.. And the buttons seem to be working just fine.. I still.. Put it back in the bag, sealed it, and I will wait til tonight.. Or even tomorrow morning to try to continue using it as normal..

    I will check in to let you know what happens. I think it will be fine… Really is a preciously horrible moment when this happens though… Money down the drain.

  • Torey Sayler

    I accidentally dropped one of my old phones in a toilet. (and by old i mean, well lets just say it was around the year 2004). it was one of those candy bar style w/ b&w screen basic phones that were common then. I reluctantly fished it out and it was dripping wet. I immediately took it completely apart, which consisted of removing the antenna, batt door and battery. I dont remember if I tried to turn it on first. not knowing what to do with it I decided to blow dry it….. amazingly, after about 30 mins of blow drying, I put it back together and it worked fine….. the screen was kinda screwed up but i was still able to use it for a year until my contract was up.

  • Brian Dabbs

    Alright last night a friend and I were riding on the back of a motorbike. The driver’s road negotiating skills were apparently not a worthy adversary to the derelict roads in the part of Nairobi we were in and the overloaded bike. We all fell over into a massive puddle of mud and water. I immediately thought about my iPhone4, took it out of my pocket, cleaned it off and started yelling at the guy. So that was about twelve hours ago. I was just able to put it in a bag of rice. I have turned it on and Ive been using it. Now everything seems to be okay but there are speaker issues. I can’t hear a phone ring on the other end of the line nor can I hear the person’s voice when I call someone. The iPod has no audio coming out. But if I put a call on speakerphone I can hear the other person and they can hear me. Also if I plug in headphones I can listen to music and make phone calls with out issues. Strange, right? Any thoughts on how I can get full speaker performance?
    Thanks a lot. Great article and great comments.

  • Gary

    I did an ‘endo into My pool with the phone in My back pocket. Pulled it out of My pocket and laid it onto some cardboard and went about removing My clothes and drying Myself off—I was freezing, being winter I had been fully dressed.
    About an hour later I noted that there was a case that held water encasing the phone–a phone I had been using for less than a week.
    I removed the case and noticed that the led light was on. For the next 15 hours the light remained on. Went to the retail store on Friday and the clerk said He would “work on it” over the weekend and I should return on Monday.
    Insurance claim paperwork or whatever and Tuesday has come and gone and no new phone, another $160.00 plus the $100.00 last week and no phone for five days now—
    I went to this web site and a few others and ‘am trying the rice trick now. What happened:
    The phone ate the battery with that light–at the phone store they only got to the screen where there is this plug in thing and no further–They gave My phone back to Me on Monday and said I would have to mail it back (not the store??) when I got the new (?) phone.
    I hooked the phone up to My Apple computer (they were using a windows machine at the store) and I felt as thought My problem was solved the thing began to function. Wal La !!
    Not so fast the screen was not responsive. My alarm went off this Morning–and kept on going off (for 6 hours) as I could not “swipe” it off. Later I received a call and could not take it. The phone seems “o.k.”; but the screen does not work.
    I put the phone in a bag of rice about 7 Hours ago; now I will get to bed and see what is up when 24 Hours have passed. Gary.

  • sam

    I wish i knew this before i put it under a lamp for an hour.

  • mble

    Going through the post I have clearly realized why people of all walks of life have taken the web as the best source of information and knowledge. Really it’s a ver helpful piece of writing. Thanks! Mad Hornets

  • sub-sub

    I had dropped my ipod in the toilet and right away i dried it up. It didnt work or anything and i then put it in the charger that didnt help either. Right now i put it in a bucket of rice and it still isnt working.:(

  • Monica g

    I dropped mine in the toilet eeewww. I’m not going in to the details. I text my husband the bad news turned it off and heated up the dryer. With clothes in it of corse who has a dryer with nothing in it. Turned it off and put the phone under the hot clothes and left it there. DO NOT turn the dryer back on with your phone in it!! DO NOT turn dryer back on. Leave it there till it cools off. Heat the clothes back up and repeat. DO NOT try and turn on the device. Just keep doing this. I was using my phone by that that night. I would in hind sight say be strong try for the next day. Also never let it get to hot and let it cool down in between!! I’ve also used the sun before. You know as humans we have no patience. If you live in Texas you shouldn’t have any problems trying to find heat in unconventional ways. Good luck!! 2 toilets, one washer and way to many close calls!! Hey if your strong and I know you are put the phone in rice after that and sleep on it. Patience grasshopper you’ll still get you text tomorrow!

  • Fin

    About three months ago, shortly before discovering long pockets going all the way along your jacket are useless, I ran to tell everyone about my ungodly experience. After letting it sit on my heater for about an hour I decided it must be healed and proceeded to turn it on at which it turned on showed a startup thing ive never seen before and then shut down hopefully not for ever. Then I went on turning it on and on and on and on, plugged it in and turned it on ect. It’s now three months later and I’ve learnt the beauty of rice, i’m hoping my phone will turn back on and i can watch my vidio game moments again. For some reason I think its well and truly dead. Heres hoping i guess.

  • 3daysgrace4eva

    Was feeding my cat and dropped my iTouch (4g) into the cat’s water bowl. Was only in there for 3 seconds. I turned it on and checked to see that my apps were working. Went and plugged it in for charge and realized I had music playing. The volume was up all the way but no sound was coming from it. Called my mom and she told me to throw it in some rice. I unplugged it and put it in a ziploc bag of brown rice. It is soaking now. I had accidentally washed my brand new shuffle with some clothes and washed it for like 10 minutes. I remembered and pulled it out and turned it on. Wouldn’t work what-so-ever so I soaked it in rice. Wouldn’t work the next day. Went and bought my iTouch and my shuffle works, but the volume doesn’t. Hoping I can save my iTouch, but figure I’m screwed because I charged it and turned it on. Planning on soaking it for a few days, but preparing myself for another trip to the store. Any helpful tips or comments will be welcomed! :(

    • 3daysgrace4eva

      Its all good. Battery dies faster, but I’m always charging it, so it doesn’t matter. :)

  • Sue

    Take it to apple store and they will run test. If cant be fixed they will replace for 149.00

  • Tracy

    I got a iphone 4s for Christmas, and today is only Dec. 2th. My 2.5 year old son just “hid” it in a jug of juice. Praying this works.

    • Tracy

      I mean the 28th

  • Alice

    My Ipod touch is semi working after dropping it in water early this morning, but the Home button doesn’t want to work now. What can I do about it?

    • DeeDee

      Sorry to say, but this happened to my Touch and the home button never really worked again. It worked about 3 times after it got wet. And that was 3 times in the entire year after it got wet.

    • Tali

      Try going to Settings, General, Accessability then select Assistive Touch. Gives you a Home button on your screen.

  • TT

    so, i went thru all this madness with my 3g (toilet>rice>blowdryer on cool>gin n tonic for daddy) and wanted to know the condition of my sim card. i placed it in my girlfriend’s 3g and it worked, so i knew that part was ok. here’s my quandry: once i put HER sim card back in HER phone, she started receiving MY texts. any ideas?

  • Kayla

    I just got my new iphone 4s and one day later today i put on the defender case.

    I was getting out of the tub and picked up my phone and droped it in the tub for a few seconds and picked it up in a panic. I took off the case and dryed it and the screen just kept flashing and it woul not turn off.

    I immediatly put it in rice and silla bags and put it in a zip lock bag and wrapped it in a warm towel from the dryer and then

    I checked my phone and it was turned back on with messages and the screen staryed going crazy and i tried to turn it off but im not aure it it went off. Its completely black mow and back on the warm towel and eice and silla beads on rhe zip lock bag.

    I am praying my phone will work. When i gor the messages after it turned its self back on looked fine and speakers were fien till it went crZy and turned back off.

    Someone please tel me if this will work or if i fried it?? And how long i ahould leave it inder my pillow wrapped in the towel and in a bag of rice with the silla beads? Please i am panicing!!!!

  • Kayla

    I checked my phone today and it works like new. No damage at all after sealing it in the rice and silla beads in ziplock bag over night.

    My phone works as if nothing happened!!

    Thank you so much for this site!!

    My phone works, i so excited my new iphone 4s is back in action wooooo hooooo!!!!!

  • Melissa

    I had a cup of diet mountain dew in my lap today and my iPhone on the coffee table next to me. My two year old grabbed for my phone. Me trying to stop her from playing with it grabbed it from her and then dropped it in the dew. My Phone is now in the bag of Rice and I pray that it comes back to life again. It has been sucking not having my iPhone today. I hope that apple can do something for it. Its like once you have a smart phone you can’t go back to a regular phone again.

  • Jan

    My brother had his 3-week old iPhone 4S in his hand when he decided to come tackle me from behind. We were in the bathroom and the force of him bumping into me, forced the phone out of his hand and PLOP into the toilet.

    We took it out immediately, and since we’ve NEVER experienced a situation like this, we did what all noobs would probably do….we tested the music. It was scratchy.
    We then tried to turn off the phone, which was unsuccessful! (Can someone tell me if this is hopeless and the phone won’t ever turn off???)

    Basically I thought we were doomed, but then I looked up the rice trick. We stuck the phone a ziploc bag filled with uncooked rice for 24 hours, and we just took it out and checked EVERYTHING (well…we think, at least) – camera, flash, music, headphones, speaker, calling, receiving calls, the whole nine yards. STILL, the phone is unable to TURN OFF.

    HELP! Everything else works fine, but I’ve heard of people thinking their phones are working fine and then having issues afterwards…..Never thought in a million years this would happen to us!

    • jan

      ALSO!!! –

      I’ve heard about those gosh darn water sensors.

      The one under the dock is red, but the one in the headphone jack is still white…does that mean that the internal ones are still white?

      If so, we might have a chance to exchange it for FREE at the apple store.

  • Lianne bonello

    Im very grateful 4 finding ur info so tnku :). I dropped my iphone in a bucket of water
    And it stayed there for five mins before i realised :/
    It never went off, nothings wrong with it except for the speakers
    Is it possible for apple authorised technicians to fix the speakers or replace them?
    Because i heard iphones cant be opened :S i still have my guarantee

    Much appreciated
    Lianne bonello

  • Max

    I just dropped my 1 month old 4s into a toilet. I was able to retrieve it in about 1 second but there is now a water glaze over the lens. I have followed hesse instructions to the letter (using the rice) and will update the situation later.

    • Max

      One more thing- I turned it on before reading this and I tested major functions. The only thing wrong so far is that youtube is stuck on headphones and the sound from it won’t work without them. All other sounds are fine. Otherwise, it seems like it is fine (bar the water glaze.) Is about 45 seconds of frantic testing enough to damage it?

    • ria

      i have dropped my iphone4 in da toilet, i did the same thing put it in a tub of rice fr 3days and i also blow dryed i, my phone is not turning on but i put my phone on the ipod deck its playing music but the screens not cumin on wat does dat mean

  • Carlos

    My Sister dropped Her’s In A bowl Of milk… I feel kinda sad for her because it worked… And I wasn’t there But The sound is gone.. It’s like the speakers were blown out because she turned it on.. Other wise it works fine I think. You can still listen to music with earbuds. It’s just a shame a Christmas present like a 200$ Ipod is now a mute with out speakers. I’ll try The Rice thing since it’s the only reasonable thing to do right now. although I doubt the speakers can be fixed…

  • heather

    hey, my iphone4 went for a swim afew days ago and its the first time ive ever gotten anything wet so i had NO clue what 2 do so i just thought “shes dead ohh well” but i also live in a very remote area so a trip to the iphone store mean a 6hr drive n 2 plane flights.. ive only just put it in rice 5 hrs ago after doing abit of research on it, just wondering if anyone has been in my situation and what their out come was? i havnt put it on charge or tried 2 turn it on yet. i was useing it at the time and the screen was lit up when when i pulled it out i watched it go pitch black instantly, unlike the usual fade out thing it does so i knew it was buggered.. any hint or tips? or should i ring my phone company and lodge an insurance claim?

  • Hannah

    i used rice but it got stick in the headphone hole thingy! how do i get it out! and….. i turned my ipod on and i can hardly see anything on it1 its really dark! can i fix this? and should i take it back to get a new one?

  • Sha-Li1712

    My story is that I am currently drying my iphone in a bowl of rice.Hearing these stories have eased my worries.But I dropped mine in a toilet.Yeah.At least its not as bad as dropping it in a pool.Keeping the case or cover on it,I would have had a better chance at saving it,I hope that this method works.If it doesnt,dont hesitate to come to my funeral.

  • Abbie

    Well i have tried this method on my ipod touch and i wont work , what am i doing wrong ? please help !

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  • Andy

    I spilt my cereal on my iPod touch a while bak and I did the rice thing. When I took it out of the bag a day later, it worked but the top bottom didnt work and a couple days later the home button quit working

  • Miss Krysta

    Last night was a NIGHTMARE for me, I dropped my iPod in my bath water. Besides the fact of it already being at 5% I didn’t care and decided to have it on the side to listen to my tunes the next thing I know my iPod flops right in along with one ear bud I literally screamed for my life and as I was trying to get it out it flops yet again! I quickly got it out and tried to cut it off ( bad idea) the next thing I did was get a bowl and rice no, I wasn’t having that for dinner! It actually worked! the next day it came on and everything but I could tell there was a huge problem and that was the button on the top and my home button they don’t work for some reason. So there you have it. a working/non-working iPod it’s a third generation my boyfriend had gave to me little does he know I’m looking into getting the latest 4th generation and in White! Pow!!

  • Jasmine

    OMFG PLZZZZ HELP!!! Ok, I was at the beach when I tripped over and my phone got wet! 2 minutes later it buzzed. I left it in a bag or rice and silicone bags for 4 days. I have this radio alarm that recharges Apple devices, I plugged it in there and it turned on! It was a miracle, until it said I NEEDED TO PLUG IT ONTO ITUNES. I attached it to the chord and the computer straight away and held the home and top button at the same time but it wouldnt turn on!!!!!!! For some strange reason it would turn on in my alarm charger but not the Apple chord!!! WHAT DO I DO?????

  • Lilo Brancatto

    My girlfriend bought me an iphone and activated under her name. The phone got wet and we broke up. long story short i got a new phone under my name and after a month or so i was able to fix my old phone with the rice method and all my contacts and pictures are still there and i can access them. How do I save all these in my computer?. This phone was originally set up in my exgirfriend’s computer under her name, etc. Please help!

  • Brad

    Best thing you can do is take the phone apart. Rice does not always work reason being is that the phone isn’t wide open like a guitar or a salt shaker. So what people have said before doesn’t really apply. I have had people bring me phones before, lots of them, and they said they had it in rice for days. Yes most of them tried to turn it on first but when i would open up the phone it would have corrosion all in it. Rice will absorb water but it’s not a miracle worker.

  • Chelsea

    My poor IPod Shuffle-Touch just had an unfortunate dip in the sink. It waited until I was reaching to turn the water off after doing the dishes to fall and land directly under the flow of warm water…And my reflexes failed me and it sat there a few seconds before I realized where it was.

    Now, as tragic as this is, it still works and kept playing. I stuck it in rice regardless, to dry out it’s charge area.

    What ill timing. But at least I had music to accompany my chores.

  • Kerri

    I use my ipod for PE at school while I’m working out and I put it in my sweatpant pocket and I got home, wasn’t thinking at all about it because I usually put it back in my purse, not in my pocket! So I got home and threw my clothes in the wash before work. Later on that night I was trying to find my ipod and gave up but remembered I had to put my clothes in the dryer. SO. I saw my sweats and as I was about to put them in the dryer it clicked that my ipod was in the pocket. I unzipped the pocket and it was there. I WANTED TO CRY :( I’ve had it for 3 years and it still looks brand new. I tried the dried rice thing and it did not work at all..I let my headphones dry too and they still work PERFECT. It would be the cheaper thing that still works <.< It is now 2 months later, and it STILL doesn't work. <y boyfried got it for me and still doesn't know it doesn't work. FML.

  • Emma

    This saved my phone! Thank you! Its not 100% but im happy! The only thing is the cable won’t fit into the bottom anymore?! It will on one side but its sticking out the other ..My boyfriend got his wet not so long ago and his did the same thing. Has anyone else had the same problem?!

  • Mumbly Joe

    I used to wrap my iPhone 3G in a thin layer of plastic wrap, the touch screen still works, although it was a pain to charge. But I kept it safe (^-^)

  • Scooter

    I never thought it would happen, but as I watched my iPhone sink to the bottom of the toilet, the thought of loosing my contacts and info were to much. Then it came to me, we’ve got insurance. Whew, what a blessing. Still trying to dry it out with rice just to see if it works.

  • N

    Same with my spanking new iphone 4S. Bro dropped in like WTF!!!!! i yanked it out and started playing music 2 see if speakers work and said *headphones*. i put vol up and down and up and down until teh speakers start workin, then left it in rice after extreme radiating(heater) and it has been like about 14 hours. Wish me luck :)

    • N

      and as soon as it works imma jailbreak using Greenpois0n Absinthe

  • Amber

    Hmm well I’m luckier than some of the people on here… my iphone was in my school bag and my water bottle busted I guess and got it wet…not too wet but enough to freak me out. It;s working but the camera light is still on and I might need to reload the software but I think it’ll survive lol I’m still going to try the rice method if not I’m going to try to get a new one or something cause I’ve only had it for 3 months… lol

  • WING

    i drop my itouch in the toilet yesterday lunch. i took it out immediately and make it as dry as i can. and i heard my fd said out in the rice can make it reborn so when i back to home i put my itouch in a bag of rice and kept overnight. now i just took it out and it still couldn’t turn on. i plug my charger in but still cant on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what can i do????!!!!!

  • C

    My iPhone fell topside down into a partial cup of coffee. The speaker was immediately non-functional. Per the advice on this webpage I turned the phone off & through it in a bag of rice for 36 hours. It worked! I as soon as the phone powered up it started chirping notifying me of missed calls, emails, & such. This advice seriously saved my life! Thank you those who were kind enough to share it. : D

  • fatima

    hmmm, today during a university lecture the main pocket of my satchel bag had my water bottle and it spilt! i was nervous because i thought my phone was in that pocket but i was pretty happy when i saw that it was in the back pocket.. my hard case was wet and the screen was a bit wet on the outside! the phone wouldnt light up and it just didnt turn on. my friends and i lightly shook the phone several times in an attempt to get rid of the water. 2 hrs later i got home and soaked it in rice.
    Has anyone been in the same situation, like soaking it hours after? & did it work?
    im pretty sad! I want to recover my text messages, some photos and contacts!
    Has sentimental value to me!


  • Patricia

    OMG!!! Rice makes miracles!!!! Ok so my story isn’t very different from everyone else’s but here it goes. Usually I always let my 3 year old daughter play with my iPhone, so this particular day (Monday night) we were taking a shower and she got out first so she graved my phone and started playing, when I got out we dried up our selves, got dress, brushed and got ready to go to bed. It turns out that was laundry day too so soon after I picked up all the towels and dirty cloth and just threw it in the washer machine and I was going to wait till the morning to wash so I could pick up my husbands dirty cloth in the morning. Well as I said next morning around 4 am I turn on the washer and the funny thing is that usually I always choose the 30 min cycle but because I was going back to sleep I let it do all the 55 min cycle…:-( “So I will put it to dry in the later morning,” I said so my poor iPhone was in there and I did hear that there was like something hitting the washer but I thought it’s probably the buttons on a jacket or something. RIGHT IT WAS MY IPHONE!!! Later morning around 8:30 my daughter wakes me up and so I start searching for my cell phone and nothing so I said “ill find it later.” I went to the washer to put the cloth to dry and there it was my phone it was soaking wet I cursed my self over and over and almost wanted to cry!!! Anyways I did everything we are not supposed to do everything to re killed it I’m telling you I tried sooooo hard to save it which to anyone that knows would probably say I really tried to re killed it as if it wasn’t enough to be washed for 55 min and be sitting there for hours with out being dried up. So I tried turning it on a million times and plugged it in to the power cord (to fry it) got my blow drier to dry it up finely after and hour of going trough hell trying to save it turn on I was so happy. So I tried calling people I called my husband he didn’t answer and then I called my cousin to tell her my story and she answer I was about to tell her my story when all of a sudden I herd a spark a really loud one like the one I herd in transformers movie once when the little robots exploded and got killed yeah that was my phone and it shut down. NO!!!!!!! I yelled screamed and to me it was dead dead and I was going to be dead once I told my husband too. So it wasn’t after I thought I had killed my phone that I started searching in the internet and every time I read DO NOT TURN IT ON or DO NOT BLOW DRIE IT!!! I regretted everything I did with my phone then I found this page and read about the rice so in my last effort to save it I put it in rice. I was constantly checking it to see if it worked but no luck. So I had to tell my husband my sad suicidal story and he just looked at me in disbelief of what I had done. So he just said “well you are not getting a phone soon we have to wait till I get paid and maybe ill get you another” so I begged him to get me a new one, and I told him that we could just lie about it and so on. LIE YEAH RIGHT!!! I read about the water thing on the iPhones good luck with that. So I never gave up in my last effort to save my precious phone I let it sit on rice for the night I even dreamed that it came back alive and I was very happy but when I woke up about two hours ago I said its not going to work I killed it its dead. NO IT’S NOT DEAD!!! To my surprise it TURN ON YEY!!! I can still see water inside the screen so I put it back in the rice and it will stay there for a few more hours but I am soooo exited and happy that i had to share my story i definitely recommend the rice thing to everyone I think that when you buy and iPhone or iPod touch and such they should have the rice tip as part of the phones instructions on how to save your phone!!! :-) Thanks for the tip and I am going to enjoy my phone to death literally I don’t want it to die LOL.

  • stephanie

    my white iPhone 3g fell into a bucket of water the water was very little but enough for my phone to get wet. i instantly picked it up and dried it off it was on my phone said to put it in some rice so i put it in a bag of rice he then removed it from there and put it in a can of rice several minutes past by i took it from the can and picked it up to answer a call and i couldn’t hear the person on the other end unless i put it on speaker phone then i tried to get on facebook i couldn’t scroll down i tried to call someone my screen was clicking on several other things


    My mom just bought a new LG blue ray dvd player n when she was at work i was on my laptop i forgot that there was a cup of water down there i hit the remote it fell in the cup after 1 hour i know that it was in the water :( ..i blowdried slapped all the ways to get the water out ..So then i found this article oh GOD plz fix the remote if i dont fix it ill have to pay $60 ….HELP me..:(..

  • Randy

    You can buy the dessicant sacks, the big ones, from gun stores and gun supply sites online. These work much better than rice. I put three in a ziplock plastic bag with my phone, took them out a day later, put them in the oven with the door open for 30 minutes, then back in the ziplock for another 3 days. The longer you can wait the better. Plugged it in first BEFORE turning it on, and Voila….good phone.

  • adi

    Hi Guys,
    I just dropped my Iphone 3gs into water tub, its not working at all, :-(
    so i have put it under rice bag, hope it works out,,,
    i dnt knw if there will be problems in functioning after that,
    well i bought that from my 1 months salary of 1st job,
    However, it has taught me a lesson…….i wont forget….

    thanks for the info guys….



    • Dana

      I dropped my phone into water tub also,I doubt it will survive , well at least u have a job to buy another one:)

  • Erika

    Ok so I got my second ipod touch this year for Christmas after someone stole my other one at school………well i have had it for like two months and today i dropped it into the toilet. It did not stay in there very long at all, I was using the bathroom and I had it in my hoodie pocket……..well it fell out…..and i freaked out! I reached into the toilet and i dried it off with a towel, then I blew into the headphone hole and the charger hole. I was still not sure it was dry so I rolled up some paper towel and shoved it into the holes. I was so scared…….but then I felt kinda relieved because it was still working and I tried playing music….just like most peoples on here it would not play it. The volume said “headphones” and i tried them, they worked fine. Then I tried a few more things and looked up what i should do. So I found out i should turn it off and put it in rice…..thats exactly what I did! I really hope it works still….I don’t have the money for another one! I am going to leave it in there for a few days………the thing is I am lost without it! I listen to it on the bus and at home, I have turned it on a few more times to check and it still works. I have not plugged it in or blow-dried it and I am not going to. I HOPE IT STILL WORKS RIGHT!!!! Pray for me please!

    • Erika

      OK… it’s been in the rice and bag for like 14 hours. I wan’t to get it out soooooo bad…but i CAN’T because i don’t want it to mess up! I really really hope it works!!

  • nostromo

    After my 3rd gen ipod nano got stolen I started using my 1st gen ipod nano that had been sitting in a drawer since 2006. It was already a little bit abused, someone had stepped on it creating a gap (sort of like a fold) between the metalic and the plastic part, plus it had been badly scratched (like all 1st gen ipod nanos that sat 1 min out of a case).

    Long story short, my 1st gen ipod got washed in the pocket of my jeans one day after… so within a matter of 2 days I lost 2 ipods… Given its condition, the electronics got it really bad, so I put it back in the drawer, not being able to revive it, and forgot about it. About a year later I decided to connect it to USB charger… after about 30 mins… tada! It started working as if nothing had ever happened. The only thing I noticed is that the screen would create a rainbow-like effect sometimes, other than that everything worked perfectly… and we’re talking about an abused, 6+ year old ipod.

    A few months earlier I got an email from Apple saying that they would replace all 1st gen ipod nanos with new ones, and so they did. So I exchanged a 1st gen ipod nano in bad condition with a new (probably refurbished) 6th gen nano. Fair trade!

  • Mens Health Cures

    I dropped my Iphone 3G in the toilet last night. It fell out of my pocket, and right in the drink. It still turns on and works great, but won’t charge the battery. It is now in a dry rice bath, and hopefully any moisture will be removed. I hope the only damage is to the battery, which can be replaced for less than $20….We’ll see tomorrow.

  • miss eliotte

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  • Chloe Reed

    I put my iphone 3GS in the window above the washing up bowl to get signal, then it slpped in the washing up bowl for hardly a minute i grabbed it! it was still working infact everything was still working apart from the screen was really dark maybe the bulb has gone? apart from that my iphone works fine! nothing wrong with the buttons or anything. if this happens to you please consider sending it to a phone shop to be repaired? they can repair it! ): comment below please!!

  • Shannon Harris

    I”m not very happy! ( i am a dog ) i left my bone outside for hardly a hour whilst i was having a power nap. i went back outside and there was a massive crack down the middle of it and half the marrow gone! i confronted my sister gigny who is a cat she said i havent touched it i asked casper the other cat he didnt touch it i went upstaris asked brian the hamster he said he has not touched it so i dont know who has touched my bone i will be considering jermy cyle! – thank you ( i am a dog )

    • Chloe Reed


  • Erika

    MY iPod works!! I LOVE RICE!! :)

  • devin racks

    my iphone fell in water while hooked up to my charger do you think the rice trick would work ?????? and if not how should i fix it ????

  • Zack A

    I’ve dropped my iPod in the pool before and a lightbulb flashed inside my head I ran inside and put it by the dehumidifier it takes a while but not terribly long I checked it out 6 hour later and it worked fine! This also works with most other electronics even my xbox 360 harddrive… Don’t ask how that got in the pool it’s too long of a story.

  • annonymous

    i dropped my ipod 3g in salt water (the ocean) and put it in rice, however it still wouldn’t turn on. I left it in the rice for about a month till my friend told me it was time. I re-submerged it in tap water and dried it out again. Just a few minutes later and it was working again, and still works today about 6 months later. Recently however, i dropped my new iphone in the hot tub and have it in rice right now, keeping my fingers crossed :/

  • Becky

    so my story is my arm was hanging over my couch as i was sleeping and my iphone was in my hand , and just so i happen to have a cup at the edge of my couch with slight water in it like real low kinda and my phone fell in it smh like the top where the power button is . i had seen like on here if it was completely sudmerged in water then ya know it’ll be a lil more messed up then ya kno my situation . i did the rice method . i hope it works .

  • Meg

    My ipod touch drowned inside my sister’s bag because her water bottle fell all over it. It stayed like that for about half and hour or so and the ipod is whack. First of all we put in in rice, then we tried turning it on but it wouldn’t work, after that we charged it and it turned on, but when it was fully charged we took it out of the charger. After two minutes, the ipod’s battery was LONG GONE. After a few months i I charged it again and it worked but the ipod’s battery still drained out… The camera isn’t working and the battery life sucks… PLEASE help!!

  • Ari

    ARGH!! i just read your post like an hour too late. i accidently washed my itouch and then the first thing i did was turn it on. :( then i put it in front of the heater to dry it off. 2 of the main things you just said NOT to do! :'(

    • Kendra

      Did you try the rice? I washed mine in the washing machine this morning. Fiance found it and we took out the battery and put it in rice. I feel like a bozo. Now I get to wait allllll weekend.

  • unknown

    ok sooo im gonna try the rice method later but idk how cuz my parents gonna kill me when they find out i killed my phone!! and i also already tried turning on my iphone4 about 5 times will it still work????? please tell me !!!

  • tom

    Hey, i woke up this morning to find that my Iphone was in the washing machine in panic i put it on charge and come on the internet to find out how to try and revive it. this was the 1st website i clicked onto. my phone is now in a container of rice thanks for the tip :)

  • ditzymcgee

    SHEEEWWWWW!! This rice totally saved me! I am on my third iphone in 8 months (the first two i dropped and cracked the screens!) The other day I set my phone on a sopping wet handtowel-DUH-and it got pretty saturated-it wasnt completely submerged in water but it apperantly got wet enough for it to start acting up and the screen went completely black! Stupidly I kept turning it on and off (only by memory of touch being that i could no longer see anything on the screen i.e “slide to shut off” so after researching online and finding this website I managed to get the phone off and I quickly went out and bought some minute rice and dumped it into a zip lock and placed the phone on the rice. 24 hours and multiple panic attacks later viola!!!! My phone works! So far with no glitches! I am so thankful!!! My husband was about to kill me! So thank you thank you thank you !!!! I highly recommend the rice trick to anyone with a water damaged iphone!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiley

    Once my iPod touch 4g went for a ride in my waging machine. Mind you this is my second iPod touch, the other one just randomly died but this one I put an otter box on and after it went for a swim I put it in rice for 72 hours without touching it and it did turn on but for a few days would only work while charging. Now it holds barely any charge within 15 mins of playing a game it goes to 20% then if I leave it alone back to like 50%.

  • http://Iphone4doesn'tcharge George

    Hello, my names george, i wonder if you could help me, about 4 days ago, my iphone 4 stopped working, i droped it in the bath 7 days ago (a week ago), it was in the for less than a second, i got it out and dried it really quick, it worked after that, but the volume keepd on going up and down, and you could only listen to music and all that with the earphones, anyway, two days went pass and i went 2 charge it, and it came up (error), and it woudnt let me charge my iphone, the batery draind and to day (10-3-12) it doesnt work or charge, my mum wonders uf there is any chance of saving my iphone and if there is any chance to save the photos, i will wait for your reply, thankyou -_- …

  • megan

    what if it wa already playing somehting when it fell in then what do u do

  • Keith

    Same story. Me. Pool. Stupid. It’s in rice right now. Unbelievable how many of us there are!! I just googled to see if there were other ideas and the rice was by far the number one idea out there. We’ll see in a couple if days!

  • Web Designer

    Really good advice. This should really work since when all the water is out the device returns to normal..unless the water has bridged some circuits before you can get it out, which is why the first thing you should do is take out the battery before trying to dry the device

  • abby

    So, today, my ipod touch screen stopped responding. When I tried to slide it, it wouldn’t work. I tried to wipe the screen, i don’t have any screen protector, and i wasn’t wearing any gloves. So, i went online and asked the question. I found out i had to hold the power button and home button at the same time. and i did. but then my screen showed me i needed to connect to itunes. When i connected to itunes, the itunes said i need to unlock the ipod to connect. But my ipod screen won’t let me unlock! the screen only shows CONNECT TO ITUNES with itune’s logo picture. PLEASE HELP!

  • Eilidh

    i had no idea what to do with my iphone, i dropped it in the bath a few months ago and i have left it till now because i thought there was nothing i could do to get it working, is there anything that could help now ?

  • Catherine Thornberry


    I wish I had been able to find your advice before it happened. But, in the end, I handled the situation pretty well, I think. Still, not perfectly.

    Mine felt in a rock pool this afternoon ( ocean…salt! Ouch!!! ), literally for a second. I saw it rolling for the rocks (out of my bag as I picked up our child’s bucket) and raced to rescue it . but too late, it was in the roc pool before I could reach it. My adrenaline kicked straight away as I saw it going towards to water and I grabbed my iPhone as soon as it plunged.

    I took off the hard Moshi cover I had on it, dried it with a soft tissue that happened to be in my bag. Delicately used it to sucked the water in every little corner I could find and reach without forcing.

    I turned it on! Yes I did! I Know now that was the wrong thing to do according to your advice, but in my case, it didn’t do anything wrong. I could text, take pictures…everything worked except sounds.

    I then let it dry on a flat rock (far from a source of water, of course), exposed to a warm the sun for maybe 15 min. Went back home. Did the same for 30min, but then had bad feelings, turned it on and 1 min later it went bezerk! I switched it off for 5 min and turned it on again. It was fine, could send pictures, do everything I needed, I could hear it ringing, but still no sounds, couldn’t hear the music or people’s voices.

    Tonight it’s still the same…how annoying. Although the sound came back shortly and went off again, so there is some hope and I’m about to let it rest in a bag of rice too ( no silica packs @ home). I’m sure it will make a difference until tomorrow morning! Le’t be positive!

    Thanks a lot for the tips!! Do you know if salt increase the damage? I’m assuming yes…but what’s your expertise?



  • Lou

    I need help, I also dropped my Iphone 4 into the toilet, the phone stayed on, after shaking any excess water off I then put in a bag of rice which is where it has been for 3 days. The phone wont turn on unless it is plugged into the charger plug socket, once turned on it asks me to activate the phone through ITunes, as soon as unplug the phone from the wall and put the USB into the computer the phone turns off… does anyone know what I can do? I cant not be without a phone and I dont know what to do next. I have currently left it turned off and its sat back in the rice… anyones help is really appreciated..

    • Greg

      Did you ever find a solution? My phone is currently in the exact same situation.

  • btmwolverine

    well i put it in the rice for a day after dropping it in the toilet. however i wasn’t able to turn it on, as i am learning, that was a good thing. But it is a day later and my iPod won’t turn on without a charger… any ideas???

    • pam

      From what I’ve read your best bet might be heading to a craft store and purchasing some of those silica gel packets they use to dry out flowers and leaving it OFF for another day or two. If it still won’t work you might be SOL.

  • Pam

    UGH. 2 years of having the worst Android ever made I finally get my beautiful iphone, loved it dearly for 3 glorious weeks and dropped it into a pot full of water in a sink today. I swore a lot and snatched it right out, dried with a towel, powered it down with no problem and threw it in rice and googled. Google said to remove the sim card, so I did, it was dry when I took it out. Hope that’s a good sign. The water indicator in the charge port is definitely red…fudge.

    And now I play the waiting game. I’ll be so sad if it breaks…I loved that stupid thing.

  • ellie

    oh my gosh!! i did everything i’m not supposed to do!
    i dropped my ipod in a pail of water and snatched it up immediately. i pressed the home screen button, and it was dim. i tried adjusting the brightness in the settings, but no diff. so i off and on, still didn’t work.. so i off and on and off and on until the screen when blank. than i plug it into the charger but the sound that came out was very muffed and it still remained blank. i finally googled.
    do u think my ipod got any chance of living??

    • ellie

      i just placed it upright in a bag of rice

  • Sarah

    My iphone 3G went through an entire wash cycle.It has been in rice for 33 hours, and I just now took it out. It will turn on, and is working fine, except it really smells and is making a weird noise. It also got pretty warm. Has anyone else every had this problem? Should I leave it in the rice?

  • Shayna

    I literally jut spilt water on my iPhone 4s. It wasn’t submerged though, I just spilt abit on the top and immediately put it in rice.

  • Savina

    Omg rice is amazing I thought my iPod touch was gone for ever I completely covered it with water and dried it off as quickly as possible n put it in rice for 8 hours or so turned it on n it was dead but charged it and there is no damage to it what do ever it’s back to normal hope fully it works for a while

  • Mica

    Soo what if you can’t turn it off ? Should I still soak it or no ?

  • dulce

    I exedently put it in my pocket and it was landry time i frorgot it was im my pocket so it got washed and dryed,you can still hear it but u cant see the sreen? what do u recomend i suld do???

  • Frogman Joel

    My dog and I went for an unscheduled (and potentially disastrous) waist-deep dip when a rogue sea wave drove us into an adjacent fast-flowing river. He was in a halter and in his haste to get out, actually helped me out, too. My brand-new iPhone 4s was in my pocket. We were a half-hour from the car and all my pockets were drenched, so the phone stayed wet for a total of about 45-minutes. When I got home and checked it out, the camera light was on. I powered off the phone, but the light stayed on. Then the phone turned back on. I did the same thing several times, but the light wouldn’t turn off, nor would the phone stay “unpowered”. Everything else seemed to be working; Seri even asked me a question when I accidentally pressed the home button. But I didn’t try to test or use it for anything. Now it’s in a bag of rice, the light glowing through the grains. Because it’s still on, I guess I’ll pull it out and go to settings to turn off as much as I can, then stick it back in the bag. Wish me luck. I love the new phone, and I didn’t purchase the insurance. Dang!!!!!

  • Glenda Cosenza

    I got coffee in my iPhone — I was carrying hot coffee in my purse — it was in plastic bags but — long walk and well — the coffee leaked. The phone did NOT get submerged but it stopped. I have put it in rice and it’s been there for 32 hours so far and it’s DEAD. But….I have insurance…and I will wait until tomorrow morning and see if it resurrects. In which case, I’ll name it Lazarus. Hahahaha. The worst thing is that I DID try to turn it on — not once but many times — and I even plugged it into the charger for several hours when it was in the rice. So perhaps it’s damaged beyond claim. I’m lost!!!!

  • Kate Snelling

    i put my phone in the oven at 170 for 25 minutes and then a bag of rice.

    • m.h

      did it work

      and please tell me what to do my comment is at the bottom


      • Rosie


  • m…h

    i put my ipod in a bowl of rice for at least 25 to 30 hours and it still doesnt work. plzzzz tell me what to do. :[

  • m.h

    hi i got a little bit of water on my ipod and i put iit in fry fice for at least 26 to 30 hoursv and its still not working plzzz tell me what to do :[

  • m.h

    whoops i put fryed rice i meant dryed rice

  • Clara May

    Hi there, so my boyfriend was hanging out with my family and I. Suddenly he decides to do a very dumb move and throw my little brother in the pool, falling in himself; his ipod and PSP still in his pocket. His mistake was that he turned the ipod on to see if it still worked and to our surprise it did. So we dried it off but as we got upstairs he turned it on and this time it didnt work. It is now sitting in a bag of rice as well just have to see what happens

  • Deja

    So today I was turning around and dropped me iPhone in the toilet, I dried it off as soon as possible and got the blow drier to dry it more I just put it in a bag of rive a few minutes ago! Let’s hope it works! How soon do you think I should check on it. ?

    • Bullet

      you should wait a few days, the rice will leave a little dust in your iphone but that can be solved easy. Have patience! resist the urge to turn it on every couple of hours

  • Fredrick

    Last night I accidentally dropped my IPhone 3Gs in the toilet. So I quickly picked up the phone & wiped it with my towel. I got so nervous that I tried to switch on the phone. But it just gave a flash of light & I thought that was the end of my phone. I searched on the web on how to save an iphone. I saw this rice method, so I quickly got some uncooked rice & put the phone into it. Today morning I took out the phone tried to switch it on but no avail. Again I kept the phone inside the rice. I took it out & again tried to switch it on but it didn’t. I thought that the battery life went down so I charged the phone. The phone started & it showed “activation required”, I removed the charger to connect to my pc but the phone went off. I again inserted the charger into the phone & it switched on. I left the phone for charge but it was restarting again and again on its own. I got scared & removed the charger. Right now its in my bag. Can anyone help me????

  • Kim

    I made a mistake and sat my iPhone 3gs in a small cup of water I immediately removed it Thank God I had a Otterbox on it that helped save it a lil. I sat it in front of a fan first got all the water out I could then goggled other resources came across this site and went to the store ASAP to get some rice. My phone was working but it was acting weird and my speaker was not working at all. Put my phone in rice for 24 hours and thank god it seems back to normal besides the water lines behind the screen on one side. The rice method works and is at least worth a try. Thanks

  • Betty

    Phone fell in the lake tried the rice over night today phone is perfect thankyou for your help

  • addyc

    what if my screen still looks like it has smeared water inside the galss? looks like its broken from inside. its been in rice for 2 days already should i still try to charge it?

  • Kayla

    I loved your story. same thing just happened to me on the 7th on this month. i was talking to my friend by the pool. i bent down & it fell outta my pocket. I freaked out then after about 10sec i jumped in after it. got it out dryed it off. then put it in a bag of rise. When i was shaking it out siri kept coming on. i didnt shut it off, i just stuck it in a bag of rise. should I try to plug it into the coumper tonight? thanks for the info!

  • Anna Nguyen

    I’m SOOOO scared i love my iphone!!!!
    i search on the internet of what to do
    my phone is in rice
    fingers crossed

    • Abby Irving

      I just put my iPhone in the washing machine! and have it in rice now too.
      so fingers crossed for me too :’]

  • Jenna

    My phone went through the wash, its in the bowl of rice now! Hope the rice works!

  • krystel

    Help!!! so i dropped my iphone 4 into a bowl of soup. it was fine at first (it was on), but there was no sound coming out of the speakers. then it shut down and i rebooted it twice, could i have killed my iphone? its in rice now… I hope it works again :(

  • krystel

    and also, i dropped it in a bowl of HOT soup. will it affect?

  • Peter

    I left my phone on and out in the rain a couple of hours. When I brought it in it seemed ok at first but then the fun began. The phone would randomly call people from my contacts and start playing songs (always Abba – first on the play list). After a day or so this continued but happened less often. Two days later when using maps it suddenly started switching from maps to desktop, to ‘search iPhone’ really rapidly and for five minutes at a time. I did a complete reload on the phone and it behaved considerably better with just the occasional glitch. Two weeks down the track and it hasn’t done a thing wrong for ten days and it seems all is good.

  • Lisa

    The first time my iPod Touch got wet was when I knocked it into the sink accidentally. I used to work for a cell phone company so I knew to turn it off. Then I dryed off the outside, sucked the water out with my mouth and left it to dry for a few days. Thankfully to continued to work. :)
    Last night my iPod Touch slipped out of my pocket and into the laundry tub. I was soaking some laundry in water and an oxyclean type product so that concerns me more than if it was just plain water. Again I powered it off immediately, even though it was in sleep mode I was worried than any alerts, etc. may fry it if I didn’t take the chance and do the shut off immediately. Again I sucked the water out with my mouth. It didn’t seem very wet inside. I stuck it in rice this morning. And will resist the urge to turn it on for a couple of days. Fingers crossed that it will live!

  • Hot Tubs Barn

    Excellent advice, spot on in our (bitter) experience too. May link to this article in a future post on our website about the same topic, if thats ok with you. Many thanks for the detailed post.

  • Lisa

    BTW, you don’t have to save up those little silica packets, you can buy silica in bulk. Michael’s craft stores carries it. People use it to dry flowers.

  • RM4C3

    NOOOOOO :( Just got done takin a dip with my 3gs. Of course I have heard of useing rice so the instant i got out and wipped it down i tossed it in a bag of rice. FINGERS CROSSED! Let ya know Tomm night.

  • Danni De

    well, my phone barely even got wet. it just had a few splashes on it but i dried it off wiht my shirt and it was fine. two hours later the screen was really dark and i could barely see anything. i left it in rice for over 24 hours turned off and that did absolutely nothing.

    • danikim

      im not sure if you read most of the comments on this page,, but remember to dry every bit of your phone as much as you can and keep your phone in the rice longer.. 2 or 3 days maximum? then plug it in your charger after those couple days.. if it still doesnt work then i guess youll have to go buy a new one

  • iPhone in Pool

    Bummer! Was outside today by my pool and my Boxer puppy got curious about my phone and knocked it with her nose right into the pool. The phone is now sitting in a bag of rice. Hopefully, I’ll have a working iPhone tomorrow.

  • Sam

    Why is this a piece about trying to save MAC products with “MacKeeper” advertised on it? Isn’t that a virus like program for MACs?

  • danikim

    i was washing my hands and my iphone was right next to the sink and it fell in running water for 3 seconds tops… i was frreaaking out.. everything worked but music wont play out loud (but it will work if i put headphones on) the ringtone works if someone calls me, but i cant hear them at all unless i put it on speaker.. interestingly enough… when i put the speakers on during the call.. i also played a song out loud and it was working… but as soon as i ended the call.. the song stopped playing out loud .. none of the sounds dont work, such as keyboard clicking, the sound when you release the lock button and when you hit the close button at the top… i didnt use any apps bc i didnt want to short it out so i turned it off… turned it back on like 1 hour later and the same problem happened.. i repeated this process 3 times (pretty smart, huh? =_=) the sounds still didnt work but im pretty sure everything else did… all of my friends told me to use rice… i was a bit skeptical and i didnt want to waste rice…. but i did it anyway… so far its been 20 hours and idk if its going to work.. i almost opened the rice bag today and turned it on, but i hesitated cus i read through every comment about 1/3 of this page and i thought… okay i gotta be patient… i dont want it worse before my parents screw me over

    • danikim

      IT WORKS. THAT’S ALL IM SAYING. sooo excited man hahah

  • tiarn attard

    i dropped me phone in the toilet, my iphone 3Gs was in my back pocket and accidentally fell in. my hand quickly followed it and grabbed it out asap,, i got toilet paper and shook my phone to get as muchwater out as possible. i tryed it out to see if everything was was weird, my iphone said that it was connected to a device that doesnt charge, i oculdnt polay music because it thought it was plugged into something, the vibrate worked weirdly,,i was at work so i couldnt really do anything but luckily i ended real soon. i kept blowing my phone out and shaking it to get the water out. i got home 30 mins later and quickly put it in a bag of rice. its been 3 hours and i dont want to try and turn it on because it might not work. i took the sim out. i still have it in the rice, ill probably keep it in there for a couple of days just to be sure, wish me luck :(

  • Annie

    Ive read all your posts and having just rescued my iPhone from the loo I am really hoping rice will work for my dear phone too. I’m missing it already :(

  • Bradley

    yes, i’ve dropped my iPhone in a full bath and dried it out with a hairdryer. It works fully and the sound is great, but the backlight /lcd isn’t working at all. so you can just see the screen if you really strain your eyes. Any recommendations anyone? Or have i messed up? haha?

  • Rebecca Winacott

    I just dropped my iphone in the toilet yesterday and tried the bag of rice trick. It will turn on when plugged into an outlet, but it will then tell me to connect to itunes and won’t do anything else. When I unplug it, it turns off, when I plug it into my laptop, it tries to turn on over and over again but won’t. Anyone else have this problem?

    p,s I tried the bag of rice trick on my camera that dropped into a cup of wine (I know, what are the odds) and it still works like a charm.

    • Mr. Moosie

      I have the same problem. I just read ur comment and im glad to know im not the only one. I have literally tried everything staying up past 12 this is so annoying.

    • Missy

      I would try to restore the software. I managed to get my iTouch working that way.

  • Lara Casey

    My IPod touch went throught the washing machine yesterday and is now in a bowl of rice. How long should I leave it there for and is cillica gel more effective?????

  • Bullet

    I got home drunk from a party and my ipod touch 4th gen was sitting in my back pocket of my jeans. about to take the jeans off and it fell into the thankfully clean toilet. I Didnt realize what happened until a few seconds later realizing what the thumping sound was. I quickly pulled it out of the toilet and threw it on my bath mat trying to shake any access water out. I turned it on and my home screen came on for about a second then shut itself off. I remember doing this with my old phone. I put my Ipod touch in a ziplock full of rice. its only been about 10 hours since its been in there. im going to keep it in there for a few days and see what happens. Wish me luck !

  • bubba

    funny story here, i had my iphone 4 in the glove box of my jeep cj5 because we were out getting firewood in the woods, thinking that the phone would be safe inside of the glovebox after we finished getting wood we decided to start jeepin and just have a good time, we ended up getting too close to a slick patch of timber clay and the jeep went from on dry land to headlight deep in the creek (the jeep is lifted 7 inches, we were a little stuck) after trying to get my winch plugged in while under water the phone was the last thing on my mind, but after getting the jeep out one of my friends oppened the glove box the one rushed out with 2 gallons of muddy creek water…… she then paniced and tried to turn my phone on, it came on but the screen is unbeleivibly dark.. attempting to try this rice thing now but we will see how it goes! all i gotta say is the phone is never going for a jeep ride again!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Missy

    I got my shorts wet, and unfortunately, my iPod was in my shorts. So was my phone, and of course it works perfectly. The iPod screen, when I tried to turn it off, flickered and then went off. So now I’ve got it in a bag of rice, and I’m leaving it there for 24 hours. Then I’ll plug it into its charger and see what happens. If nothing, I’ll leave it in the bag for another 12 hours.

    • Missy

      I left it in the rice for 48 hours, and got a black screen. Then, I was pressing the home button and was about to give up when I suddenly heard “No music is playing.” Quickly, I plugged it into my computer. It needed a restore, but now it is working. The screen isn’t as good as it used to be, but you can imagine my relief.

    • Missy

      Did this a month ago and aside from the screen not being as bright as it used to be, it works fine. The battery seems not to last as long as it used to, but other than that, it is working. Thanks so much for the advice!

  • Mr.Moosie

    I dropped my iphone in the hot tub and got it out two seconds later. I freaked out. It was already almost out of battery, so when I tried to turn it on it didn’t work. I put it in rice for 2-3 days and took it out and charged it. It worked for 10 minutes. Then it flickered off and when I turned it back on, it had a sign on the screen showing a cord plugging into an itunes icon. I plugged it into my computer, updated it, restored it (over 3 times) and it failed every time. I went to the next link. Then another link. Then another. And finally the next page said that it couldn’t come up. It still isn’t working and I have been trying for 3 days. What do I do???


    I dropped my beloved iphone in my cats water dish. It fully submerged and I pulled it out straight away, didnt turn it on and wrapped it in a tea towel. I left it over night and turned it on in the morning and it turned straight on and had everything working like new.

  • Chizzle

    I dropped my iPhone in the the toilet. I turned it on immediately after and i encountered a white screen. has my iPhone short circuited?

    • Missy

      TURN IT OFF NOW!!! You can do this by pressing and holding both the home and the sleep buttons. Put it in the rice. Leave it there for at least 48 hours. Most likely, if it had short circuited, you would see a black screen, not a white one.

      • Chizzle

        Thank you :) it works perrrfectly now :) i took it out after 26 hours and used it for about 2 hours then put it back in….is that okay?

  • Samantha Manz

    Okay so what happens if you dropped the iPhone in water and you left it on for five and a half hours not realizing that’d damage the phone even more and then you come home and left it in the rice for a few hours? do you think it’ll still work?

    • Missy

      You’ll need to leave it in for at least 24 hours, if not 48. Then, plug it into your computer and see if it recognizes it. If you get no screen image, but your computer recognizes it, restore the device. If it doesn’t work, take it to the store.

  • Chizzle

    THE RICE THING WORKS! ! ! – All I’m gonna say 😉

  • Evelyn

    I just dropped my ipod in a sink filled with water and when i got it out it still was on but went off seconds after… i then put it in rice and i kept checking if it worked and noticed that the cameras were fogged up and it still isnt on-ing WHAT DO I DO? HELP PLEASE. p.s its only been 20 minutes since accident has happened.

    • Missy

      Well, you’ll need to leave it in the rice longer than that! Don’t check it, leave it there for forty eight hours. Take any screen protectors or cases off to ensure that the rice has its maximum effect. I had the same problem with the cameras on my iPod, so if they’re still fogged up after 48 hours, take a hairdryer on the lowest setting and dry it off, taking frequent breaks. Vacuum the iPod off gently to get everything out. If your screen does not turn on, plug it into your computer and start iTunes to see if its detected. If it is, you can restore your iPod (which is a pain, but better if it means saving it). I saved my wet iPod, and the only problem I have now is that the screen tends to flicker and the brightness isn’t as good, but it happened a few days ago, and it seems to be self repairing every day!

      • evelyn

        yer but.. as soon as i took it out of the sink i pushed the button on it a few times and then i threw it into rice… its been 6 hours since its been in rice and ive been taking it out to check if it works like 2 times. but it doesnt… i know i shouldnt take it out but im just so temted. do you think it will still work?

  • jen

    I’m a big dummy and was on my iPhone and went to fill the dogs water bowl and it fell into the sink in a pot i had soaking with water in it! (obviously) and i grabbed it out and ripped the case off and yelled to my friend that i had to go cuz I just dropped the phone in water…wiped it off and dumped into a bowl of rice….crossing my fingers now!

    • Jen

      BTW, I have the iPhone in rice and it won’t turn off! I’ve tried multiple times and it just keeps turning back on, so I just put it back in the rice!

  • Tamar

    Just my luck. Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend broke up with me, five minutes later I of course have to go and drop my phone in the lake! Luckily I live about 1 minute away, so I ran, got my bikini out and went in for a swim. Freezing! Got my Iphone 3Gs out after it’d been having a swim for about 10 minutes and got the tip off my dad to stick it in a bowl of rice. Have now done this and am waiting another 4 hours till 24h are over.. My Iphone is my life so I really hope this rice trick also works for me!

    Wish me luck!

    • Tate

      did it work?

  • Tate

    Was texting in the bath when I dropped my phone into the water, took it out immeditately and dried it off with a towell, all worked fine and I thought I’d experienced a miracle and carried on as normal until about 2 hours late the screen went all white an fuzzy. I then chucked it in a BOWL of rice overnight the next morning my phones condition had only got worse not only was it still flashing and fuzzy but it was completely dim and you could only see it when shining under a lamp. I decided maybe the problem was that it wasn’t in an air tight bag. So I then transferred the rice and phone into a snap lock bag where it has now been for 3 hours. I will check on it tomorrow and fingers crossed all is good but its not looking good. :'(

    • Chizzle1496

      dude, put off your phone.

    • Chizzle1496

      dude, put off your phone. THEN put it in rice.

  • Jobee

    Accidentally left mine in a rainstorm overnight 2 months ago. Never attempted rice technique or any other method of drying (didn’t know such a thing worked). Attempted turning it on earlier this week and still a no-go.Today, after being left in my car in 80 degree heat, and TWO MONTHS LATER, it miraculously came to life and seems to be running at 100% in all functions. :)

  • michael

    i put it in dry rice and waited 1week and it still dosen’t work

  • Adrain

    I dropped my ipod 1st generation in a pool. I dried it off and put in some rice. I had in the rice for lil bit over 24 hours. I took it out of the rice and plucked it up. It turned on and the battery popped up saying it was charging, well then the screen came up to unlock it..the touch screen wont work. It then blinked off and then back on. It right now just has the apple symbol on it and every now and then it blinks. What should I do??

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  • KIdTraGIKK

    what my phone was in my pocket and i was at the beach , i wasnt swimming but i was standing near the shore and the water waves splashes me , now my phone not working ….. i try to turn it on , without letting it sit in the rice, i dried if off , and shake all the water out first before i tried turning it on . Would my phone be ok? i let it sit in the rice already , , Im afraid its not gonna work . I have important stuff on my phone . is there anyway i can retrieve it back ?

  • May

    I just wanted to say that yes this works. My family was headed to the pool for the day. I told all the kids to leave their iPods at home. The two that worked hard and earned the money for the iPod did as they were told. The oldest one (that got his for his birthday) decided he was old enough to remember. Well, he did remember, after he had showered, and jumped in and out of the pool 3-4 times.
    We thought it was dead for sure. We took it out of its silicone case dried it off and put it in the window of the car. When we got home we put it in a bag of rice for 48 hours.
    After searching the internet for other solutions and advice, I found there was nothing left to do but wait. Today, after 48 hours, I plugged it into the wallcharger and waited. It took a little while but sure enough the Apple logo came on and it eventually came fully on. I tried a few apps and noticed a little discoloration on the screen, but other than that it works great. For now it’s back in the rice just to make sure there is no other condensation.
    Definitely try the rice before giving up completely

  • Kaitlin Nicole

    dropped my phone in the toilet. scrambled to take the case off, shook it out, threw it immediately into a bag of rice, no more than 8 hours later it worked like a charm

    • Michelle Campbell

      cool I hope i have the same luck as you do

  • Rita D.

    OMG the bag of rice trick worked. I put the iPhone in a ziplock Baggie for 48 hrs & also used compressed air (shoot it in the earphone jack & the charging slot). Now it works just fine. Hope there is no permanent or long time damage. Thanks.

  • Michelle Campbell

    I dropped my iphone in the toilet lol it didn’t even power off or go into sleep mode and I dried it off and I put it in rice. I’ll probably leave it in there over night or 24 hours this all happened at 7:00pm pacific standard time. the sound quality was not as good and when I called people some times they couldn’t hear me so i turned it off and put it in a bowl of rice and I’m hoping that fixes it and I don’t need to make a trip to the verizon store or the apple store wish me luck everyone.

  • Brett

    So I was at my friends house and it was hot out and I had jeans on and i threw it on the ground. Once we were done I forgot to bring it and rained for like 5 hours until I got it so right away I put it in rice for about 3 days then put it on the charger showed the battery sign and then shut off like a normal ipod does when it is out of battery, so then later that day I tried turning it on what do I do?

    • Brett

      it didn’t turn sorry wrote it fast.

  • tom

    My 9-year-old son with autism had one of his moments in the backyard and grabbed phone out of my hand. into the pool it went!!! After recovering from shock, I dove in clothes and all. Bottom of pool is 6 1/2 feet– submerged for no more than 20 sec. Rice treatment for one day– nothing. Curiously, the flash stayed on for about 4 hours, but no other function. Then I read about rubbing alcohol bath, so did that and back in rice for two painstaking days. Was wary but plugged it in (wouldnt turn on by itself) Battery was drained, so charged it overnight. Powered up just fine; no camera and screen had a trippy tie-dyed effect. It took the full 100%, tho. One more day in rice. Now screen is almost normal, though battery lasts only 1/2 day instead of full like it did before. Still no cam, but compass, level, gps, everything else it seems is fine. Going to miss facetime, barcode scanner, pulse meter, etc.

  • Cait

    Okay so I dropped my phone in a toilet last night, snatched it out immediately and dried it off and it worked completely fine! I thanked my lucky stars and kept using it. However, today I was talking to a coworker about what happened and she asked me if I had turned it off at all, I told her I hadn’t because it works perfectly still, and she told me that the same thing had happened to her and days later her phone stopped working because that’s when the water finally seeped all the way in. My phone happened to die on my way home from work so I thought “Hey this is perfect I’ll just toss it in the rice dead and then charge it fully tomorrow,” but then I noticed that the ‘Plug in your phone’ picture kept flashing randomly on the screen. I plugged it in for a couple seconds until it had enough battery to turn on, then powered it off only to have it turn back on again. At first I thought I had accidentally pushed the power button but after trying to shut it off and having it immediately turn back on again a few times, I just gave up and threw it in the rice thinking that it would have to run out of batteries eventually. Do you know if I have managed to fully fry it from using it for a day?

    • Missy

      You may have fried it, but leave it in the rice for a while and then throw it on a charger and see if it comes to life

  • JonnyMandi

    Wow, A lot to read there… – So, here’s my story – as I’m looking for HOPE! – I have an iPhone – and Jonny *HAD* his iPhone – I bought mine first of course getting insurance because I am accident prone as hell… – Him being a man – (No Offense, but y’all know it sounds just like MOST of you.) I don’t need no stinkin’ ins. – Pfft… Granted we would have still paid a pretty penny from Verizon to get a replacement – but beats the hell out of FULL PRICE… So, Jonny goes fishing w/ our sons, and his bff – I am going to appts. – and just doing me… – Well I’m at the liquor store getting my Gin – and here pulls up Jonny and his buddy – I notice Jonny is complete soaked from head to toe – Says our sons were in the water playing w/ a log – using it for a boat – when the current got a hold of them – and they were taken out too far – where they couldn’t reach – Our sons are 6 & 7 – Of course he didn’t think twice about it – and ran in after them – Yeah, the phone was in his pants pocket – OUR KIDS ARE FINE – a bit traumatized – but they will Make It…. THANK GOODNESS – really that is all that matters… But yes, of course we want to try and save his beloved iPhone – (took me 5 yrs. to convince him to get a smartphone.) Well he did inform me “Of course he tried to turn it on” Yikes – I know… – Well it’s Sun. The phone has been in the rice since Friday after Noon sometime – and I don’t want to take it out for a week… – ??? – I want it to work for him, as he is using my Old Droid – he hates it! Of course WHO wouldn’t after using an iPhone?! lol… Wasn’t going to give him mine… Heck No! So, I guess – I WILL COMMENT BACK – to let y’all know if it work!…

  • Tehniyat Hakim

    today morning ma iPod fell in d toilet. I quickly took it out and shook it to take off all water and wiped it properly……but i turned it on ……….then used a hairdryer and blew off the excess water and then kept it in a bowl of rice………..its still in the bowl and m hoping that everything goes alright………*fingers crossed*

  • Ashli

    i just accidenally droped my iPhone in the toilet while trying to hook it up to an ipod radio. it was only in the water for 2 seconds i retrieved it right away. My phone did not turn off and the only thing that is acting wierd is the music and volume and a couple of other things. when my mom got home she said to put it in a bag of rice. All we had is brown rice. So hopefully there is no specifics on the rice. So we shall see if it works. But mine wasnt submereged for a long time so hopefully that is a good thing.

  • Louise

    I bumped my iPod into the sink by accident while I was washing my hands, and at first it didn’t turn off, but after 10 secs the screen started to go grey and it kept flickering. I put it into a bag of rice after, but 5 hours later, I plugged it in and tried to power it up. Didn’t work so I put it back into the bag. Should I have waited longer before charging it, and is my iPod screwed because I tried to charge it too early? Please help ><

  • Fawn

    Thanks for the tip. I am trying the rice in bag right now. I also live in the valley and my toddler got excited tonight and jumping into the middle of our pool before I could put her life vest on. Needless to say myself and iphone (in my pocket) jumped in with her. Let’s hope it comes back to life.

  • Natalie

    Sadly I can relate to the drenched Iphone situation. I was floating around my pool today since it is incredibly hot outside and was texting on my IPhone 4. I noticed a tiny praying mantis on the end of my float. (Keep in mind I am terrified of bugs.) Well…I decided to take a picture of the praying mantis (keeping my distance of course) the bug jumped towards me and I panicked a bit so I tried to push it off of my float with my phone….dumb decision…the bug jumped at me and scared the life out of me, then a wasp landed on me (they’re my biggest fear in the world) so I jumped, freaked out, and ended up flipping my float and landing in the pool. I dove for my phone as fast as I could (it took me a few attempts because I was so panicked). I took it out of the otterbox, dried it off, blew out all the parts and shook it to try to get all water out. It worked for a few minutes actually but I went inside bawling to tell my dad. The phone started acting weird when I tried to play music and then a bright light came on the back. I freaked out so we called my brother (he knows quite a bit about this sort of thing) and he told me the rice trick. It’s been in the bag for about 2 hours…the wait is killing me but I hope my phone works! I’m going to check it in about 3 days! Wish me luck! :)

  • REbecca

    Last year i jumped into a hot tub with my iphone in my pocket. I put it in rice and it started to work but then a little while later my phone would just randomly shut itself off and stuff like that. I took it to the apple store and they said it was becuase of water damage. So i got a new phone I think it was free becuase i had some kind of warranty or somehting but im not really sure. so anyways a couple hours ago i dropped my phone in the toilet! I really hope its ok. but i have cracks in the back of my phone like the glass is cracked. do you think that will mess it up more?

  • John Mallard, Jr.

    My 4-year son was playing in a pool, with his older sister & cousin, in the shallow end, as I was sitting poolside with other adults. He fell off a ledge into the deep end and I jumped in fully clothed, with my iPhone (and wallet w/ credit cards and money) in pocket(s). I pulled him up out of the water (crying) and was just holding him thanking God for the next couple of minutes. As I was sitting on the side of the pool holding him, I realized my phone was in my pocket. Uh-oh…. I dried it as best as possible with a towel and tried to power it on, but no dice. It’s been in a storage bag of rice (case off) for the past 24+ hours and impatient me has tried about three times to power it up, but to no avail. I’m not going to touch it again tonight, but thought about trying to put it on a charger tomorrow to see what happens. Either way, my son’s life is waaayyyy more important to me than a $300-400 phone, although you don’t realize how dependent you become on these things until there gone….

    • jessica

      ok same thing!!! today. me. It wouldn’t even let me post my story. it was so similar. I have a iphone 4. Just need to know. Do I take the battery out and put it in the rice too?

  • Makiyah B

    So I was Facetiming with my best friend and brushing my teeth when I was wetting my toothbrush my hand got wet and I was holding my iPod in that that hand and It slipped into the tub of water I panicked and scurried to pick it out I dried it with my towel and read the article above and put in rice 24 hours and its up and running

  • Drunk

    So i gto extremely drunk at this house party and accidently without even realising dropped my phone down the toilet and it must have been in there for a good 2 hours!! biggest mistake of my life. I took it out as soon as i realised and shook it off.. i then put it in a bag of rice and it has been sitting in there in my airing cupboard for the past day.. really hoping this works.. my phone is my life.

  • John C

    Iphone 4 was put through washing machine. Put in rice for three days then plugged back in.
    Battery icon showed a faint red line and charging but battery failed to charge. Left charging cable in and placed phone on top of netgear router with cooling vent on top. Phone only warm to touch not hot. Battery started to charge. Screen was blotchy following day but seemedd to work fine. Left phone on router cooling outlet next night whilst charging and screen cleared up also. Two weeks later and phone holding charge, lost no data and all systems working. Several phones have been washed in our household but none have come back to life. I may not love Apple idiology but the phone has passed this test with flying colours.

  • Claire

    So I had my iPhone in my purse with Starbucks coffee and the cap was a little loose and it just spilled on my screen and didn’t get very wet but it’s still not working and I have tried to turn it on and it’s not working and there was only coffee on the screen.

  • Mason

    My iphne was in my tackle box when I was fishing on the Mettowee River near Granville, NY. I had the box right next to the bank of the river. I caught a nice walleye when I was about to go home anyway. I threw the walleye in a bag and tucked it behind my tackle box to keep it from flopping around too much. So then I re-baited my hook tossed it back in and reeled it in one more time. Then the bleepin walleye freeked out jumped all around and pushed my tackle box right into the semi-fast moving river. I took a step down the bank to grab it and went right in too. I was swimming with my legs as hard as I could while keeping my tackle box close in front of me with the top still floating. Well the rocks were greasy I couldn’t grasp the bank while keeping my box afloat, so I drifted 2-3 feet to where I could get a grip on shore and pull myself out while sacrificing what I thought was a dry iPhone. Thing got SOAKED FML on the Phone with AT&T now. Kept the fish too pics tomorrow only a 16-17″ fish but perfect to eat!! doing the rice then Apple store i have icare!!

  • Denny A

    Hello there!

    This winter I was hiking (stumbling, actually) down Kelimutu volcano on the island of Flores in Indonesia. In the process, I waded across a stream that came, at one point, up to mid-thigh. I realized a half-hour later, when I was back in my guesthouse, that I had forgotten about my Iphone in the moist thigh pocket of my cargo pants.

    I didn’t even think about whether or not I should turn it on, I just did it, and was horrified to see that the screen stayed black, it wasn’t coming on. Bummer! There was no internet in the village I was in so I couldn’t send out an SOS. So for the rest of that day I put the phone out in the hot sun to dry, turning every few minutes so it wouldn’t get cooked :-). Every few hours I tried turning it on, with no result.

    The next morning, still no iphone happiness, I got on a local minibus to my next destination. I was sitting next to the driver, and held my iphone out the bus window to get a hairdryer effect, although I had the sinking feeling that I was like a doctor doing CPR on a patient that wasn’t going to wake up. . After an hour or so, still no luck lighting up. The driver looked at me inquisitively, I made gestures about telephone being kaput, even going so far as to show him that nothing happened then I pressed the home button. And that was the moment that Iphone woke up! The Gods of Kelimutu were with me! Sort of.

    For the next 3 weeks travelling around Indonesia, my phone would stay on for about 5 minutes at a time, then suddenly reboot for 2-3 minutes. Then be usable for 5 minutes again. This was obviously better then nothing. I could take photos and recieve emails if there was internet available. It would charge but the % of charge would vary from one second to the next, never going above 61%, even after an overnight charge.

    When I got back home, I upgraded the software from 4.3 or something to 5.1. Now, 4 months after the event, the device works as expected.

  • wss

    I flushed my iphone 4s in the toilet! As soon as I took it out, I dried it and instead of turning my phone off immediately, I went on settings, camera, and tried every application to see if it’s functioning. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT! Simply turn off your phone and put it in a zip lock bag with rice and be sure it’s air tight!!! I did it and my phone is working!!! yay! to be on the safe side, I’ll be putting my iphone 4s in the bag of rice for one more day!!!

  • Melissa

    My mom didn’t know my iphone was in my pocket and in the washer it went. But when I got it I didn’t know and thought it was dead, so I connected it to charger, she then told me what had happened it’s been in the ziplock bag for a few hours. Do you think it;ll still work if I leave it there for a few days? D:

  • Kittster

    rIceCU worked for me!

  • jessica

    Ok my phone was in my pocket when I jumped in to save my 4 year old. But, I immediately tried to turn it on. I know, wrong, but I was panicked. I actually have only turned it off one time. Anyway, do i need to take the battery out?

  • Thaa

    RICE WORKS AMAZINGLY! … my iphone fell into my sink whilst i was washing my clothes manually. -_-..and was completely submerged in water for a good 3 seconds.. i picked it up and gently shook it, the phone was working fine for 5 mins but then .. BAM died, it started randomly switching off..

    afterwards i turned it off and left it in a mug off rice overnight , sealing the holes with tape. and then later in the morning switched it on, and it was working fine :D:D well its working fine for now lool

  • Bestmommy

    Son’s iPhone 4S wound up in a cup of sweet tea….yeah, I know, what are the odds? Don’t get me started! Anyway, he dried it off within seconds of it slipping into the cup and put it in a tub of rice for 3 days. While in the rice the camera flash light stayed on and then eventually went out. We decided to try charging it and it beeped when we plugged it in but the screen stayed black. It rings when we call it but since the screen is black he can’t type in the pass code to answer it. Has anyone ever had these symptoms and if so, we’re you able to get the phone repaired, or is this phone basically useless now?

  • jessy

    My boyfriend pussed me into a river with my iphone in my bra. Afterwards l stuck it in sand. It worked like a charm

    • Guy Manningham

      Your boyfriend “pussed” you into a river? Haha. Sounds kinky.

  • monique

    vaccuum air sucking in cupped hands –> bowl of rice submerged 24-48 hours
    great article. here’s basic steps: 1) do NOT panic, phone will be ok within 48 hours. 2)wipe off any external water 3)do not shake your phone standing up on the bare floor–you might just drop or worse, fling it into the air and then to the ground! Try kneeling on the carpet and shake it around to get out water. 4)use vaccuum for no more than 15 minutes, not direct suck to phone, use your hand cupped, do anywhere there is openings on the phone, the holes and the mics, top and bottom. this will help dry the humidity inside the phone, what the rice does but speeds it up. 5)put entire phone into a bowl of rice, with enough rice to fully cover the bottom, top, and sides. 6) try to power off and do not use phone at all. if you absolutely must use the phone wait at least 6 hours IF you live in a dry climate like Arizona, but if it is rainy weather in your city, then wait. It is better not to at all, and do not charge it.

    I dropped mine (toilet of course OMG) at 6pm, it is now almost 11pm and i am now able to receive texts (yes i turned mine on, i had no self control!!). I can now make outgoing calls. But I am also in Arizona desert where we have 0 humidity so our air is very dry.

  • Mee

    So my lovely husband decided to pick up the last bit of laundry around the house after we returned from the pool last night and threw it in the wash (without checking the pockets obviously) and being the OCD guy that he is, guess he thought my iPhone needed to be laundered as well. ;( We have a front loader, which shows you the exact length of time it has been running and how much time is left on the cycle, so he says it was only in there for 7 minutes. WAY TOO LONG for me ;( but I immediately remembered RICE… I placed it in a glass container with the lid, placed that in a small paper sack (for lunches and such), wrapped it in foil and placed it in the microwave (for a smaller air space) overnight. I did that around 8pm and it is now 9:13 am. I REALLY want to take it out and turn it on but am very hesitant. Should I let it sit for longer? I have my work cell as back up so I don’t actually NEED it right now, just badly missing it lol.
    Reason for posting is for the answer to these few questions… 1. Should I leave it in the rice longer than I already have? 2. Do you think ALL of my data will be recoverable? 3. Since I have been paying my monthly insurance through my carrier for $10 per month since having it (for the past year), will they just replace it??? I was telling my husband last night that I was highly surprised with myself for not flipping out on him lol I simply told him it was just a phone and s**t happens. I am just REALLY hoping now that it can be saved or replaced… mainly for HIS sake LOL jk Thank you for your post and time, hope to hear from someone soon! Have a wonderful and blessed day!!! Sincerely, Sad Apple :(

    • John Paul Bell

      I know this is a tad late, but…

      Leave your iPhone in rice or Silica Gel for at least 48 hours…

      Not sure if your data is safe… Sorry.

      Check to see what your insurance covers. Most warranties / insurance plans DO NOT cover water damage. However, Apple Care+ covers ‘Accidental Damage’.

      Were you able to get your phone working? My iPhone 4 got wet and got it working with a new battery… :)


  • Larissa

    My friends accidentally washed my IPod nano and IPod touch and I put them in rice and both lived! You could see a little bit of water damage on the screen but everything else works pretty damn good for being in a washer and dryer

  • Alexa

    funny story…..i was with at my friends house trying to figure out her grill with a few friends and basically i got it lit and the fire blew up in my face effectively lighting my face and hair on fire. luckily there was a pool right behind me so i jumped in and aside from a few burns and singed hair i was fine….until i remembered my brand new iphone 4s in my back pocket. I put it in rice almost immediately and its been about 10 hours but still hasn’t turned back on. im not sure if the warranty is up on my phone or not but if i cant get it working im going to call my phone company and hopefully they’ll be understanding of my interesting predicament. pray for my fallen phone :(

    • John Paul Bell

      Did you purchase the ‘Apple Care +’ extended warranty? Apple Care + includes ‘Accidental Damage’ up to a maximum of 2 claims. There is a $49 deductible for each claim tho…

      If you didn’t purchase ‘Apple Care +’ when you purchased your phone, your warranty will now be null and void. If this is the case, try replacing the battery in your iPhohe 4S with a new one. My iPhone 4 got wet and all I had to do to get it working was to replace the battery for $20.

      Good Luck…


  • Ftreez

    My mom washed my brother’s ipod touch. So we blew warm air on it with a hair dryer (on low setting, of course) for a few minutes. Then we stuck it in a bowl of rice for 4 days. Pulled it out, got all the rice dust off it. Stuck a towel in the dryer and wrapped the iPod in the warm towel after we took it out. Then placed it on the iHome and it turned right on. No apparent problems so far… YAY!!

  • Nicole

    My phone never touched water but it was still water damaged? I’m confused. How does the indicator go off when the phone has never touched water?

    • Ayana

      Maybe someone else dropped it in water without you knowing about it. Idk…

      • John Paul Bell


        Either that, or possibly the phone was subjected to very high humidity conditions… wk?


  • Ayana

    I was at the lake and I forgot it was in my back pocket and I went in the water for about 10 minutes. When I came out I tried to dry it off with a towel and I shook it to get some water out, but I did not have any rice so about an hour and a half later when I got home I put it in a bag of rice right away. My question is if it was in the rice since 1:30 on Sunday, and now it is 3:30 on Friday-the same week-will it still work, every other day I check it to see if it works too. What should I do?

    • John Paul Bell

      What is ‘it’? Cell phone, MP3 player???


  • John

    June 30, 2012

    Hello everyone…

    A buddy and myself went fishing Tuesday, June 26th. We rented a boat and silly me, I brought along my camera (Canon SX40 HS) and iPhone 4. You know where this is heading right??? Well, I stood up in the boat, and all of a sudden, I felt myself falling backwards… Why, I don’t know… Maybe my buddy moved a bit on his seat… I don’t know.

    Anyways… the boat tipped, and we both went swimming. The backpack with the camera and iPhone went in the water. 😯 Both the iPhone and camera would not work. :(

    I bought a bag of Silica Gel from a craft store to dry out the phone and camera. Left the two in separate Ziplock bags filled with the Silica Gel for 48 hours. The camera sprung back to life but the iPhone was still dead.

    My extended warranty (Apple Care @ $69) for the phone did not cover ‘Accidental Damage’. Apple Care + @ $99 plus a $49 deductable, does cover ‘Accidental Damage’. So… since my warranty was ‘Null and Void’ anyways, I opend her up. Sure enough, there are tiny waffers that indicate water intrusion. They are white from the factory and turn ‘red’ when they get wet. One of mine was pink, the others were still white.

    I Googled Li-Ion batteries and found that H2O kills Li-Ion batteries INSTANTLY. So, I decided to start with the battery. Purchased a new battery and an iPhone tool kit for $20 from a local guy advertising on eBay. Installed the new battery in the iPhone this morning (June 30, 2012), put it on charge for a while and now LIFE IS GREAT!!! My iPhone now works perfectly!!! 😛

    What a RELIEF !!!

    For anyone who has submerged their iPhone in water, I suggest replacing the battery first. You may get lucky (like I did) with a $20 fix… Best of luck !!!

    John – Brampton, ON
    [email protected]

  • Pablo

    Fell in the pool the other day with my 5 mo old iPhone 4S that had no service contract. Immediately rinsed it with distilled water (from the dehumidifier), then put it in a clear covered plastic dish filled with rice, Basmati, if you care to know. Left it out in the hot sun for two days, wiping the inside cover of the dish every time it filled with condensation. When dry, lit incense, then plugged it in to charge up; works perfect.

  • Emily

    I dropped my ipod in the toilet for a split second, but it had a screen protecter & full hard shell case on it. It seems fine, I dried it for 5 minutes with the hairdryer on cold setting just in case, but my ipod seems perfect. Am I just lucky or…?

  • Nevada

    I NEED SOME HELP PLZ!!! the other day i went to a small beach with my friends to go for a quick dip in the lake. so i jumped in and quickly jumped out only problem was that my Iphone 4 was in my pocket!! i handed it to my friend and she dried it off. the other problem was i lived another 20 minutes away ( we biked there) so we raced off and as soon as i got home i put my phone in a bag of rice, hoping it will work the next day. so i go to a sleepover and come back to find someone has taken my phone out of the rice and plugged it it!!! it didnt turn on wat so ever so it has been 2 days and it still isnt showing any-sign of life.
    Do u think my phone is destroyed or do u have any chance of it coming to life again??? plz reply

    • Nevada

      oh and did i mention that i wasnt able to turn it off because it died before i could….. omg i hate my life

      • Allie

        Lol. That has happened to my friends phone. but take it out right away and face it face dwon in the rice. it can shorten the circuit. so goodluck! it should still work though

  • Allie

    My dads friend has a pond and i was catching tadpoles. i was stupid enough to have my phone in the pocket and it fell in, but not very deep. i panicked and i ran int he house nad asked for rice i found it and my phone still turnas on but i dont know when to put it on the charger and it happened today but it wasnt that deep in the water.

  • Jessica

    I have a Lifeproof case for my iPhone 4. Yesterday I was at the beach and decided to wash the sand on my phone off in the ocean. Needless to say the current was strong and the phone came out of my hands and was lost to the surf :/ Well today my friends were at the same spot on the beach and found it! They didn’t know who’s it was so they turned it on. Right now I can only hear phone calls by speaker phone and the camera isn’t too happy but it’s still functioning! I’m hoping the rice will help it a little more. All in all not too bad for an overnight stay in the Atlantic!

  • Sara Stafford

    I as well droped my iphone in my pool. And my first thought was to turn it on, so i tryed to turn it on. Of course it didn’t come on. So i dryed it off and put it in a bag of rice over night, and got it out the next morning. Then i put it in my car to see if the heat would draw out the water. Well, the heat helped my iphone and there is not anymore water in it. So i pluged it up to see if it would work, but the only thing that happens is the apple just keeps popping up and then going away. So im stuck without an iphone! Can anyone give me ideas or anyway to try and fix it??

  • Rick

    iPhone 3 went for a swim in coffee in the bottom of a small cooler. I believe the phone does shut off, but i did put the phone in a bag with rice and in the oven with the LIGHT ON. After 2-1/2 days the obvious liquid is gone, the phone works, but has a screen background – BUT IT WORKS. ty

  • Ally

    My husband recently dropped his beloved i-phone in our neighbor’s pool. We immediately put the phone in a Tupperware bowl filled with rice and a couple of silica packets. Sealed it. 24 hours later…..not looking good. Phone came on, but was non-responsive. After 10 more hours… on and working like it never happened. AMAZING! Thought for sure we would be buying a new one. Try this method! It really works!

  • Tyler

    Earlier today, I forgot I had my iTouch in my pocket when I went for a swim. It was only in the pool for a few minutes. But, I made the dumb decision to try to turn it on SEVERAL times! I also used a hair dryer to try to dry it, but I had the dryer on high. Plus, I left the iTouch in my front porch for a few hours, and I STILL got nothing. I don’t have any rice on hand, but I’m buying some tomorrow, and I’m going to give it a shot. Finger crossed!

  • Monica

    OH the rice trick! I sure hope it works!
    Woke up today, a full week since I’ve had my new IPhone 4s and while brushing my teeth, my phone fell in the toilet!! UGH! Stupid actions!
    Turned it off and then on again to see if it would even turn on, noticed I had not reception, then turned if off again, shook off the water as much as I could, and placed it near the window where the sun comes in.
    I went online and googled what to do if your iPhone gets wet…found this lovely thread! Immediately went and took out the sim card, found a tupperware, and drowned my phone in rice!
    That was at 9am today…it’s 11pm right now…I’ll check back on it in another day and half…I’m praying it helps..I’m praying in works..I’m praying I don’t have to spend $$ to get a new phone :(

  • Monica

    and i turned it on…after 30 hours in rice… THANK THE LORD!! So far so good…was worried about the speakers and so far so good!

    • Monica

      after 10 minutes on and working, it died….just turned off…it’s a sad day!

  • JSalyer

    Ammer River in the beautiful Bavarian Alps- 1
    I Pod Touch- 0

  • Sarah

    I dropped my iPhone 4S in the toilet this morning. Unfortunately, i thought if i turned it on and it worked right away i would be in the clear. Not so much. I logged on to Facebook to see if anyone had suggestions and then called a friend to make sure the phone part was working. Then I heard about the rice and about turning it off. I immediately turned it off and went to buy rice. Unfortunately, my phone keeps turning itself back on. I’m guessing that’s not a good sign?
    I did see about taking off the cover but heard that that would void any warranties, so I’m leary to do that.
    any advice?

  • Michael

    Sensors within the iphone / ipod to detect water damage: what a lot of old pish!!!!!!

    Sorry, but seriously, what a lot of old pish!!

    • Tunners

      No there are sensors in iphones and ipods which show if water has got inside the iphone/ipod

  • MJ

    I dropped my iphone in the pool yesterday and I didn’t turn it off, even if I would have wanted to, it wouldn’t turn off anyways! All the function were ok ( internet, text, camera) except for the calling and receiving calls one (kind of important). I put it into a bowl of rice all night and all day and I can now call and receive calls, it’s good as new!

  • c5nest

    Fell asleep reading & iPad Gen 1 fell into the bathtub. Three days in rice: everything worked except the Home button. Home button functions meant resetting the iPad: not a workable solution.

    Someone told me to use electronics contact cleaner (any RadioShack) in the dock connector socket. A spray of this toxic mixture and the Home button worked for about a day. Fifth spray worked permanently: iPad has been going strong for two months now.

    Good idea to put electronics devices in a nylon before burying in the rice. Getting rice dust & fragments in the dock/headphone jack is not good.

    Have purchased silica flower drying crystals (craft store). Not certain that it is superior to rice.. Currently trying to revive iPhone 4S that accompanied me in a fall into a duck pond.

  • Thomas King

    I dropped my iphone in the water and i soaked it in rice for a few days. I tired to restore it, and it will flash the apple logo, but wont turn on. what do i do to fix it?

  • katelyn watson

    i was down at the beach and my ipod touch fell out of my pocket into the river, a searched frantically amongst the seaweed and eventually found my ipod using a net, i first wiped it down and and left in the sun to dry but after reading your advise i quickly shut it off, shook it and is now in a bag of rice, hopefully this helps :)

  • VK

    Since this website has helped me so much I thought I owed to it to share my experience.

    Never give up!

    My boyfriend fell off a boat with his iPhone in his pocket as soon as he was out of the river he checked his phone and a weird light was flashing on the screen. He tried to turn it off and back on but nothing worked until the phone just died. When he got back home like 7 hrs later I put it in a bag with rice and first thing in the morning he tried to turn it back on but nothing, So he decided to plug it in to charge. When I saw him I thought its too soon now he has actually killed the phone but I checked this website and I thought mayb we should give it a go at drying it out with silica gel. We left it for three days in a ziploc bag with silica gel. when he took it out of the bag he tried to turn it on but nothing he was very sad. When I got home I remembered what I read on this website and asked him if he had tried to charge it and he said no. so he plugged it in and … The battery image came up on the screen XD We couldn’t believe it. After doing everything everyone says not to do and still worked. The iPhone seems to be working perfectly and I hope it stays like that. :) Thanks to everyone in this blog it has helped us a lot.

  • Bob

    You should get some dust remover (that is basically compressed air) and spray it in where you charge it.

  • Lorraine

    So I put my iPhone through 40 minutes of a wash cycle in a front load washer on Tuesday, :( it was on spin cycle when I found it. I of course stupidly hit the home button but nothing happened as it had powered down at some point. We shook out the excess water and dried it with a towel. I alternated putting it in a bag of rice not completely sealed and by itself on its back, both on top of the pvr box which is very warm but not too hot to the touch.. (pieces of rice kept getting stuck in the usb opening. One tiny piece went inside and my phone rattles a bit when shook) We waited until all condensation appeared to be gone from the camera lense and the inside face of the phone. It was almost 48 hours. When my friend finally let me turn it on (it was so hard not to push buttons) nothing happened but when we plugged it in to charge it, it worked! So far everything works but my screen no longer has whatever makes it dark behind the glass so everything I do is like looking at the image on a piece of glass and has a lovely cloud pattern behind it… Very cool but a bit hard to read at times, :) I just need it to last a couple of months longer. Fingers crossed!

  • Beck

    My bf got drunk and while vomiting at the toilet and talking to me on his iphone, he actually drop it into the toilet with puke all over it and it turn off by itself. He took it out immediately wipe it dry and turn it back on. I didn’t know what happen at that moment, keep on calling him until his phone got through. He picked up and told me his iphone fell into the toilet and he wanting to know whether it still works, so he switch it on. So then, i call his other cell. He told me that he switched it off and was charging the phone!! I was like WTH! he quickly unplug it and try to dry it with a hairdryer. He is so drunk, doesn’t know what he was doing, I think I’m actually more anxious than him, it is his company phone, he does everything with it. NOW he is asleep. Can someone tell me what will happen with his phone since he turn it on and even charge it for a few minutes there? I was unable to tell him about the rice. I hope after i tell him tomorrow, it will turn out okay!!

  • sarah

    i had swim shorts on with pockets and i was watching a show and put my ipod 4th gen, in my pocket. later i went swimming with my cuz. i was in the pool for a couple of minuets and i realized “i have my ipod in my pocket!!!!! OMG!!!!!” i told my dad when i pulled it out of my pocket and he dryed it out and put it on a heater for a muinet then he just let it lay in the house. i got out of the pool and about two hours later i read this and put it in a bowl of rice, it wont turn on either. i miss texting my friends, i cryed but you couldent tell because i was in the pool, pray for me that it works!

    God Bless You,
    sarah, age, 13

  • sarah

    i had swim shorts on with pockets and i was watching a show and put my ipod 4th gen, in my pocket. later i went swimming with my cuz. i was in the pool for a couple of minuets and i realized “i have my ipod in my pocket!!!!! OMG!!!!!” i told my dad when i pulled it out of my pocket and he dryed it out and put it on a heater for a muinet then he just let it lay in the house. i got out of the pool and about two hours later i read this and put it in a bowl of rice, it wont turn on either. i miss texting my friends, i cryed but you couldent tell because i was in the pool, pray for me that it works!
    P.S. its friday the 13th…figures.

    God Bless You,
    sarah, age, 13

  • sarah…again!

    ok so i was running to the car on a rainy day when we backed out an a day later i got a call from my babysitter.. the ipod was shattered, cracked, ran over by a car TWICE and drowned in the rain. i did absolutely nothing to it and it still worked! i got a new one but if you scroll up i took a little dive in the pool with that one …… so i need money to buy another one…. put it in rice and havent checked on it since.

    P .S. its friday the 13th. the day when my ipod was no longer…..figures. >:(

  • christine

    So i dropped my ipod touch ( the new one with the camera) in the toilet, i got it out and turned it on and it worked perfectly fine but then it went pitch black but it was still turn on cause i hear sounds and stuff, so i dried it off using a dryer, and then it worked but then went pitch black again, so i left it on for 4 hours, then went home put it in a bag of rice but it was turn on for another 3 hours :( because i didnt know that you were supposed to turn it off, but now its turned off, will it still work ? :( puhhleaasseeee help me :(

  • Stupid idiot

    Hey. Yea. Jumped in pool. Like everyone else. Tried a turn on in a panic, natch. Nothing. So, I’m hoping that’s ok, and that I didn’t fry it. Bag of rice. Not ziplock, just… Buried in a fresh, store-bought bag of rice. We’ll see.

    My comment, I guess, is this: this is happening to a lot of us. NASA can put men and machines on the moon over 40 years ago with moon dust- finer grained than anything on earth could ever be- clinging statically to every nook and cranny, and bring them back to earth alive. And Apple can’t make a phone waterproof to 3 inches. Um… Fuck that. An before you say “the insides of an iPhone are more complicated than anything that went to the moon”… Save it. I don’t care. The truth is: it’s a huge moneymaker for apple to make as
    Flimsy and delicate a device as possible, more sensitive to water or heat than a casio watch, cause they know half the users are gonna make this mistake. Bam. Another sale. Biggest company in the world. Worth umpteen times what NASA is worth. Can’t make a phone that lasts three seconds in a cup of water. Bullshit. Yes, I know it’s my (our) fault for doing this and totally not buying the insurance, and if it makes you feel better to flame me, go ahead. But, if it makes you feel better to agree with me… Let her rip!

    P.S. Last ditch effort will be in the oven on low heat to bake it. Yes I know it’s not an old flip phone and is far more sensitive than those old things. But, I’ve saved more than one flip phone in the oven, and when all other hope is lost… Why not?!

  • Stupid idiot

    Hey, stupid again. I guess it is technically a ziplock bag; it has a ziplock top built in to the bag of rice. Anyway, not worries about the rice- I’ll pick that shit outta there with tweezers and paper clips if i have to. I just want it to work. You get dependent on these devices, straight up.

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  • Ella

    Hey guys,
    I was at a party last night and decided to go to the toilet with my Iphone in my back pocket!
    it then fell in and in a mad panic I reached down and retrieved it! it was working normally for about 2 hours (the middle button stopped working after 5 minutes but my friend sucked the water out and it magically worked again) I went home and put it on charge then when I woke up to my horror it would not turn on! after about 7 attempts I found a little container filled it with rice and left my phone inside… I have yet to see the outcome yet but I will let you all know. fingers crossed.

  • Not so stupid after all!

    You made your friend suck toilet water out if your phone?!?! Look, I’m
    Not sayin’, I’m just sayin’: that is one HELL of a friend!!!

  • Not so stupid after all!

    I mean, all’s I’m saying’, Ella, is that I hope you then sucked something out of HIM to make up for it. If you take my meaning.

    I’m saying I hope you gave that guy head.

  • nope. i’m stupid, alright.

    36 hrs in the rice and not even a hint of a sign of life. d’oh! wonder if this is cause i made that blowjob joke to ella?…

    ope. gotta be because i swam in the pool with it for 30 mins. then tried to turn it on. then left it in the sun. then rice. not a chance…

  • Mike

    yesterday i went to the beach i was excited!Went in the water for about 25 secs when it hit me that my iPod was in my pocket!Im just about to put it in a bag of rice hope it works!

  • Julie

    I have just successfully revived my iphone after it went in the washing machine (full cycle including prewash.)

    When I took it out of machine it was completely dead and I had tried to switch it on. After reading stuff on this website I then put it in rice for 72 hours – except for apple logo appearing, nothing else happened. Then I left it for a week with rice and a single silica pack (could only find one) and now my phone appears to work fine. Slight damage to screen but nothing serious. So don’t despair and give it time. Thanks to the people who posted advice and gave me hope!

  • Kady Naumann

    Okay….I know there isn’t one on every corner yet, but keep your eye out for DryBox Rescue stations or call the number on our website and consider Fed-Exing the wet phone to the closest location. DryBox Rescue removes ALL water from ANY phone in less than half an hour, without adding rice dust or pieces to your phone and leaving you without your phone for hours or days. If you can resist trying to turn the phone on once it gets wet, getting it dried ASAP can also restore your data, photos, etc. When your phone gets dunked, you just don’t know how much water got INSIDE…an hour’s worth? A day’s worth? SEVERAL days’ worth? When you put it in rice, you don’t know how long to stay hands-off until its safe to try the ON button again. 30 minutes is ALWAYS enough when you use DryBox Rescue. Here are links with more info, including a demo on live TV and our audition for an ABC reality show: (live demo), (DryGuy saves the day!) or (Shark Tank audition).

  • barbara

    Left my 3g phone on the porch in a downpour.(I don’t know how long maybe 15 minutes. I took the case off and dried it there was only a small amount of water in the case but the screen had drops inside of it.
    The phone rings and I can call but the audio is so low it’s not really functional.
    I turned it off and have it in rice ansd silica packets and I’ll leave it there until tomorrow morning and check it out.
    This website is so helpful!

  • David B

    Great advice which I have used and shared on my site too.
    With thanks… Saved me in a “time of trouble”…
    Cheers. David

  • David

    So i was listening to music on the beach and w put my iphone in my pocket then went to sleep for a while. then when i woke up i decided to go for a swim, i was swimming for about 15-20 before i realised it was in my pocket. i instantly swam as fast as humanly possible back to shore. And tried to turn it on and there was no response. i had to go through a 2 hour drive home to google how to fix it it so i put it in a ziploc bag full of rice and ive had it there for about 2 nights and i tried and it still didn’t work. wish me luck please my phone needs all the luck it can get!

  • Christian

    I was at a friend’s house and they have a pool, well I have an iPhone 4S that is in a LifeProof® case. For those that don’t already know, they are completely water proof, that is, when they don’t have a crack on the clip on the bottom. Well I jumped in the pool with it in my pocket ready to listen to my music underwater like I have done before. However, I got this weird feeling to look at my phone. So I pull it out and lo-and-behold there is water under the transparent part of the case(the screen protector part). I immediately get out of the water with it and take it out of the case and dry it off. I go inside and tell them what happened. My friends’ mom grabbed it out of my hand and submerged it in a bag of rice. It is currently still in the bag-o-rice and am waiting for its miraculous revival. Wish me luck! :(

  • psb

    I’ve had my iPod Touch 3rd Gen for 2 years w/out damaging it or getting it wet. I’m always cautious around water so I don’t damage this device. I use this thing for everything (except calls) from recording music to clocking in at work. I was do disappointed to find my iPod surrounded by wet clothes after taking a spin in the washing machine. I didn’t panic. I took the ipod out of the washing machine and dried it off. It was mostly dry already, from what I could tell, which I thought was weird. I remembered the first rule of water damaged electronics, which is: DO NOT TURN IT ON. I learned the hard way w/ my Samsung Rogue. Piece of crap anyway, but I digress…I immediately submerged the iPod Touch in a bowl of dry, uncooked rice and stored it in my cabinet. I let it sit for a full 48hrs. After that 48hr wait, I took the iPod out and placed it on a wall charger. A few seconds went by and I heard the connection sound. I was pretty excited but I wasn’t going to jump up and down just yet.

    I noticed that even after several hours of my iPod being charged it would never have a completely charged battery. It would get to about 85%, then revert back to about 40%. And, every time I’d take the iPod off the charger and swipe once, it’d go dead.

    I put it on rice for another day, took it out, and same thing happened.

    I eventually came to the conclusion that the device worked w/ no errors as long as it was plugged in to the wall. I managed to rig it up to where I could use the device on my couch, but no where else. bummer, right?

    Well, after about 3 or 4 days of operating this thing from the couch, I noticed that the device had a FULL battery. I unplugged it, swiped it, and it worked. I’ve been using it the past 3 days w/out putting it on the charger except when it needs to be charged. Battery life seems as though it’s the same as before and it seems to function just the same, if not a little bit better than it did before.

    The RICE method DOES work. The key ingredient here is to be patient and DON”T turn it on! So glad that Apple has made a good product that can withstand a run in the wash. Can’t say that for most electronic devices!

  • Paul

    Dropped my I phone in a large cup of coke once, completely submerging it. Pulled it out and I could see the stuff in the screen. Did some quick research on google and decided to put the phone in a bowl of Isoproponal Alcohol to help clean out all the sticky stuff. Then put it into a bag of rice for a week. After a week I turned it on, it powered up but the touch screen didn’t work. Turned off and put it back in for another week then tried again. Half of the apps worked, still would not call. Back to the rice bag for another week then another try. EVERYTHING WORKED! Continued to use the phone for another year. There was some slight discoloration in the screen but still very usable, still watched Netflix fine.

  • Kenzie

    I dropped my iPhone 3GS in the toilet on Friday night. I was in such shock that it took me a second to take it out. Once I did, I immediately thought to turn it on and see if it worked. It did, but after about 30 seconds the screen went completely white. Don’t ever turn your phone on after it getting wet. Turn it off right away. So I googled what to do. I got to this website and saw the rice trick. It completely worked! I put it in the bag of rice Friday night and took out the phone Sunday morning. The Apple sign turned on and it went to my lock screen, but then turned off. So I tried charging it. 5 minutes later, the charging bar was showing and my phone worked! Thank you so much for the great tip about the rice. Either it completely works, or I had great luck. But I would definately try this trick if you ever drop your iPhone in the toilet.

  • Gab

    AHHH! So for all you klutz’s out there…well I totally feel your pain. So get this. I broke my hand a few weeks ago, and my hand is casted. I still love going in my pooI, and I keep a cushion next to the pool for my casted hand so I can still sit in it and not get my cast wet. Well, I decided I wanted to text on my new IPhone 4 while sitting in the pool! I have an otterbox on my phone, so I threw it on the cushion(and of course with my luck), the stupid iphone bounced into the pool! It was submerged for a good 5 seconds before I was able to grab it. I immediately took the otterbox off and wiped off my phone. It looked good as new, had no water on it that I could see, and worked for a half hour. Then I decided to put it in rice just to be safe. But then, I took it out of the rice(it was only 20 minutes) and then it was all screwed up! It kept turning itself back on and the screen was dim and wouldn’t stay on. So I freaked out! I’ve had it in rice for about 7 hours, and I am waiting for at least 24 hours before I try to take it out. I hope this works!! Is there any other suggestions on what I should do? Thanks a ton :)

  • Ethel

    Dry rise ,It’s a miracle .
    After my husband placed his iPhone. for in my cup in the can holder of the car .For more than 10 minutes we quickly took it out and tried to dry it as best as we could .when we came home home he put it on the charger and it charged but the next day it was dead. I went online and found this site and I immediately put the iphone in a bag of rise.and the next day we charged it and it worked. so even if you turned it on after it got wet you can still try the rice trick

  • Ethel

    ,It’s a miracle .
    After my husband placed his iPhone. for in my cup in the can holder of the car .For more than 10 minutes we quickly took it out and tried to dry it as best as we could .when we came home home he put it on the charger and it charged but the next day it was dead. I went online and found this site and I immediately put the iphone in a bag of rise.and the next day we charged it and it worked. so even if you turned it on after it got wet you can still try the rice trick

  • Kyle

    Thanks so much for giving us this info! I lost my Ipod to a sink a couple years ago and I made the mistake of turning it on to check it. When I turned it on it didn’t seem to have any problems until about 3 hours later. I am getting a new one very soon and I will definitely remember this if I drop this in any water. Thanks!

  • Racer

    Dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday morning. It has been in rice for over 24 hours. I’ve switched it on and it comes up with a multi coloured screen and won’t switch off!!!! What can I do??? Can it not be fixed? I’m going out of my mind now

  • asian.

    I was playing Hide & Seek with my little cousins and I hid in the bathroom. Lights were off and I’m a bit flinchy and when the youngest cousins came in to find me, my arm went bezerk and the next thing you know, my phone’s down the toliet. Took me a good 10 seconds to rescue it, dry it, and leave it out in the sun. Meh, I’m just leaving it in a bag of rice right now. HOPE MY BABYS OK.

  • emily

    just dropped my iphone down the toilet (it fell out my pocket) so pissed. put it in rice in the airing cupboard, do you thin it will work again?

  • Martin

    Yesterday, our 2 years old daughter put both our iPhones into a cup full of tea (with milk), she also added my other regular cellphone. The tea level was high with the three objects inside…

    Both phones didn’t show any signs of life after…

    I dried them first with our blow drier (on the least warm setting), then we put them into rice and on the radiator…

    Finally we came up with an idea to buy a dehumidifying bags in a Home/Garden store, the refill bags that you put into a plastic container with mesh and place in a corner of your room if there is too much moist in the air.

    No both phones are in sealed plastic bags with two bags on both sides each.

    My wife’s one is only 3 weeks old 4s 😐

    We will leave them for another 24-36 hours and see…
    Really hope at last the 4s would work…

  • Makaela

    Hi! Thanks, your article definetely is helping me get through this horrible time! I have a lifeproof case and iPhone 4S… My case was on but the flap at the bottom was closed. Basically, the whole phone was covered except for the charging area… I shoved it in the pool (only for a second) and turned it on and off a couple times. After about 30 seconds, it shut off. I quickly ran inside and in about one minute I managed to shove it in a bag of rice. This is my mother’s phone and I’m verry worried about it. Do you think it will be ok? And if there’s anything else I can do to help it be fine, please tell me! Thanks so much and please reply!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  • Debra

    Just had an incident, and quickly googled to find out how others have or have not been able to rescue a wet iphone….
    .I am a backyard beekeeper. This morning I inspected all my hives, cleaned up and got changed out of my beekeeping suit, and brought some full frames of honey into the house for extraction :). I found a lone bee on one of the frames who looked like a young queen bee. Now a hive must have a queen for it to survive, and this year is a bad one for the queens for some reason. So I decided to run the bee back to the hive just in case she was needed….well, the bees were still riled up from the inspection and didn’t take well to a visitor, even me. Basically I got totally swarmed, with bees stinging like crazy. I ran, just like in the cartoons, bees swarming after me, and JUMPED INTO OUR POOL. With my iPhone in my pocket! So now it is resting in a bowl or rice, thanks to my daughers quick reaction. After reading your comments I know I will have to wait at least 24 hours, so am hoping for the best. And treating bee stings 😛

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    Hey, I’m a 15 year old teenager and I wouldn’t dare tell my mum what just happened! After applying a face mask and managing to get some in my eye, I placed my phone on the side of the sink and (which obviously the worst bit was when it was too close to the edge and fell in the toilet!) I’ve been really stressing out but i have my bowl of rice and my phone buried deep inside, i’ll re-message tomorrow and see if it has worked, thanks for the idea!


    Caitlin “Im not getting any sleep tonight” Shepherd

  • Laila

    Today my 6 year old son fell in a lake, of course I followed him in in an attempt to rescue him which I did thank god but as I was pulled out (I got stuck due to the edges being very slippy) my thoughts were firstly thank god he’s ok and OMG my new iPhone 4s is in my pocket! The phone is now in a bag of rice and my boy tucked up safely in bed I am hoping the phone will make as quick a recovery as my son has :)

  • jojo

    what does it mean if my flash is flickering in the bag of rice

  • Ben

    Same thing happened to us! I dropped my iPhone in water then panicked at the loss of $500 and all my precious data and kids photos.

    To dry an iPhone we used the Dry-Phone. It works and is fully tested – the very hard way.

    How to dry an iPhone

    Good luck drying your iPhone.

  • Kristy

    I dropped mine in the sink while it was full once and I was so scared I was crying. Yes, I was crying over my phone. And my parents kept telling me not to panic and my mom took it and stuffed a paper towel in every little hole there was on the phone and then put it in a bag of rice and wouldn’t let me touch it for 2 days. but when i took it out of the bag, i turned it on and it worked PERFECTLY. like the whole thing never happened. and now, here I am, 2 months later. the same exact thing happens! so I’m praying that it will be ok this time!

    *fingers crossed*

  • kamster

    Damn I am on vacation with my son and just got my iPhone everywhere but for baths in the lake until 2 days ago. Then we went for a walk in the village and decided to return to our house by walk in the lake (a shallow one, you can do it in clothes like we did). I started to play with my son, splashing and all – only to remember I was carrying my iPhone in my bag too late. The bottom of the small bag was soaking wet. (By this point I had left his pro sunglasses too…) Got it out quickly and it had not too much water on it. Sliding was not working though. Switched it off, then on again (yeah, I know now…) and it worked then just fine. As its battery was at 63%, back in the house I put it on the charger and left it in the room. Upon return somewhat later it was totally dead. I tried to switch it on a hundred times AND then used a hair drier and it got heated to a point where I kind of burnt my finger by trying to switch it on again… It was only then that I found this article. Bought rice in the store this morning and the phone has been nested in it for like 4 hours now. Out of curiosity I tried to switch it on now – nothing. However, when I tested charging, the white apple did appeare on the screen! It still has some life in it! I quickly put it back in the rice and will leave it there till tomorrow morning and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to restore it. Wish me luck! I am half a person without my iPhone! It cannot die like that!!!

  • raftingwhitwatercampingrafting in shivpuri

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  • darris

    In my summer holidays I dropped my ipod in a pool (the stupid wind blew it in) and I was in tears. I left it in the sun for a few hours and it just wouldn’t work. One day later I tried to charge it and it showed the sign that it is charging but hasn’t got enough battery to work. The next day I hopelessly put it on charge and after a few hours it turned on! At first it didn’t charge well but days later it charged normally and now everything works well except for the audio. :) And by the way next time I won’t turn it on straight away.

  • Matthew

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  • mw

    my ipod touch just went in the toilet, i put in rice immediately. but i have some people telling me that it wont work and that it’ll still mess up my speakers and other stuff… is that true? or did everyone’s stuff work fine?

  • Rudolf

    I got home after a cycle tour in heavy rain. When I took out the iPone, it looked a bit washed, but I did not think about it as it did not look that bad. So, I wiped it off and switch it on, but it didn’t do anything. It was encased in a juice pack, so I did not think the water could have done much damage. Even worse, I thought the battery was flat, so I switched the juice battery on, thinking nothing was the matter, until the next morning.
    It stayed dead. I could vaguely see the shadow of an Apple. It’s probably completely fried now, but I’ll give the rice a try.

    Luckily I have all my contacts on the Mac, but I will miss my notes which show opening hours of shops and that sort of thing.
    I have to use my old mobile now, which is a clunky piece of plastic which needs a recharge every 12 hours.

  • Rachel

    Just dropped my iPhone 4 in the toilet, I put it in a bag of rice. I really hope this works! Wish me luck. :(

  • Zachary

    I jus dropped my iPod in the toilet :( This will be my first time attempting the rice trick. I hope it works

  • Rick Hauf

    We, at Florida iDoctor, do things a bit differently in terms of addressing water-damaged smartphones that make their way into our shop. You see, we are located in Palm Harbor, Florida and only a stones-throw away from the beach!

    Of course, the first thing we tell our clients is IF your phone hits the water, to get it to us asap. Rice can work okay in a pinch, but the actual success rate using a bowl of rice is quite low if it were scientifically studied. Fresh water is bad for any smartphone. Pool water (with chlorine) is the next worse type of water infiltration. The most caustic of all water is salt water. Water with high levels of NaCl (salt) is very damaging to electronics due to the high level of corrosivity. Our recommendation is if your phone falls in salt water, to actually rinse it off under tap water in order to try and wash away some of the salt residual. We also ask them to remove the battery (if possible). One word of extreme caution…DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try and power on your phone to see if it still works no matter how tempting that may seem. You are certainly likely to short out motherboard components if current is applied through the circuits of a water-logged phone.

    With that being said, once a client brings us their water-logged phone, the first thing we do is remove the battery. We then tear the phone down to the basic components (battery, frame, motherboard, cameras, etc). Once it is taken apart, we place the motherboard in an professional-grade ultrasonic cleaner using a proprietary dielectric cleaning fluid. This is one of the keys along with making sure the fluid is heated up. Once the board has come out of the ultrasonic cleaner, we rinse it off thoroughly with a deionized (DI) water. DI water is ultra pure and this rinse step will ensure that there are no trace contaminants on the board.

    We then take the clean motherboard and put it into a container of desiccant along with all of the other components of the phone. We use a proprietary desiccant with the highest adsorption rate of any desiccant available on the market. This is super-critical so that you can wick away any moisture from the motherboard and the components as quickly AND EFFECTIVELY as possible.

    We let everything sit in the desiccant for 24 hours to ensure complete moisture removal. Once complete, we reinstall all of the components and also install a NEW BATTERY (NOTE: We recommend never reinstalling the same battery once it has come into contact with water).

    I hope this helps the readers of this great guide. We utilize iFixIt every day in repairing phones in our shop and therefore, we believe in contributing to this guide. If anyone needs further help with this process, simply let us know. Since our store is located near the Gulf of Mexico in Palm Harbor, FL we see water damaged iPhones in our shop every day. This process we listed here has achieved over a 74% success rate in restoring water damaged iPhones.

    Florida iDoctor

  • Max

    I rolled my car into a water filled ditch landing upside down. Had my old iPhone 4 in my pocket and new 4S plugged into the radio. I had a casemate phantom case on the 4S and since it had a connector plugged in, all the holes were spared a ton of mud and gunk that was in the ditch but it was in the car for almost an hour in the water and the case definitely isn’t water proof. I got it in a bunch of rice now hoping it’ll work. I plugged it in earlier and it blipped on for a minute but it was dead and just went back off.

  • Lady Brit

    Thank you for the great advice. It seems I have a natural talent for drowning iPhones. I dropped it in water last night- it was on and went instantly off- so I shook it out, tried to turn it on and retrieved the blow dryer.

    Then I read your article….

    I took out the SIM card, and place the phone in a ziplock back with a package of damp rid and the rest filled with long grain rice (not preboiled or expensive) and pressed the air out of the back and waited. You could see within a few hours that the screen was blue and that there were “watermarks” underneath the screen. I waited 24 hours and chanced plugging it back in- it came back to life. Everything appears to work. I can tell there is still a little moisture behind the screen as it appears to have a lace-like backing. So out came the SIM card and it is going back into the bag until the morning. The iPhone 5 just came out last week, so I need it to survive long enough for Apple to have them in stock…..

  • Sammi

    My brother had his second wet iPhone incident this summer. (This time it went in the sink) We took out the sim and blew into the port. A lot of water came misting out. Now we are putting it in rice.
    Heard using a vacuum cleaner helps too. But blowing out the water through the sim got major amounts of water out!

  • abed

    hello guys i fell my iphone 4s in toilet :s and i turned on when it felt accidently :s and till now it have passed 5 days under the sun light but won’t turn on please help :( sry for bad english

  • Sandy

    I dropped my iPhone 4s in the water a week ago. It never turned off or did anything wrong!!A week later, it turned off like the battery died but I didn’t notice the battery being so low. Charged it all night. Fine the next day. Two days later, same thing. I never had a chance to do anything to save it because I was working, so I didn’t have an option. I don’t kno if it’s damaged or what. Maybe I can get an extended warranty then take it back?!

  • James


  • Lily

    My experience will make you cringe. I try to not think about it too deeply but to add to the list of proof that this works (I think), I’ll relive my horror.

    It was my friend’s birthday and we had a party Sat night at someone’s house (3.5 days ago). I went to the bathroom which had a broken light so it was pitch black. About half an hour later, someone was talking about how there’s an iPod in the toilet. My hand went to my pocket and sure enough, my iPod touch was gone (along with my phone but that just landed on the floor).

    I sprinted for the bathroom and ended up slipping in the kitchen, spraining my ankle. My friend was laughing at me at this point. I fished out my iPod and (stupidly) tried to turn it on. It stayed black and I was freaking out. Thankfully there was one girl who lived in that house who had rice and she gave it to me. I stuck my iPod in there for ~36 hours before taking it out and plugging it in. Still black. Now I’m starting to think that I’m going to end up buying a new one.

    Back into the rice it goes. 48 hours later (now Wed morning) I tried plugging it in one more time. It stayed black for a bit and my spirits sank. Then all of a sudden, the charging screen showed up then it changed to the Apple turning on screen. The screen brightness kept wavering and there were still some water streaks in the screen. After a few seconds, the whole thing went black again.

    Back into the rice. Now I’m cautiously hopeful that it might come back to life. Behold the almighty power of household desiccant! (However, I’m going to go to a craft store and buy some silica to replace the rice.)

  • prist ajasa

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  • ranger

    hello, i just want to ask what to do to my sister’s iphone ,it got wet when it was accidentally went to washing machine,and has washed just like the laundry, after that I put it under the sun to dry and after reading this , I put the iphone in a bag of rice for 24 hours this morning I noticed that there’s no moist in the camera lens part,,is is already dry? and also it didn’t turn on,,what will I do? Should I charge it?
    please reply thanks

  • Miranda

    Hi, My iPhone (brand new from insurance after having 2 stolen – not having with phone – what do the iPhone gods have against me?!) fell into a drain when I was unlocking my bike! Thankfully a lovely passer-by dived in and got it for me. It’s been sitting in rice for a few days and then a friend dried it out for me in his dehydrator (he’s a raw foodie) but reported that it still doesn’t work. I’ve plugged it in and joy of joys – it’s powered up! BUT the top 3 rows of the keys don’t work so I can’t use my password! There’s no other signs of water damage on the screen or anything and it appears to be charging fine and isn’t hot (I had one go for a burton down the toilet last year and although it did recover, it did used to get hot charging) to the touch. Does anyone know if it’s likely to recover this function? I do have Genius appointment booked for tomorrow, so fingers crossed as that’s my 3rd phone in as many months and I can’t claim on insurance again for a year! Thanks

  • Tweetyb

    omg help i have just brought this well my dad did for my birthday i have had it for about a month and a half and i was doing thr dishes and it fell into the sink standing up . i grabbed it dried it off shook it turned it off put it in the hot water cubard and then put it in some rice when i flip the box ova to c what my iphone is doing the apple sign comes up and then it switches off please help me !!!!!!

  • Miguel

    I have an Iphone4s that I dropped in the toilet a few minutes ago..everything works fine except for the audio..I cant hear anything in terms of calls or watching youtube videos etc.
    I need help

  • Carlotta Roberts

    It cracks me up on how many of us have dropped our phone in the toilet! BCP =Before Cell Phones we wouldn’t have the phone in the bathroom.. LOL and yes my phone is working now after drying in rice.

  • Caoiimhee

    I dropped mine in the bath last night while I was playing music. The music immediately stopped but the iPhone still worked but was glitchy I put it in a bowl of rice straight away and it immediately switched off. It has been in the bowl of rice for over 24 hrs and still wont turn on .. what should I do?

  • Thomas

    *need help*
    I put my iPhone 4 in a bag of rice for 3 days, after dropping it in the sink full of water . I just recently took it out of the rice , and tried to charge it and get it running and it’s not starting .
    It’s just getting a bit warm .
    Please help, Anyone? What do I do know ?

  • Anonymous

    Ok so I went on a field trip yesterday to this lake kind of place. We where on the dock and my friend kept making it rock so while I was near the water and trying to hold on, my iPhone (Which was only 2 weeks old and had no insurance plan) was inside the front pocket of my jacket. While we swayed side to side unfortunately my phone slipped out of my pocket and down on the wooden dock and I stepped back accidentally kicking it in. All I heard was *plop* and I saw my purple Speck case floating and then sinking. I was like wtf just happened? And No one would come and get it out I was sooo upset. Until this guy came out and took it 10 minutes later. He told me to put it in rice so thats what I did but I’m worried it might not work and I dont have a warranty!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Okay so i dropped my phone in the toilet and soon as it fell in i took it out so it was in their for like a second and i put it in a bag of rice and left it for about 8 hours than when i checked it , it was working and the screen went on for about 5 sec than turned off and the only way i could see the screen is in the sun or light , if i leave it in the rice for longer is the screen gonna come back on ? Please i need an answer i dont wanna buy a new iphone

  • The Commander

    My iphone fell in the swimming pool yesterday (20 Oct 2012). it was dried off immediately and put into a bag of uncooked rice overnight. Then put on charge – it got very hot, but after about 2 hours it suddenly sprang to life and showing 8% charge. 3 hours later completely back to normal and you don’t get much wetter than lying in the bottom of a swimming pool!!

  • rinka chic

    my boyfriend dropped his iphone n the toilet and out of panic tried to charge it hehe.. well based on simple principle, water + electricity = burned circuit board. We have given up already till we googled on ways to save it, and yes.. putting it in uncook rice works!
    We filled up a tin can container with rice then placed his iphone so it will be covered up with it on all sides. we put the can lid then put scotch tape around to seal it off. normally they said it will work after 48 hrs, but we let it sit there for 5 days.. and we thought it wont work anymore but after charging it for 30 mins.. it’s alive! The screen was just flickering off intially but after unplugging and re-plugging it and adjusting the brightness, its ok now.

    thanks for the tip!

  • Vivian

    I dropped my iTouch into the pool and then I put it into the rice bag for a whole week but it still didn’t recover,so I connected to iTunes. After 5 minutes it worked! But only for a few seconds.

  • Anna

    Haha i just dropped my iphone in the toilet when i was going to school but this happened to me before when i was singing in the shower and smacked my iphone into the bathtub and water got all over it but I used a Q-tip to dry it out and it worked fine. Now that I’m im gonna try it again and see if it works.

  • kinda-fuxed-right-now

    just dropped my iphone 4s into the deep end of my pool, shocked my boyfriend jumped in and got it out, put it in a bag of rice… its been about 10 minutes.. so anxious to see if itll turn on. i havent turned it on or tried messing with it. so … !!!

  • Rosie

    I dropped my 3GS down the loo this morning :( Had some error messages comming up about acsessories and stuff so panicking i googled how to save it and ran as fast as i could down stairs to get a bag of rice, plopped it in and voila, its working already after only a few hours, But the speakers are a VERY quiet…Back in the bag it goes!

  • Dar

    ohh shit. i hope this works!

  • Mrs Lolly

    I bought an air freshener for my car that is made of volcanic minerals. I tore the packet open, added it to a bag with my slight damp phone and let it sit overnight (looks like cat litter-which may also work). When I got home the next day, I put it in rice. It seems to work perfectly so far, but I’m going to try to be patient and not use it fully for 48 hours. Walmart now sells silica kits (with a bag) in the electronic section…I would probably keep it in my car, in case I was at work or traveling. Thanks for the advice.

  • Stinky Pete

    So was taking a pee one time while surfing the web on my iphone. As fate would have it, I dropped my phone not only in the toilet but directly in my stream of pee, oh the fates! I put it in rice and it works now, bit I can’t get rid of the stench of urine, especially because a few hours before I had asparagus!

  • Wet and not happy

    Just waited a week with mine in a mixture of rice and silica bags. Fresh water cooler storage. It starts but is restarting over and over. The saga continues.

  • mavis

    after months of using iphone with the speaker not functioning well, i just knew that my iphone got water damage. as soon as i knew it, i google-ed and found out about the raw rice thingy method. tried it out and left it for nearly a month. now, the speaker is still not in a good condition. what should i do? :(

  • Toby

    My iphone 4s got soaked yesterday evening after some nasty rain. I shook it for a while to get the droplets out and put in a bowl of rice. Sadly I got a little impatient and after a couple of hours tried plugging it in and turning it on. The apple symbol flickered and then went out, and the phone was unresponsive again. The phone has been in the rice for the last 24 hours now and still no joy – is there any chance of it surviving?

  • crazyj

    My girlfriend washed her bran new iPhone and was very upset. I was napping at the time and got really upset also due to our finances. I realized that things happen and no one is perfect. She went off to work crying and I feel horrible for getting upsewt instead of making her feel better. I Immediately googled, I washed my Iphone in the washer and now it’s clean but is completely dead. Anyways, I read a lot of what you all had to say and I happen to have a big bag of rice in my garage. Thank god i live in one of the driest places in the U.S. New Mexico. I currently have her IPhone in the bag of rice. I hope it works. It won’t even turn on. I tried charging it. It’s been about 3 hours now and I’m getting inpatient. Lol. Thank you for the information! I pray it works. I’ll keep you all in mind and will write back if anything happens. Either way…

    God Bless…

    • I forgot to mention. She’s been wanting this Iphone for ever and only had it for maybe two weeks. Maybe. I pray this rice thing works.. If not I’ll have to work harder this month and get her a new one. Idk how much it’s gonna cost. Does anybody know if she is warrantied even though she didn’t buy the warranty? This was a total mistake we made and I have a feeling we’re gonna have to buy a new one. We talked from her work phone and she’s still a lil hurt. I told her what I had done for her and she is very thankful and grateful. She told me it’s jst Material things.She’s correct. Material can be replaced.. Her heart and soul & mind can’t be replaced. I told her I’m so sorry for not being more Supportive. I love you Savanah & I pray that this website is real life stories and I hope Your phone works by morning!!! Like I alway’s say, “God is good,” Do not worry. It will be okay. Things could be worse. She is a my nerdy network real life, “””live in house girlfriend whom I Love So Much! I want to text her but can’t. This sucks. Technology can break you.. Lol… I feel like I lost something. I have my phone but no one to talk to. I will just wait for my luv… If this Rice thing works. I will freak out. I have faith but with the washing machine thoroughly washing your Iphone. :/ Idk.. We Will see………


  • Duke Richardson

    We just washed my wifes new 4S. It went through the whole wash cycle including the spin. It has been in rice for two days. Plugged it in tonight and nothing happened, at least not for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the phone is back with no problems what so ever. I think it is just the luck of the draw!

  • V

    Just one more tip: do not forget to take your iPhone out before you cook that rice.

  • Myra

    My story:

    Dropped my brand new iPhone 5 in my dog’s shallow water dish. I snatched it out immediately. It was still on. I turned it off and removed the hard plastic case. I dried it for about 5 minutes with a blow drier on cool setting. I focused on the ports (speakers, headphone jack). Then I dropped it in a bag of basmati rice (only kind I had). I did some research and ended up pulling out the sim card about 3 hours later. Returned to rice, didn’t touch it for three entire days. Meanwhile, I activated my old droid so I could have a phone for work.

    After three days, I pulled it out, shook off the rice, returned the sim card, and turned it on. Fired right up, still had 100% of charge. I reactivated it and have had it turned back on for a few hours now. So far, everything I have tried has worked flawlessly (knock on wood). I will update if I discover any problems. Good luck everyone!

  • Wendy

    I was in a hurry to wash my sheets, I didn’t notice my iPhone was mixed in there, as well as my tv remote, hopefully the rice works…
    I can’t believe I washed my sheets along with the tv remote & iPhone

  • Natella

    I was at the beach with two friends and we were in the water and my friend was holding my new iphone 4 that ive only had for less than a month, and i accidentaly bumped her and my iphone fell into the water. It submerged into the water for about 5 seconds and my friend quickly grabbed it. i ran to my towel to dry it off, not knowing if it was on or off because it had the apple icon flashing on and off.It turned on for a little bit after it fell into the water but it was glitching. My flash on the camera would not turn off for about 15 minutes, we went back home straight away. I was trying to shake it and blow and suck my iphone from all the holes in it. We got home and dryed it with a fan and a little bit with the hair dryer. I put it straight into a container of rice, and left it there over night. I put the charger on the next day to see if it had worked, and it had the apple icon but it would not turn on with the passcode. I left it in the rice again , checking it here and then to see if i put the charger to it, that it would work , but it still didnt. The next day, i charged it and it turned on and asked me to connect to itunes, as soon as i took it out of the charger it would not run by itself, even though it said it was 100%. I am worried if i will have to get a battery replacement of something, but it still glitches very often, and im not sure if the sound works or if ive lost all my memory on it. Is there any solution to fix these glitches or sound from stores?

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  • Campbell D.

    I dropped mine in the toilet it fell out of my pocket. i used and compressor wich shoots out air i di this for about 5 minutes it wouldn’t work i am going to try rice. any other suggestions, and before you tell me when it fell in bubbles came up and i tried to grab it as fast as i could which was like a second or 2

  • jw

    We accidently washed my sons, the interesting thing is before I we knew we washed it I had turned on find my iPhone, and of course it could not find it. We put it in the rice about 5 minutes later it said it had been found. Hopefully it did not fry it.

  • martin

    my ipod fell in the pool 3 days ago. it was turned off when it fell. i left in a bag of rice until today, but it doesnt work. Help!

  • kkb

    About two days ago, my brother dropped my ipod touch 4th gen in the toilet. Knowing him, he wouldnt tell anyone for a long time. Finally, he told me that he dropped it in there. I asked him how long it was in there and he said one or two mins. I got it out and immediately tried to dry it off. I put it in a big bag of rice and let it sit for about 48 hrs. Every once in a while, I get it out and try to charge it. It won’t even cut on. What should I do?

  • MCS

    I was relieved to hear that others have had the terrible experience. I was full of anxiety and my stomach wrapped in knots. I had no Silica Packets or rice, however I did have clay cat litter. I took a chance as I was desperate. Wrapped the phone in a microfiber hand towel placed it in a Lock and Lock container and gently spooned the litter so to avoid liter dust, then under my desk lamp. 24hrs later the phone was functional! what a relief.


  • Melody

    I dropped my ipod touch into the toilet and immediantly turned it on to see if it worked. The screen flickered and then died. After soaking it in rice for 12 hours, I was able to see that I could barely see the screen but just enough so that I could unlock the ipod and access my apps. The next day however, I was unable to cut the ipod on and it is completely dead and wont cut back on or charge. Is there anything at all I can do?!?

  • Patarina

    It happened today at 5pm (3 hours ago). I had a cup of orange juice on my lap and holding my phone above it. I looked at it and thought “my phone could fall in if I’m not careful” so moved my phone to the side while still on it, away from the cup. But then about 5/10 minutes later, I moved and the phone fell into the cup. :( Only half of it, bottom first. I immediately took it out and wiped it with a towel then turned it off, and shook it and tapped it on the towel to get any out from the charger hole. Then I went and filled a bowl with rice then put the phone completely in it. I haven’t checked it yet and I’m worried, but it should be fine, right? *keeping positive* haha but yeah I will try it out tomorrow to be safe. I don’t want to turn it on then ruin it D:

  • Dan

    My iPhone 4S took an unattractive swan dive straight into the commode. I knew this was in fates hands before it splashed down into the porcelain waste collector. I yanked it out instantaneously, took the case cover off and immediately towel dried. I then got the blow dryer out, BUT I kept the air setting on cool, not heat. I thought I had powered it down, but in my haste, did not. I had noticed my volume was 90% gone on the ringer and speaker. I then powered down and placed it in an air tight container of mixed rice for 90 minutes. She is back to her old self. The dry rice in an airtight container worked.

  • Alicia

    Well, my 8 day old iPhone took a swim. Two days in the silica gel and all seems well. I have the insurance but I’m hoping to save the $150 deductible. Fingers crossed that it I don’t see issues down the line.

  • Shireen

    I accidentally dropped my Iphone in the toilet at the mall, and I’ve heard about using rice to help soaked up water since that’s what two of my friends did when they accidentally wet their Iphones. To make matters worst, my dad couldn’t pick us up from the mall until 2 hours after I dropped my phone and booking in the Apple store was not an options since they were full. I had to shake my phone a little to make it dry and get excess water out. Once I got home, I immediately covered my phone in rice, I let it rest over night and when I got up I tried charging it and turning it on, but it still not working. I’m goit to wait for another 24 hours… Hopefully a miracle would happen!

  • Becky

    After I dropped my iphone in water, I left my iphone 4s in rice for 3 days and it did not work at all in the end.

  • If

    I got a new iPod touch for christmas and I went to the beach having it in my pocket and I went boogie boarding and after like 10 mins I got out and realized it was in my pocket! I ran and told my mum the whole story. She wrapped it in a towel and told me to go home and put it in a bowl of rice. The whole problem was my grandmother was the obstacle here. I said i need a bowl of rice and she said why and I said I’ll tell you the story later just give me a bowl of rice then she did it and said your not taking it to the beach it will spill! I was sick and tired if her being a total ass so I just told her the whole story and then my mum came home and hair dried it. I had it for a week and it has been on a charger overnight now so hopefully it works!

  • cc

    Mine fell in to the toilet as well. I left it in the rice for 5 whole days and everything’s back to normal now. Except that it goes into headphone mode…. Back to the rice…

  • claudia

    I was babysitting and the little brat got my phone, put it in he toilet, and flushed it. I was really scared cuz it was my first phone, so when I got home, I put in a bag of rice. this happened a couple mins ago so I will check it tomorrow. fingers crossed it works

  • anonymous

    i was at my friends house and she dropped my ipod touch in the toilet so we put it in some rice for about 5 days. so i plugged in the charger and it worked but when i took the charger out it would turn off and i dont know why got any tips or advice??


    I will try to keep it simple.

    Phone fell in toilet…PANIC…stupidly rinse the phone and dry off with paper towels…press home button screen dark and all…then shut down…at school so took a half hour bus ride home…around the corner to my drop off…my phone vibrates and does not stop…found rice…immerse my phone in the rice…stop vibrating…two days later…charged overnight…next day…phone said to plug in to itunes…i did…got the phone to restore and such…ended with a window i could not read because it disappear in a second…PANIC…press home button…screen nothing is showing…disconnect my phone and currently charging…NOW LOOKING FOR HELP! What’s next!?!

  • Nicole

    I ride the bus and my mom always has me call her on the way home because I have to walk pretty far. She wouldn’t answer (I called her a million times) so I was going to text her when I got here. I had to go to the bathroom REALLY, REALLY bad and I forgot my iPhone was in my back pocket.I panicked and tried to turn it on. The screen was all white and it looked like the water was slowly moving across it. I got on Google and searched how to get water out of it and the first thing up was this site. Right now, my phone is covered in rice inside a tupperware and the screen just turned black. What happened?

  • Gringa

    i just now dropped my phone running thru a puddle, didnt realize it til i was already a block away, by the time i ran back it was completely black. i didnt try to turn it on, i went straight home and put it in rice. im praying to God it works in the morning!!

  • Steve

    I got drunk and peed myself with my iPod in my pocket.

  • Maria Palompo

    Have tried exactly what you’ve said and my husband’s phone has been working ever since! That was about 10 months ago. Well, sad to say but I am doing the same thing all over again. This time it was my fault :-( Crossing my fingers and hoping it will work again!

  • Emily

    Last night I got a little to drunk and went to the bathroom because I was going to be sick, as I was hugging the toilet I was also using my I phone. A few seconds later my phone fell in to the toilet, I was in complete shock and grabbed the towel right next to me and tried drying it off. I immediately called my friend and told her the terrible news but I couldn’t hear her and my phone just shut off. I ran to put it to charge and once it turned on I felt relieved. When I finally got my friend on the phone again she said “just let it charge and leave it off for the night.” I completely ignored her and was using my phone most of the night. When I woke up for school I noticed after my phone being charged the whole night it was dieing faster than usual, I borrowed one of my friends charger and it didn’t work. By the end of the day my phone was dead and i was starting to get worried because I do not have insurance or an Icloud which means nothing will be saved on my phone. When I got home I put it to charge and it would turn on for only 2 min then shut off and turn back on again, then I took the cover off of my phone and there was water! Finally I just put it in a bag of rice and now I’m praying it will work.

  • Jenny

    I dropped my Ipod 5th gen in the toliet and it was there for a long time because it was stuck, I tried turing it on and pressing the home botton but it didnt turn on so i also but is in the rice and its been there for three day i tried to connect to itunes but it dont read it. Is there a solution a solution to it or should i get it replaced? I just got it for christmas so it has been i month since i got it

  • Mark

    It was a regular day at school. I was wearing a jacket and had my phone and my iPod in it. I went to the bathroom and before i unbuttoned my pants my phone and iPod fell into the toilet. There was pee in the toilet already because someone forgot to flush. I quickly grabbed both devices and dried them off. I took the battery out of my phone and wiped it down. I wiped down my iPod also. Right now they both are in a bag of rice. My phone worked before i putted it in the rice, but it wont play anything. So i cant hear anything from calls to music. My iPod is also working but the touch screen doesn’t work. Im praying that it’ll work because if it doesn’t. I wont be getting a new one anytime soon.

  • Brandon

    Dropped that son of a bitch in the bathtub…Dry rice is amazing.

  • iphone

    I do believe all of the ideas you’ve presented on your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for starters. May just you please extend them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

  • Ed

    My phone got wet , I dried as much as could with a rag, and shakes it alittle, and then placed in rice bag for two days, it helped take the moisture out. But te combos that the screen light shakes a lot , I don’t know why.

  • Deborah

    HELP – I went for a run yesterday and in just a few minutes, the monsoon hit. Yes, I did keep running for about 40 more minutes, and the rain was intermittently hard. TRied to keep the phone dry (protected in my palm, then put it in my pocket) but it did get wet…not as wet as dropping in the toilet or swimming with it! Once I got home, I realized the touch screen wouldn’t work at all. The odd thing is the music kept playing and sounded fine, but I couldn’t turn the phone off or do anything with it. It rings, text messages come through b/c I see them on the home screen, but still can’t do anything with it. I dried it off and then last night, about 4 hours after it got wet, heard about the rice tip. It’s been sitting in a bag of dry rice ever since. Last night, there was a danger symbol on the screen that said the device was too hot and had to cool down. Now that is gone and there is a message (along with the text message and voice mail alert) that there is no SIM card.

    Any thoughts? I will keep it in the rice but should I be hopeful that it works other than the touch screen? And does anyone know how to call forward that phone to another without doing it on the phone itself? Obviously that won’t work.

    Many thanks.

  • Leah

    Thanks for all the advice. I dropped my iPhone into water a few days ago. The screen flickered for a minute then went blank. I tried switching it back on; nothing. I was going to charge it but thought twice and did a google search for advice. I’m glad I found this site. I did what is recommended and my phone works again, thank God. It did take longer than the 24-48 hrs described though.
    Here’s what I did:
    -Shook out as much of the water as I could
    -wrapped it in a dry cloth till I got home
    – put it in a sandwich bag with dry rice covering it all around
    – left the bag in a dry cupboard
    – 48 hrs later switched it on: nothing, charged it -still nothing
    – put it back in the bag of dry rice
    – another 48 hrs later switched it on: nothing, charged it -Again nothing!
    – left it to charge for another hour or so: nothing – no screen activity
    – decided to give it one last go: this time it buzzed when I connected but still no screen activity
    – an hour or so later: it worked -yay!
    No it works just fine 😀

  • safiyah

    Ahhhh ha ha ha ha my iphone just got sucked down an airplane toilet!!!! I begged them to retrieve it for me, which they did… i’m hoping that rice will work, but it’s dyed blue and prolly smells pretty bad…. ha ha ha will let u kno how it goes :O

    • Megan

      Lol that is hilarious…. and…. I’m sorry.. that really sucks…. lol. Good luck. My daughter decided to take my phone while I was napping and watch netflix while she was going poo. And she dropped my iphone right in the toilet… Ugh.

  • Michael

    Dropped my phone down the toilet after 1 too many! I left my phone under my pillow for 1 days, and wal-a it fixed its self. Not sure if this was luck or not but it did the trick :)

  • Lyndsey

    A few months ago I dropped my iPhone in the snow and it got the speakers all wet so the sound didn’t work and so I decided to sneak some rice (because i didn’t want my parents knowing) to my room. I left it sit in the bag for a few hours and i was so happy the speakers worked again. I have had my iPhone for about a year and a half now and I’ve never cracked it, and the snow damage was the worse thing that has happened with my phone. I didn’t think anything else bad could happened to it until tonight when a friends mom was calling me and I dropped my phone in my cereal. My step mom thought it was hilarious but I was freaking out. My phone didn’t tweak out or anything so I figured I was saved because it continued to work, but of course I was wrong. I had gone to plug in my phone to find out it wouldn’t charge. My phone is now sitting in a bowl of rice and I’m hoping that is makes it and decides to work again. It survived this once, and all I want it my phone to work again!! I will not service without my iPhone and I’m already having withdrawals!! These comments are giving me much hope though!! :)

  • anonamous

    i just had b ball practice and put my ipod into my bag that my water bottle was also in and when i took my ipod out 3 hours later it was pretty wet well it kept glitching on and off so i turned it off and went online and looked at multiple sites and i found this one and thought it was the best so i dried it off and put it in a bag of rice and i am anxiously waiting till tommorow to see if its going to work!! right now im still pissed at my samsclub water bottle for leaking!!!!!!!!

  • Paige Brown

    I put my ipod at the bottom of my bag with my bottle and when i later on took my ipod out my ipod was a little wet. I wipped it clean with a cloth and then I panicked and tried to turn it on seeing if it was still working ,pressing the on and home button :S
    wat do i do? i blow dried it and now i put it in a zip lock bag full of rice……. will my ipod ever work again!!!!!!

  • Ami

    My boyfriends just thrown my iphone down the toilet and then pissed on it..

    Hope it survives :(

  • beaver

    or just buy a Sony Xperia Z it kicks all iphones and sgs3s all together haha Im glad I dont have to worry about water for my phone!!!

  • JM

    Dropped my IPhone in the toilet I TURNED IT ON D:

  • Sharon

    Thank you! I saved my iPhone 4s by putting it in a bag of rice overnight! I was ready to head to the Apple store today, but no need. It’s working perfectly!!! Thanks, again.

  • Valerie

    i got in trouble, so my mom took my phone away. then let my brother and sister freely play with it. feel asleep then the next morning came I went to school came back and it was no where to be found. she claims she dosent know where it went. so she secretly checks the dryer and its in the blankets . it went through the washer and the dryer. And by the way it was a IPHONE5!! so she told me that she put in in rice.. i knew of there remedy so thank the lord we have the warenty plan with verizon…. im 14 so imagine how hard it will be with out it for the time being… the shipping and the actal calling the store..wish me luck!!

  • Nyoka

    My iphone went through a whole wash cycle, I put it in rice for 3 days and it did come back on. I hope it last until my next upgrade!

  • Amber king

    Well I’ve been looking for ways to get water out of an iPhone and here I found it. I planned on giving my iphone 4 to my cousin cause I got a new one and my 2 year old got ahold of it and the front screen is cracked so it sat in a puddle of water tha she spilt on the floor so it sat there for who knows how long and of course water is now in between the glass and LCD screen so of course I turned it on an it wigged out so I don’t have rice so in the am I will be gettin some I try and hopefully it works. Guess ill keep y’all posted!

  • Kim

    I dropped my (less than a month old!) iPhone 5 in the toilet for less than a second. touched a few buttons before it went black. dried if off on the cool setting with a hairdryer. cried. put in bag of rice in airing cupboard for nearly 30 hours. came on after short charge but touch screen wouldn’t work. tried hard reset and now the apple logo is coming on, dimming then going off repeatedly. back in rice bag, still doing it 12 hours later.
    now in bag of silica gel. i have little hope. it also gets really hot whilst it’s cycling through the Apple logo so i think it’s fried.
    I have an appointment at the Genius bar in a couple days. The external moisture sensor in the sim tray hasn’t gone pink/red. Will they still check the internal ones if it hasn’t changed?

    • Sally Bayley

      did yours end up working or did you need the genius bar..and what was the cost? mine sounds exactly the same..cept i went to bed and only put it in a little rice last night..stupid me. then hairdried it on a warm setting..again stupid. put in rice and now its doign what yours did. yet this morning it worked it just wouldnt let me use the screen..

  • Alan

    My daughter slipped into a creek 3 days after getting her IPhone 4S, of course her phone was in the leg pocket that got wet. She put it in dry rice for 24 hours. Then I put it in my center desk drawer with a space heater under it. With the drawer opened about 2 inches, I created a warm convection oven type effect (not too hot). 5 hours later I heard incoming messages ringing in my drawer. Lucked out, she owes me dinner :)

  • Yawnnnny

    My iPhone was outside in the rain for a while I had lost it in the parking lot at school getting out of the car in the morning. Someone returned it to my school 7 hours later. I don’t know how long it was outside. I just got it back today and I lost it yesterday. It Was severely damaged and now it’s in rice. I really hope it works because I just got my screen replaced for cracks last weekend. If this doesn’t work idk what I’ll do,

    • dlk

      first keep in a bag full of rice which is dry
      am sure that i will dry ur phone as well with in a few days

  • lokesh

    what can i do to get my iphone 4s safe after getting washed it in water unfortunately !..

    suggestions and solutions please..buddies.

  • the doctor

    i dropped my ipod toutch in a bowl of ramen

  • Emily

    I dropped my iPhone 3GS into a (clean!!!) toilet yesterday, (8th march 2013) while I was on a ferry, doing the channel crossing from France to Britain. I have done it before, and I simply put it under the hand dryer and it was fine. So naturally, that is what I did. Unfortunately I just left it after that, assuming it would be fine. It turns out my home button is knackered. Because I was on a school trip (the teachers I was with we’re very unhelpful, in that they just laughed at me…), it took a further 8 hours until I got home, so there was nothing else I could do. It’s now in a bowl of rice, but WHAT SHOULD I DO????!!!!!!

    • kim

      leave it there and have patience for at least 3 to 4 days

  • Emily

    I now have a virtual home button, which is on assistive touch:3

  • Wendy

    Dropped her in the toilet. IPhone 4. It was soaked and not responding. Put it in a vegetable dehydrater although I don’t recommend it because it still gets relatively hot. Anyhoo I left it in about 20 minutes and it was blazing hot when it came out but alot of the water had receded and it worked finally. I was amazed since heat isn’t recommended and full function was restored.

  • Costumer service gone wrong

    So after using my smart iphone 4s to help a costumer in need. (I work in a coffee house) I resumed making drinks. So I set my phone under espresso machine. I know dumb idea. Well un beknownst to me the machine starts leaking. Right on top of my phone. I take it to apple where I’m informed that it has h2o damage. Water spot at headphone plug in only. She then takes it apart and soaked up a significant Amt of water. The screen is black no buttons work. Blu tooth in car works good and she said I can sync it. That I’m on borrowed time before it fizzles. The camera light has been on the whole time too. I’ve got it rice I’m gonna leave it at that for a few days before attempting to sinc. I don’t want to chance frying it. I hope this works. Unlike some on here ill be sure to update the status.

    • Me

      Update. Light in screen was out. All the functions on the phone worked fine. I even took it apart to check the battery. Internal sensor was still white and no water marks which made me think she totally lied about he water. (Which maybe should’ve been slightly discolored instead of clear. Hmmm) anyways after knowing it works good (I just need a flashlight to do anything) I took it back to apple, got a different person to help. She was sympathetic and said since all other sensors worked they’ll replace the phone free. Whoooo hooo.

  • rory

    Love the way you spent a couple of pages of text to say “if your iphone gets wet turn it off and put it in a bag of rice overnight”

  • kim

    ok so i left my phone in my back pocket;;;;DONT DO THAT!!!!;;;;;went to the bathroom and go figure i hear the big splash!!!!!! i was at the hospital and someone mentioned wrapping it it a bounce sheet till i could get rice!! no bounce sheets at hospital but nurse brought a baby diaper!! wrapped it up put it away till i got home took it out of the otter box stuck it in a bag of rice!! everyone was saying it worked but i thought look it up see why!! these comments gave me so much hope that it would work thankyou thankyou… hardest part was waiting it out and worrying about all the stuff i was about to lose on my phone,,, 3 days later i took it out of the bag,,, i got sooooo excited it turned on,,,but then it just kept blinking apple….. battery,,,,, apple…… battery and then shut done i was soooo disappointed called Rogers 600 for a new phone yah right 360 for a reburnished again yah right!! stuck it back in the rice said a prayer went out till midnight when i got home i thought oh well here goes nothing same thing apple….battery….apple….battery then apple and it stayed on that then turned on to my password omg i am soooo thrilled and i cant believe it worked!!!!unbelievable everything is working theres alittle blotchiness but i can live with that!!!! thanks for all the stories it didnt let me give up on my phone,,,i have so much of my life on that phone its like my life story!! got smart after it came back downloaded everything onto icloud!!! thanks again!!!it really friggin works!!!

    • JessicA

      I did the same thing! but mine is still not working. I will try putting it back in the rice and praying like you did. I hope mine starts working like yours. Wish me luck :/

      • Kim

        I hope it worked for you!!! My phone doesn’t even have the blotchiness anymore works great. The key is patience and a little prayer :). The trick is keep it in the rice for as long as it takes dont give up on it!!! I typing this message on my now working iPhone!!!

  • JessicA

    I dropped my Ipod touch in the toilet but it was only for about 2 seconds. Then when i pressed the home button it came on so i thought it was fine. I cleaned it off along with my toilety hand and dryed it completely. Then i tried to get some music to play and the screen freaked out then went blank. So i checked online and i followed the directions on this page. I put my ipod in rice for 24 hours. Now today i tried to connect it to the computer to charge and it didn’t turn on! :/ Now i am worried. What do I do?

  • Amanda

    Im on spring break and have been sick the WHOLE time. Went to the bathroom an hour ago to get some TP on the floor next to the toilet to blow my nose and my phone fell out of my hoodie pocket. I put it in a bag full of rice. And am PRAYING this works considering i got it a month ago because my other one was stolen. Just my luck. Although when I went to the kitchen 30 minuets later i touched the bag and its hot… Idk if that means its working or if its fried…. but I just HOPE this works.

  • Destiny

    I dropped my iPhone in a river it was only in there for 10 seconds I jumped in for it it was freezing cold water

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  • Mahesh

    My son peed all over my iphone 4 during his naked hour at home.. Discovered it only 5 minutes later. Shook it dry and cleaned in a cloth. Like all hysterical owners I switched it on. It did switch on at first.but said No sim.. Put it in a rice bag. After couple of again saw it. It was fine and showed all the apps. But then it went blank again and the LED light switched on at the back. Now did some more reaseach and put it in the rice bag. After 4 days I swtiched it on. the led light still came on and touch screen not working. Iheld the home and the sleep button together and did the reset. The led light went off. but the touch screen still not working. I connected it to the laptop. It was detected and propted for a software update. I updated the software. The screenshot takes placel. the alarm was working. the voice control was detecting sound and the speakers were well too. But my touch screen is not working, therefore i am not able to move ahead of my locked screen!!.. i put it back in the rice bag.. pls suggest guys.. im going a little nuts..

    • Nathan

      you are going to need to replace your screen as well as digitizer. it will refresh you touch rand you will have a nice clean screen.

    • Lindsayy

      I am so upset, my touchscreen isn’t working either. :(

  • Brandon Pacheco

    I left my iPhone on my navigator’s rear bumper which sticks out of my garage, and it rained overnight! Aaaahhhhh. The good thing about it was that it was slightly protected by an otterbox and holster, but it was screen-up so it drank some water through the phone speaker. I vacuumed all openings including the simcard slot immediately, then stuffed it in a 20lb. rice bag. Later that day, viola’…..

    • Cliff Johnsen

      you must live on the bottom of the planet.

  • Maddi smith

    I droppped my iPhone in the toilet on thursday at school after I had only got it a week beforehand. It turned off straight away without me doing anything. I had no rice at school so I had to wait until I got home. I put it in a bag of rice and left it for a day. I tried turning it on. Nothing. I left it for another day. And plugged it into power and tried turning it on but still nothing! I yhave put it back in rice and it is now sunday morning ! Can anyone please help ?????

  • JR

    My phone fell out of my pocket, right into the (clean) toilet!! I heard the splash & immediately reached in & pulled it out, devastated!! i turned it off, took off the case, dried it off & stuck it in a container w/ some rice. My husband later took out the SIM card. It kept turning on & I was frustrated because I didn’t want it to short out. I left it for just over 24 hrs. I’ve been using it since & thank goodness so far everything seems to be working great. Ill keep crossing my fingers!!

  • christopher

    i turned my iphone on after driying and it is turning on but i cloud not touch the screan beacose it is not working (ican’t slid to write the password)

  • christopher

    how i have to do?

  • christopher

    how i have to do?PLEAS

  • Colette

    My HTC Android met my drink at lunch while I was in my car. By some unfortunate timing and spacial oddities, my phone landed directing into my open cup and completely submerged in my coke (what are the chances of that happening?!). I knew you were supposed to take the battery out immediately and naturally, didn’t do what I was supposed to. I smartened up after seeing the failing connection and the phoen started to overheat. I put my phone in rice for 3 days while I used a loaner phone. After 3 days I put my phone on the charger and Voila! I haven’t encountered any differences yet but at least i’m not out the $600 for a replacement!

  • Lanah

    well, I managed to have my ipod in the bath, I put it down, slipped and sent it flying into the water… I panicked and grabbed a hair dryer… starting to regret that now but oh well… I have my ipod in a bag of rice and im waiting till the end of the week, you know… to be safe. my nearest apple store is 45 miles away, but I thought about ebay or somewhere like that… sigh.

    thanks for the advice, I think ive learnt my lesson to be more careful.

  • andrae

    Rushing as usual on my way to a religious function, had iPhone in my back pocket because I was going to take pictures of friends and family members; sit on the toilet and boom, unbeknownst to me the phone must have fell in the toilet. Two days later, my husband floods the bathroom toilet; gets the plunger and voila, extracts my wet, soggy pitiful looking iPhone. I only use my phone for pictures and video, since i have another phone for calls. I really didn’t miss the phone. I was amazed when my husband pulled my phone out of the toilet bowl! He immediately said “put in rice”. I looked at him cross-eyed. I said, “what, rice, where did you get that from”? He proceeds to get my brown rice out of my canister, pours it out and puts the phone in the bowl. At this point, I’m like – oh no, not the good rice, but at the same time I’m desperate for a remedy. He says, “it will work, look it up on the Internet.” And that’s what I did. I always listen to him, and I trust it will work since others have had similar experiences. It has been in the bowl of rice for 15 hours – I will check on it when I get home. Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping and praying it works!

    • jess

      did it work again!!??!?!?!

    • perrryz

      Putin Rice.

  • Rob

    Soo, I took my eyes off of my 18 Month old son and he managed to get my brand new Iphone 5 off the charger and put it in the toilet…. the worst part is im not even sure how long it was in there.. only a min or so at most but still!! it was working perfectly fine in the toilet i could still see my sons failed attempt to unlock it! it wasnt until after I removed it from the water that it stopped working.. straight away i put it in a bag of brown rice, did i realize that it was instant rice until my wife told me. so i then ran to the store with the phone still in the instant rice and got a bag of actual white rice…. so heres to hopeing!!!



    • Alix

      That’s literally what just happened to me. It fell into the toilet while I was showering, and it’s now in a bag of rice but the camera light won’t turn off…

  • elizabeth

    my ipod was in my pocket and rain went in the speaker

  • Gustav

    I had my iphone 5 in my swimming pants when I totally forgot and jumped in the pool to get something. It was only about and hour later i noticed i had jumped in the pool with it. ( i was only in the pool for around 8 secs ) but i got splashed with water and stuff after. I have it in a bad of rice and i dried with a hair dryer. Im really scared. I hope it will work soon. Any other suggestions that might work?

  • Rice bowl

    I dropped a bag of rice in the toilet by accident last night. Today the toilet won’t flush. Anyway, I stuck my iPhone in to absorb the water.

    • Marlene MacVane


    • Mariana Carranza

      huh? lolz

  • Sheena

    Will just dropped my phone in the bath an pulled it right out got hair
    Dryer an started blow drying in the holes .. Then I took phone apart
    An there was Lil water in bk so I blow dryed the in side for like 15 min
    An made sure I did not get it to hot but I am on it right now doin this an tonight
    I just going to put in bag of rice to make sure ..

  • Nick

    I had my iPod on top of the glad wrap box in the kitchen while I was getting a drink. The lid flipped up and it was submerged into a small container of water. I was gutted. I didn’t have any rice or silicon packs so I left it in a towel overnight in the morning it worked for a while. Then it started turning off by itself so I covered it in cotton wool pads for 6 hours then wrapped it in a towel and now it works absolutely fine! I’m going to buy some rice anyway and leave it for a while just to be safe although I can’t detect any differences other than the darkness of the screen occasionally for a few seconds. So overall, wrapping the water damaged device in a towel works the best for me. Thanks :)

  • Chelsea

    my phone had apple juice split over i shook as much water out as i could and threw it into rice my screen went black but did not shut off i woke up to the alarm on my phone so i thought that was a good sign i went to go turn it off an the light (flash) from my camera was on and it wont turn off. i tried going into my camera to see if the flash was on…its not but i saw water(juice) bubbles in there i plan i leaving it in the rice longer but im worried about the bubbles and that light…. any ideas other then the light and the bubbles in the camera it seems to be fine…..HELP!!! i cant live with out my PHONE

  • sukhman

    you just saved my iphone 4. This rice thing worked for me. many thanks for the tips

  • Laura

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee you !!!!!!!!!!! You saved my iPod’s life from tea and I am eternally grateful!! I did get a little impatient and take it out after 36 hours and the touch function wouldn’t work but left it for another 24 hours and it is alive once again with NO faults!
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

  • Caitlin

    I was at my friends house today when I desperatly needed the loo so I went upstairs not realising that my iPhone was still in my back pocket and so yes it fell down the loo but i knew what had happened the moment i heard the noise so i almost automatically fished it out of the loo and grabbed a ton of loo roll and wrapped it in it to get rid of the water you could see. I then, obvisouly stupidly now, checked to see if it was working and it looked fine the screen turned on and everything the only thing was, was that the flashlight on the back had come on :/ I ran down stairs and asked my friends ffor some rice and a bowl and she knew what had happened immediatly. I just really hope that it’s okay and from reading all the comments that have been put on here and how many of them have said they were fine after i just hope that i’m not one of the unlucky ones :/

  • party girl

    last night i went out partying with my friends, by the time i got home i was past the point of just buzzing and had to pee extreamly bad! I ran in the house and hit the first bathroom i saw, now becuz i was feeling wavy, i did think twice able goin to the bathroom, flushing the tolite, washing my hands and going able my business, i noticed i didnt have my phone in my hand but was too wavy to care, i went to sleep and woke up on the hunt of my missing phone. after checking all the normal places my phone is usually hiding, i checked the bathroom, and saw my iphone at the bottom of the tolite, looking like it was trying to go down the drain. Mind you this was the next morning that i found it, so i grabbed it and franticly went for the rice. so my iphone has been in rice now for about 4 hours and i really hope this works seeing as how i work for apple and did NOT buy their protection plan i know i will not get a replacement for free:-( Well see how this goes…..

  • FutureEsq

    So last sun while getting up in a haste, I decide to do laundry. Lalala in goes the blanket, sheets and my IPHONE!! I realized it after maybe 5min on heavy wash. So I open the machine hoping not to find it but I do sitting in water under the comforter in my otterboxish case. I grab run to the charger and try to charge it and turn it on at once. Yep I’m a smart one. Then I call the hubby and research and they tell me I’m screwed. So what do I do run to the pantry and all we have is wild rice. The phone shown a white flashlight in back and was kind of warm and I knew it was fried. Still poured the wild rice over it and let it sit for 2 days. I must admit I would take it out to look at it. Day 3 I changed to white rice. Day 4 took out rice and plugged in, my God the apple sign and password lock came on. When. I tried to take it off the lock the phone grew dim. I turned it off and back in rice it went. Today Day 5 I have plugged in wall and will let it charge for 24 hours and will give an update.

    • Benny Rios

      Let it dry 48 hrs , do not touch , let your iphone on intense care , then see what happen, good luck .

    • lucy

      that is what i have done with my phone an im really scared it wont work its in a bag of rice now but im so worried i don’t know what to do. everyone Around me thinks that its funny.

  • Vanessa

    okay so a couple days ago i dropped my ipod touch 4th gen into the toilet… i used the rice method for a couple days took it out and charged it… it works pretty good… the only problem i have is that i turned my brightness all the way down as i do during the night… but it goes completey black when i do that and its still works etc… i cant put the brightness back up and really need some help here.. someone HELP ME PLEASE?

  • West

    How long after I drop it in water do I have till the rice treatment doesn’t work?

  • Benny Rios

    I went to Walking with My Girlfriend and She Put her iphone 4s at her bag-pack and i never imagine a bottle of water spilled inside backpack some and get wet her iphone , camera eye was cover with moisturize , product of the water get in the iphone , so thaxs guys put it inside a Ziploc bag with rice …i gonna wait 24 hrs to see if work again , look when iphone get wet the screen turn like black and white and does want to turn off , until I dyed it up with a hair dryer then after few mins turn off then the rest i told you …so right now iphone is at intense care, Guys thank you very much for your tips,

  • Ashley G.

    Sooooo, I was in bed playing APB reloaded and my iPhone 3GS was right by my side, I stopped a sec just to drink water from a bottle and left it on the bed, while a started playing again a felt my butt wet and then saw that the bottle wasn’t closed right and spilled half of the water, I went looking for my iPhone almost freaking out and imagine where it was? in a “puddle” of the spilt water. I cleaned the phone with some tissues and it was working normally, I calmed down & put the phone on top of a chair I had in my room. After changing my bed I went to look at the Iphone again and it wouldn’t turn on D’:
    After I while the was screen very dark but you could still use it but hardly could see anything so I managed to turn the phone off and put it in a bag of rice, hope it works :( I’ll come back to say if it worked or not :CCCC I hope so.

  • Rachel Van

    Thanks for the great tips! I was dumb enough to go walk through a creek, and then slip into a big hole! Not so fun when you realize your phone is in your back pocket. It seems to work fine but I’ll try the rice for a just in case.

  • Victoria

    ok, my mom dropped her iphone in the pool and wasn’t able to get it overnight. When she tried to get it out the next day she dried it off and put it in rice. WE are in the process of seeing what happens. I will post again to see what happens.

  • Jane Salley

    Yikes – had my iPhone 5 in my back pocket and like many before me took a quick trip to the bathroom. You all know the rest – kerplunk! When I pulled it out of the water I touch a button and it woke up. So much for not turing it on. I dried it off, took it out of the case, more drying while Googling “what to do if your iPhone gets wet”. I didn’t have a bag full of silica packets, but I did have a can of flower drying “crystals”. I placed the phone in an organza gift bag so the crystals won’t get into all the little nooks and crannies and placed it in a zip plastic bag with the drying crystals coving it. That was 10 minutes ago. This will be the longest 24 hours ever!

  • shonda

    Silica beads can be found in craft stores and Walmart near the artificial flowers. they cost approximately $2 to $3 dollars a bag. I know first hand that they work I have had to use them on my son’s I phone.

  • Jane Salley

    It worked! I put my iPhone in a bag of flower drying crystals after dropping in water. After 24 hours it works just fine. What a great blog!

  • Patrick Quinn

    Oh no! Someone help! I went to the toilet and then when I stood up I heard a notification and so I took my iPod out and it went in the toilet(with my urine in!!!)!!!! I took it out and turned it on (it was on standby) and it worked perfectly and I completely dried it. Then I put it down, turned the shower on and was all ready to have my shower and I decided I wanted music in my shower, so I went to my iPod and it turned on normally, but then when i touched the screen it didn’t work! Somebody please help me!! I’ve had it in rice all day and I took out my iPod just now and it still isn’t moving when I touch it, although I noticed earlier that when I blew into the bottom of my Ipod it would slightly move when I touched it but then go back again, the time changes at the right time and I get snapchats from people and notifications but I can’t view them, I also can’t turn off my iPod because I can’t slide it to turn it off – many thanks in advance

    • Chloe


  • Jodi

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  • Swily_Staff

    Okay, so I went to an amusement park today with some friends. We knew we were going on water rides, so we brought ziploc bags to stuff our stuff into. I’m in one of those waterlog rides and we hit the bottom-my foot kicks the bag and to breaks open as the water rushes to where it is in the boat. I walk away and realize my phone is soaked. I really, really really hope this way works (I got the phone only a few days ago)

  • Shelly

    yeah… had my phone in my backpack(I normally wear an armband!!) and was hiking around the rocks in the ocean… I slipped and almost fell on my face. My precious iphone 5 came tumbling out and slid under the rocks.. WIthin a minute I was able to retrieve it, but the salt water had gotten inside it! It became so hot to the touch.. Ps you phone will not come back to life if it was in salt water :( I did do the whole rice trick too. I’m just Pissed my carrier didn’t give me the protection plan I asked for…

  • Tricia

    My iphone went in the washer. I realized it as soon as the water started filling up. Lucky me, the apartment complex laundry machines have a smart idea to lock the doors once you push the start button. So there I was waiting for 25 or so minutes until the cycle completed. I immediately took out my phone from the washer, took off its cover, and filled a ziplock bag with rice and submerged my phone in there. I left it in there for nearly 48 hours, flipping it the morning after and again last night. I just took it out and tried to turn it on. Nothing. I plugged it into it’s wall charger. A few seconds later the apple icon appeared and proceeded to completing turn on. I was able to navigate through my messages, calls, etc, with just minor water marks in the background near the edges of the screen. Battery said 75% so I decided to unplug it from the wall. Soon as I took it off the plug, it shut off. I put it back on the plug and it started to power up again. Took it off and it shut off once more. I put it back in the bag off rice, will check later tonight again.

    Does anyone have an idea why it might be doing that? Shutting off once I take it off the wall charger? Does it need to charge for a certain amount of time before I can freely use it again? Or is that a sign that although it turns on when plugged in, I wont be able to use it without it being plugged in?

    • jess

      it probably will be shutting off because the battery is knackered. take it into the apple store and they will replace the battery for you

      • Tricia

        I ordered a new battery on ebay. This is the last thing that I can try before getting a completely new phone. Wish me luck!

    • Tricia

      After realizing my phone wouldnt stay on unless it was plugged in, I put it back in the rice bag for another 24hrs. When I took it out the next day, I noticed the water mark I had mentioned earlier was slowly disappearing. And even better, I was able to keep it on, even if it was just for a couple minutes, without it being plugged into the wall. I decided to keep it in the rice bag longer, as I read on other postings that the more damaged the phone, the longer you keep it in the rice bag, the better the results. It is not the 5th day and I just turned on iphone, messages are updating, sounds are working, and it is staying on just a little bit longer than the first time I took it out the bag. I was able to make calls, but my friends were not able to hear me on their end. I ordered a new battery on ebay, which I feel is my last resort now. I will update you guys again in a couple days when I get my new battery.

      So far this rice bag trick is working. I am beyond appalled as I never did this trick before and for how much my iphone had gone through, this is amazing!

      • giantELF

        Try a cheap bluetooth device instead of relying on the speaker in the phone which might be damaged beyond rice repair.

  • Nickolas Napfel

    I jumped in the pool and the apple sign came up so I waited and placed it in the sun but after I came back it wasn’t working the apple sign didn’t come up what does that mean?

  • Thundercat

    Hey I’m staying in a hotel and have no access to rice at the moment… does anyone have any other suggestions until I can get to a store tomorrow? :( Thanks.

  • Duncan

    So I dropped my phone into water for about 5 seconds and there is no noise output and the screen is a slight lighter on 1/4 of the screen. I didn’t have a lot of rice so I put it in so the slot where it charges is in the rice. Will this help fix the output?
    I have an Iphone 4 (If it matters)

  • Thunderstar25 .

    Just yesterday, I had my phone in my swimming shorts. Totally forgot about it and then plunged in the pool. Got out, jumped in again. Then one of my friends asked if we should take a pic with the iphone. It was then I realized it was in my pocket. I raced out of the water, got it into some rice and now I’m in the waiting game to see if it’s completely screwed or not.

    • Gary Shinsky

      I was at my daughters pool and yes you guessed it in I went with my iphone in my suit pocket. I realized it almost immediately and got out, dried it and got it into a baggie of white rice. At first I could make calls and they could hear me, but I could not hear them. After being dried throughly and put in rice it pretty much started working normal. The only thing it looks like I have a cloud picture on my blank screen. I assume that that is moisture so I put it back into the baggie of rice. I can make normal calls now so I am hoping and praying that no major damage occured.

  • missvicgt

    Dropped my iphone in the bath…oops! Dried it off completely and wrapped in towel while I was getting out, but I didn’t turn it off for about 10 minutes. As soon as I could I put it in a bag of rice, but I can see the apple logo keeps lighting up on the off screen, anyone know whether this is good or a bad sign!?

  • Lu

    Just my story to give others hope: I managed to submerge two electrical devices in the space of a few days. Yeah, it’s a gift i have.

    The first was my Samsung Android, which was in my back pocket and decided to do a nose dive into the toilet as i prepared to pee. It was only in the water for about 5 seconds while i scrambled to retrieve it. I opened it up, dried it off and obviously turned it on, as you do, and it seemed to work-ish, but later went completely bonkers and conked out. I Googled and as a result shoved it in a pot of rice. The second device was my iPod which had a worse fate – 1 hour 40°C wash with full on detergent and fabric softener. Excellent! Never will i forget the horror of seeing those headphones dangling as i opened the washing machine door….
    Anyway, obviously it went straight into its own pot of rice and joined its friend on the sunny window sill. I then proceeded to look for replacements for both items while continuously berating myself.
    I read that they should be in there for a week, so with the phone, it stayed there for 7 days until i was brave enough to try turning it on. After i did…it worked perfectly! Only thing i notice is that the battery drains slightly faster than it did before, but i will take that! With the iPod, i kept checking on it every few days, but the water still sloshing around in the screen meant i left it in rice for 10 days before all the water had gone and it looked possible to attempt revival. I plugged it into my computer…braced for some kind of explosion….instead i got the Apple logo!! It started charging! It connected to iTunes! I can’t believe that after that long in the water, this thing is doing anything, let alone showing signs of being fine!
    I now worship rice.

    • igetsitduun

      It’s the time and exposure to airflow at gets rid of water…not sealing it in an area with damp rice around it. Lol.

      • Lu

        If you read the article and comments you’d see that its DRY rice, not damp rice, which draws out additional moisture that is left inside the electronic device. The rice is still dry afterwards as there isnt enough water to make it damp, but there is enough left inside the device to damage it. Both my electronics dried when sealed in dry rice with no exposure to airflow so I’m afraid you’re incorrect that this technique doesn’t work.

      • igetsitduun

        If you had payed attention in any of your sciency-math classe, it would be obvious that your idea of how physics works is incorrect. which is not to. say.Ur phone didn’t work. but just cuz I can drive away from an accident…does not make it productive. I was being facetious. everyone hasheard this idea….and I was trying to point out here an.d in the rest of the thread. it is amarginal idea at best. prohibitive at worst. if you don’t want to take it apart, fine…soak it in 99% isopropyl and let that dry. it will stillbe readyfaster than your way. and if u had spent as much time looking at the evidence to the contrary (its everywhere if you are trying to find info actively) you would realize all the people who actually make them work again, rather than praying to the rice bag god…disagree with you.
        let me put it another way. you just did 10 hours of manual labor in 90 degree weather. you want to cool off. do you a) climb in a bag with rice and seal yourself in? Or move to open air and ac gods willing Maybe even even some ac. exactly. and since its all evaporation…its the same damn thing. its a marginal move that may actually create more corrosion and debris in your phone. I feel I’ve chastised enough.
        have a great day.
        p.s. I’m unsubscribing and never coming back because of how wonky this site’s forums are. Kinda like how I work on iPhones…but have and android specifically with the feature of a removable back. takes a second at most. check em out. pretty nifty. it was 10 bucks with a plan ands still smokes the.s.

  • Coleman Cullinan

    I accidentally jumped in the pool with my iPod Touch 5 and took out of my pants very fast. I dried it off and then my friend hit the home button to see if it was broken. I then let it dry for a little more than started to play a game on it because my friend said it was fine. The touch screen was a little buggy so I turned it off and now have it in a bag of rice. I’m sooo scared! Does anyone know if every Apple device comes with a 1 year warranty and if so do you have to have the AppleCare card?

    • igetsitduun

      Doesn’t matter. Well, actually, I take that back…I think they are in a lawsuit over the “we don’t repair it if that sticker is red” policy of theirs. Just pull the phone apart (remove the back and battery and unless Ur dexterous or have done something like this before….that’s about as far as u should go.)Boards have micro-resistors. Be careful when removing the plug (battery) from the mobo, as if you use the board as leverage, lots of bad things can happen. Just take your time, pull directly up with a spudge ( tho tweezers are considerably easier and less one sided…and own it. Do that, wait a week (takes longer for water to get out from between the LCD/digitizer/screen…if it indeed made it in theer) and throw her back together. Should be fine. Remember to have someone actually clean t tho. As 3 months down theroad things could go wrong if the corrosion is left to fester. Really, should be no worries…just time and inconvenience. ; ) .

  • Sharon

    I managed so soak my phone at 2pm yesterday was in the water for two seconds didnt switch off straight away then screen went blank aaaaarggh so me being a douche plugged it in only to realise I had done worst thing checked what to do on here and had no rice so went to local shop came home put in zip sandwich bag an chucked phone in ots now working to ots full ability at the min!!! Long may it last

    • Jenlittle

      How long did you set it in Rice?

  • Sam

    I dropped my iPhone5 down the loo after only having it 1 month!! I couldn’t switch it off after because the swipe wouldn’t work and my screen went funny, crackled then died… I was sceptical it was ever going to work again. I put it in a plastic food back with rice and tied it air tight, left it for 3 days. Finally opened it today (had to pick rice out of the charge port with tweezers) and plugged in to charge. So far everything seems to be as it was before! So relieved this worked :)

    • Jenlittle

      Do you have to have the rice bag sealed?

      • Sam

        I don’t know if this makes a difference but it seemed to work for me. I’ve had it on for several hours now, it’s charged fully and I’ve played about with it quite a bit and it seems to be ok.

      • igetsitduun

        Rice does almost nothing. Silica is better. But still does almost nothing. Grab a set of tools (usually included with a battery that you will probably want a year down the road even if urs is fine.) However, it is the #1 hw related issue with water damage. This is because you can’t possibly get to it in time to do anything. You know, because it takes a micro pentalobe driver. Or a determined person with a small knife : b. Might get with stopping by any phone repair place and they will probably just give you 1. (I was in Philly with my uncle…my tools were in Austin.) Either way you do it…expose the parts to air. Or the opposite route is also good. 99% isopropyl bath will do some of the. Work for you…and will certainly move water away from your phone. Theoretically it could run in that environment too…Idk. I figure if I’m going so far as to . To save a phone….no reason to push your luck. It works like a mobo/logic board submerged in oil…which is non-conductive. But rice…it will get wet and absorb small amount. But nothing that would aid you when you shake your phone and water comes out. Look up the rice thing….been debunked quite a few times. And even if you break a part and have to replace it, you gain knowledge…as well as a phone that rice may and or may not have saved. And whatever ou do, stop going to the ironically named fatheads that don’t know a thing about hw. It is truly insane hw little they know bout something hey come n contact with constantly.
        p.s. if you arent going to do ..take it someone. I’ve had phones placed in my hands a year out from water damage…not pretty. Corrosion is like a cancer. Sits there and eats your connections up. The only phones I haven’t been able to fix or flash back to life were those. Well and this 4 my d insisted on trying to turn on EVERY day. Despite my diatribes. And now pin 1 and 4 are toast and I have to find a differently broken phone to save it. A week at least if you aren’t going to clean it. At least. Then you just have to worry about cheap parts…if anything. My 2c after fixing 20 or so “bricks” over the years…and losing only 2. Well now a third. But I can’t make him drink from the well. Gl.

  • Jenlittle

    I was driving my car and hit the brakes and my iphone which was in an Otterbox slid into a cup of water. I can still hear my notification going off but my screen is all BLACK, I do have it in rice. Do you think my phone will ever work?

  • Aia Shtia

    I dropped my iphone in the toilet bowl and immediately grabbed it but it was submerged fully :( The screen looked alright and I switched it off right away. Wiped and shook the water away as I could and buried it in rice. I placed it outside the house buried in rice. I didnt turn it on or what but the backlight just switched on spontaneously and I can’t turn it off (my phone’s batt is dead too and there’s no way I am turning my phone on!). It has been sitting there for 14 hours already and I could see the camhole (?) like it’s damp :( Crossing my fingers :(

  • savanna

    My brother thought it would be a funny idea to throw water balloons at my iphone 4, he managed to throw at least three before I caught him. I first used my shirt to dry my phone off and, I went threw every button on it to make sure it all still worked. (yes, I am a blonde..) My volume was screwed up so I tried to start playing the music. after this I asked my sister what to do, and she gave me the blow dryer advice. Which I used, and in my panic I didn’t think of the consequences of using heat. (The blower dryer had no cold air dial, so it only blew hot air..) my phone shut off and it hasn’t turned on since, I have tried E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!! I know it’s fried and i’m never going to be able to use it, but if anyone has any miracle suggestion please let me know!!!

  • Sandy

    Thanks for the tip! I dropped my iPod in water today and I turned it on! Now I put it in rice and I hope it works! Im reaaallllyyy worried! Are you sure this advice will work? o.O -_o Im Reaallly Mad at myself for this stupidness! >.<

  • Justin MacCreery

    Arriving earlier to camp than expected, I found myself locked out. Thought I’d take a little kayak while I waited for the in-laws to arrive. About a mile away, I thought I’d hang my feet over the sides and cool off. But, I was only able to get my heels in, so I figured I’d try to rise my butt up, which should allow more foot in the water. Well, that worked. Not only did my feet get in, but so did my ankles, legs, stomach, head, sunglasses, bandana, wallet and, or course, my iPhone. Swam the kayak to shore, emptied the water and grudgingly padded the mile back to camp. I didn’t take the phone out of my pocket until I arrived at the dock. By now, it had been completely submerged for about 5 minutes while I swam ( and floundered trying to get back into the kayak while it was in the water. Cliff sides to where I happen to flip it!), then was in my very wet shorts for about another 20 minutes. It seemed to get hot, but I resisted turning it on or off or even touching it. It sat in my car overnight Saturday. By Sunday, the outside looked okay. Later Sunday, still not turning it on, I stuck it into some rice. (apparently, you don’t want to use the expensive rice for this. It makes the wife upset…. who’d know there was cheep and expensive RICE!! Oh well, I do the cleaning while she cooks…) Funny thing is, at work today, I intended to do some website testing on phones… but now I don’t have one!!! Hum, what to do…. Anyhow, I’ll keep it in the rice for another day or two and see how it gets along. Then, I’ll post back with what I hope will be a successful story.

  • mardarkpsy

    I have the 4s Iphone and it fell in the pool..After it didnt switch on..I try to clean it from the water with paper..It switch on but after 5 minutes it turned off and it show me an image which show me that I must connect it with itunes.I connect it with itunes and it say that I must restore it..I pressed the button which it said ”Restore” and started,..when it finished it said me that it cant restore it and I would try in a few minutes…I tried again a half past ago and again the same message..I cant understand..Why it cant turn on?:( How I can save it??:(

  • Bo Riddle

    I dropped my iPod in the toilet! I immediately put it in a bowl of rice. After 2 days I tried to turn it on and it did. Then it turned back off and has never turned back on! :(

  • Ayla

    My iPhone has been wet twice first it went in the loo about 5 months go up at rainbow beach all i did was shake the shit outta my iPhone to try an get all the water out and put it in the sun when there was sun while phone was turned off i lost all sound but my ringtone was the only thing i could hear an the only way i could speak to people was putting my iPhone on speaker. Now my phone fell in the bath tub its was only in the for like 5 seconds before i snatched it out an all i have done so far is shake the shit out of it again an i grabbed the hair dryer on it for like 5 min giving it a break every now an then now its sitting in the bag off rice. Has anyone had this happen to them twice and what was your out come?? I’m really scared on whats gonna happen. Please Help me :(

  • Claudia Sassada

    omg omg omg, i dropped my iophone 4 in the bathroom, and i cant turn it off :/ welps :D? And i have no rice -.- Im at a summer shcoooool hellpppp

  • Emily Worthing

    Last night I was swimming. I put my iphone 4s in my towel so it wouldn’t get wet. When I got out of the pool I grabbed my towel in a hurry because the wind was blowing and I was cold. One second later I hear “sploosh” I dived in after my phone, took off my otterbox, and dried my phone. It was still on and everything functioned perfectly except for the external speakers. I blew into all of the ports and got some water out. I then shut my phone off, took the SIM card out and put it in a bag o rice. Then my phone kept on turning back on and it was making this hissing sound. I finally got it off and got it to stay off. How long should I leave it in the rice?

  • Angela

    my daughter visited a friends house with her guest who was visiting from out of state. These friends are very wealthy and have a pool and jacuuzi. The sixteen year old girls were not intending to stay and did not want to swim or get wet. The boys of the house picked them up against their will and despite their protests , screams that their phones were in their pockets the boys ignored them and threw them in to the jacuzzi fully dressed. the boys thought it was funny. The girls left crying . I paid a friendly polite visit to the family and they will not help replace the phones. I am on welfare for medical reasons and the guest teen is also poor because her Dad is dying and spent all his money on medical bills. The boys and their family show no remorse. I sacrificed 170$ of my own money to replace the guests phone ( BOTH COVERED BY INSURANCE BUT THIS IS THE DEDUCTIBLE PER PHONE) at considerable hardship but Doing the right thing is important to me. They know I am a chaplain and poor because I serve the poor and dying. I feel sorry for this hard hearted family. The rice did not work….so be warned….. the modern day test of friendship and trust is based on who will cough up to help you when your I phone breaks!

  • lucy

    i dropped my iphone3 in the toilette and i dont know what to do. it was around 6 hours ago and im really worried because i int back it up

  • Danielle

    ok so I dropped mine in a toilet for about 20 seconds. I then immediately turned it on, and then waited for like 2 hours to put it in rice. It is now not working at all. Help?

  • Schmee

    About 5 hours ago, was at the beach, Decided to cool off and dove into the water. Phone was in my pocket. I got obscenely hot on it’s own, Got home about 2 hours later after drying it best I could, and stuck it in a bowl of rice. Here’s to hoping. My parents are pissed, but shit happens, It was an accident.

  • Luciano

    I was playing soccer and my phone was in my pocket and then it fell in a little puddle of water

  • Kara


  • Bianca

    i went out drinking and usually when i wake up the next morning i take a bath. i don’t know why, its relaxing when youre hungover, anyways, i was still feeling a little tipsy ipod5 in hand checking facebook real quick, and my hand let it go, it fell in, and was in there for like 3 seconds, i dried it with a towel and put on a bathrobe and ran to the kitchen for the rice, at first i didn’t turn it off so i’m kind of scared that it’s ‘fried’ but it’s been in there for about 10 hours and i just really want this to work, i’m serious when i say this, my ipod is my life, i had the 1st generation ipod and it was in my back pocket and i went to sit on a ledge on the bridge thinking it looked good (i was hanging out with a guy) an my ipod falls into the water, i ran down to get it (probably 10 seconds) and it was totally messed up, i wiped it down with my shirt then acted like i didn’t care but on the inside i was dying because i’m not like most people, i have no money and i had to beg my people for that ipod, for both ipods. but the 1st ipod i had i didn’t put it in rice until the next day, so it didnt work. i’m hoping it works this time. i wish i had those silica packets..

  • jenni

    i dropped my iphone in the toilet and turned it on to see if it was okay, dried it under the hand dryer, left it in the car for 4 hours, put it in rice 5 hours after i dropped it in the water, is it still going to work? please say yes. and there is water in both of the cameras and the light

  • Charleslawrenson1010

    I had my iPhone 4 playing with it whilst paddling in my pool at the top of my garden and I locked the phone whilst placing it gently on the floor however I slipped and it flew into the water it was in for about 4 seconds as I was white and hard to see in a white swimming pool

  • Christina5477

    I dropped my Iphone 4S into the ocean for about 3-5 minutes before I was able to find it and pull it out. I immediately went to the store and bought rice. I placed it in the bag of rice and it has been there for almost 3 days now. I understand it might not work again, but I am worried about saving the pictures that were not on my icloud. We were on a family vacation when this happened, and I dont want to lose those pictures. Any advice?

  • silas

    me and my brother got into a fight he broke my nose i knocked him out when he woke up he threw my iPhone in the toilet and two hours later there i find it and i have a big trip tomorrow any ways to fix it within 12 hours?

  • Nicky Juba

    I used the rice method, left it for a day, and Lo an Behold! It works. Only side effect is that my external speakers don’t work. My phone, which is the iPhone 4S by the way, will ring if someone call but the only way I can listen to music or watch a video on YouTube is with earphone. Minor thing compared with losing my whole phone. Indefinitely recommend it. I maybe should have left it longer but I was wayyyy to impatient. Hope this helps :)

  • Anne

    Somebody please give me some success stories! I accidentally dropped my iPhone in a cup filled with coke and didn’t realize until 20 mins later. Can’t switch it on. It’s in a bag of rice. I need some success stories so that I don’t go crazy….

  • Marcus Morch

    Ok so i really need help today i was just hanging around with my friend and his family and mine. When we decided to go to the beach, I went out swimming with my friend in the ocean with my iphone 4 in my pocket. I didn’t notice it was there until we had been swimming for about 20-25 minutes, i looked up what other people had done here and yes they put it in the rice for 48 hours then tried to charge it for 3 hours and then turn it on if it does not work they said to lput it back in the rice for another 24 hours and try again.

  • disqus_Ec6wRX3CnK

    My phone was charging on top of my snake cage which is sitting on my table… Which had a cup of water on it. I had not touched my phone in minutes when all of the sudden I hear a splash and thought “great, my water spilled.” Wrong. My phone happened to fall at the EXACT perfect trajectory to fall directly into the cup without even knocking it over. I pulled it out and dried it off and it kept vibrating but the screen was black. It is now in rice and I’m praying to God that will do the trick because I do not have a spare cent to spend on replacing it.

  • bp

    thank you for the advice my i phone jumped into the pool I promptly took it out, it was still on, and I took it inside and tried to dry it with my hair dryer. My daughter then said put it in a bowl of rice, which I did. Then I went online and read your advice. No heat too late, don’t turn it on, I had already turned it off and then on. So now I turned it off and put it in a ziplock bag and ignored it for almost 40 hours. I took it out of the bag and tried to turn it on no way and then I remembered reading that someone said that they hooked it up to the charger and within a few minutes I was seeing all the messages I had missed. thank you thank you

  • Mike Gus Schwickerath

    PLEASE HELP!!! I left my 2nd gen iPod touch in my pocket during a very hot and humid day. Now it wont turn on. I left it out all night and then it turned on in the morning to tell me it needed to be charged, but when i plugged it in nothing happened. its in rice right now. Any suggestions???

  • Cliff Johnsen

    How to save an iphone that has been swimming for a long time!. Yes, I had mine in my pocket and in a lake with dirty water.

    First find some duct tape. Wrap it around the bottom of the phone and inside that wrap. put an air hose. Seal the air hose as close as you can to the charge plug. Then hold the phone upside down and put the air to it. Water will stream and bubble out the top (pointed down) . Just keep it going till no more bubbles or water come out.

    Then get a fish tank air pump. (about $12. new at Petco) Hook it to the phone the same way with the duct tape and let it run 24 hours or so.

    Wow! my phone works perfectly. It was totally full of water.

  • mackenzie

    i dropped my ipod in the pool tryed to turn it on and then used a blow dryer to dry it didnt turn on HELP ANYONE email is [email protected]

  • Christina Dixon

    Alright, so my iPhone 5 is black. I also have a black Daft Punk case on it. I also have very dark brown bedsheets, that are almost black. Perhaps you can see where this is going… I wanted to wash my sheets/blankets. So, geniusly thinking my iPhone was in my pocket, I grabbed everything and put it in the wash. Little did I know that I had previously set my phone on my bed. I went back to my room, about to Skype with my friend, then I reached for my phone and it was not in my pocket. I practically destroyed the house trying to find it. The very last place I decided to look for it was in the washer. I opened the door, and BOOM, there it was, submerged in soap and water. Yay. I had a mini heart attack, and I scrambled to the hair dryer. Thankfully, this hair dryer has a cold setting. I tried my luck. Turned it on, and it works just fine… I haven’t noticed any problems so far. And on the bright side, it smells incredible now… But I think I just got lucky here.

  • Taylor Ladue-Robinson

    OK so i keep looking and looking and it feels like no one has the same problem as me and doesnt know how to fix it. so my i phone fell into the toilet and in a panicked rush i went to go charge it. ( stupid thing to do ) then put it in rice. it works but the screen flickers and is always so dim i can barley see it. Also te apps always crash as soon a i click on them. HELP

  • Gloria Vazquez

    HELP!! My son dropped his htc phone in the toilet..he took it out dried it but it don’t work it keeps buzzing on and off i have it in a bowl of rice but it just keeps buzzing on and of {the light} it will not work now what else can i do? HELPPP

  • hcrubg

    Just washed my new iphone 4…

    step one blow it out with an air hose in the earphone hole and the charging hole, also blow out around all the buttons.

    next, get some CRC electrical contact cleaner and use the thin straw adapter and spray and spray the inside of the phone thru every available opening. Let it dry a little and spray again, the stuff evaporates almost immediately taking the water with it.

    Blow it out again with the air hose, then put it in the rice overnight, watch out for rice in openings.

    Recharge and it should be good to go.

  • Ashley Delapp

    My daughter decided to take my phone into the bathtub. I took the otterbox off turned my phone off and put it into a bag of rice for 24 hours. I put it outside on the porch in the shade and turned it on and it works perfectly fine. Good luck to everyone in the future!

  • Tennelle Nicole

    I was washing dishes for my boyfriend one night and I have my brand new iPhone 5 on the counter to play some music. I totally forgot it was next to me when I picked up a pot of hot water (

  • gorgeous

    Where the hell do you get the Silica packets?????

    • heckayellow


  • AJB

    i dropped my iphone in my washer while doing laundry, i had it in a bag of rice for about a day, curiosity led me to turning it on and i noticed the watery corruption on the screen looked different from when i first dropped it so i knew the water was really moving through the phone, and its functionality has returned to normal. the only thing thats missing is its sound : (

  • Nathelie

    UGHHHHHHHHHH I was camping this weekend and I took out my I-phone. I put it on a chair which was really close to water and my friend falls over and the chair I had my phone on fell over with my phone. Not knowing my phone was In the water it took me 5 whole minutes to figure out it was in the water. Of course knowing myself that phone was soo important to me. So I was freaking out! I put my phone in a container filled with rice and its in the sun now! I’m crossing my fingers hoping it would turn on in two weeks! I got that phone only 4 months ago URRGHH

  • giepee

    i washed clothes and i did not notice that i left my iphone on my pants, and now its not working, i went to my service provider where i get my iphone and they say it is not replaceable, they say i owe 26000 pesos in order my iphone to be fixed, this is disgusting!

  • Arianna

    a few months ago it was raining hard and my iphone 3gs was in my hand. the screen is now dim and i can only use it under bright light.

  • Dith vidder

    Well, I am 11, and I dropped my dads iPhone 4S in my pool. I had accidentally kneeled down and it slid out of my pocket into my pool. It was underwater for about 20 seconds. My dad suggested to put it in our freezer to keep the water from going any further by freezing it. I thought that sounded pretty legit, so I did so and 2 days later, it didn’t work. My dad put the iPhone away and 3 weeks later, it worked! But the wifi option is grayed out, the left speaker is not working (the right still works), and the camera doesn’t work. There are also little white spots on the top of the screen. My dad gave it to me. This was like, 5 months ago and nothing has changed since then.

  • Dith vidder

    On fathers day, my friends dad jumped into a lake with his

  • gabbi

    so i couldnt find my iPod and I was thinking about txting it. when i was about to do that i had to use the bathroom. then i completely forgot my iPod was in my back pocket then boom next thing i knew my iPod was in my toilet!!! Luckly I didnt use the bathroom yet so I was safe. I did what any women would do… i stuck my hand right into the toilet, to save my iPods life. I still had to use th bathroom so I put it on a towel used the bathroom then started freaking out. then i said “well this isntfair i just got my iPod yesterday and its all ready broken!” Being the “smart” women that i am i dried it off and turned it on. everything was working but the volume was busted. so long story short my iPod is now happily sitting in a bag of white rice and me sitting here hoping the volume will work.

  • Maddy

    I accidentally dropped my phone into a cup of water. It went black and then started spazzing out. I put it into a bag of rice and I really hope it works!! Does anyone have a story where it returned completely back to normal?

  • Avalon

    I just dropped my ipod 5 in my fish’s tank while face-timing a friend. I started freaking out and took the case off, rubbed it like crazy, shook the water out a bit, and then let it sit for an hour. I just put it in a bag of rice and I’m gonna keep it in there overnight before I check on it (I was dumb enough to turn it on right after I dropped :-S) I read somewhere that if its on when you drop it in the water it’s fried, but sense it was only in there for about 3 seconds, I’m hoping for the best. Good luck to anyone else who happens to be as unfortunate…

  • Lord.

    Thought I’d be a wise guy and record myself jumping in the pool…with my phone in my hand since I can keep my hand out, got the tiniest splash of water in the speaker holes, I have an otter box so it didnt get the entire phone wet and the only thing I noticed was the speakers sounding lower. It’s currently resting in it’s bed of rice and my fingers are crossed. I hope yellow rice works the same as white rice also.

  • Anna Rūta Freidenfelde

    So, my iPod fell in my bath. I let it dry in rice for 28h and it works fine charging and everything, but when i try to charge it the second time it didn’t charge. It says it needs to be plugged in which it is. I`m worried, what to do?

    • Anna Rūta Freidenfelde

      Will getting a new charger work? I have a shitty one that’s bin to like 10 repairs…

  • James Ford

    I had my IPhone 4 just a few hours ago working 100% then suddenly when I have my back turned, I find it in my toilet! As most people I panicked I immediately dried it off and covered it in warm rice, and it worked for the time being! About 30 minutes ago as my phone was on the charger, it went out! I just put it in dry rice for it to sit for 24 hours! Hoping this trick works! Have a lot of pictures that are sentimental to me & my family on that phone!

  • Krystal Anderson

    Last night the jar of body oil I keep on my nightstand tipped over. This morning I woke up and saw that, and that my iTouch was face down, in a puddle of oil. The good news is that it was still on from last night. The bad news is that I had a nice purplish overlay on the screen. I got as much oil off as I could and stuffed it in a bag of rice. So, I know it’s oil and not water, will the rice still work? Or should I plot my trip to the Apple store?

  • Keith Sanders

    After a medium temperature wash in the washing machine (most of the cycle), retrieved and towelled dry. Removed the SIM card and put both straight into a bag of rice. After 20 hours, no response to the on/off s on the front or the end or when I plugged it into my iBook to charge. Worth waiting longer or is it a lost cause ?

  • Imaan

    I dropped my iphone4 in the toilet didn’t get it out straight away but I went home and put it in rice it’s been a day and a half and it won’t even turn on
    Help me please

  • Anushri

    Ah! My iphone fell in the toilet…my worst nightmare! After one scream, I reached with no hesitation to pull it out (sadly, I’ll do anything for my baby, even reach into a toilet…thank god it was clean!) and I looked up “what to do if your iphone falls in the…toilet!). The bag of rice seemed to work, left it in for only 8 hours or so. BUT please make sure you have a screen protector on your phone. I have never scratched my screen until now….SO disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my phone is working… AND make sure you have a paperclip around because little rice bits get stuck in the headphone jack and charger holes. Other than that, the phone seems to be fine. And who knows, maybe this is just the opportunity to get the new iphone coming out!

  • Maya S. Gill

    My iPhone 5 went into the toilet. :(. I immediately grabbed it out removed the cover, shook it out a bit and set it on the counter with the hairdryer on no heat and high. I also tried to turn it off because I guessed that would be better. I would have been better off leaving it alone, since the screen buzzed to life instead of shutting down. I panicked even more, and held down the top button so I would be able to turn it off. Well the screen turned red and won’t shut off. THAT’S when I ran to the internet. My phone’s still on the counter, with a red screen, and the hair dryer blowing it out. Then I read this post and I really panic, I just bought the phone at the end of July and it’s the beginning of September. I couldn’t turn the phone off, or I wasn’t thinking of how to turn it off, but the screen would not go black. I removed it from the hairdryer, placed it in a baggie of rice and continued to stress out because the screen was still red and every time I checked it the phone was getting hotter. Then the brain kicked in. WHEN you hold the top little button and the “home” button simultaneously, and for a few seconds. It shuts the phone off. I did that, replaced it into the baggie of rice.

    This all happened two days ago. My phone sat in the rice for a little over 24 hours. (and I was able to finally turn it off.) My phone is alive and kicking. When I first turned it on there was a slight discoloration of the screen where the red had been the brightest, but I thought that was a small price to pay for being stupid. To my surprise the discoloration went away over time yesterday. It charges fine, and its works as if it never went for a dip in the toilet.

    MORAL of the story. RICE WORKS! But make sure your phone is off or at least on a black screen. If you did what I did, and turned it on. HOLD THE TOP BUTTON AND THE “HOME” BUTTON SIMULTANEOUSLY UNTIL THE SCREEN GOES BLACK. Like this poster said heat KILLS electronics. (My hubby is a tech and he freaked when I told him I put the hair dryer on it) Hairdryers are fine on a NO HEAT setting, but RICE IS BEST! (in lieu of silica packets).

    Thanks for this post, it helped save my phone.

  • Chloe

    Yesterday i was out at my pool with my friend. we were sitting at the edge of the deep-end which is 8 & 1/2 ft. deep, with our feet in the water. I have the iPhone 4s & i have a lifeproof case on it (teal); i turned on some music & opened up the bottom of the case (where you put the charger in) because the music is louder that way. Well with one hand i was holding my phone near my face & my other hand was on the ground. Then out of the corner of my eye i saw something crawling on my hand that was on the ground. I screamed & threw my hands up–throwing my iPhone into the pool. I started to freak out but then remembered it had a lifeproof case & said ‘it has a lifeproof case it’ll be fine’. But my friend was like ‘um ya, except the bottom was open’ Then i started to freak out even more & screamed ‘I GOTTA JUMP IN THE POOL’ i shot into the pool (fully dressed with makeup on my face) grabbed my poor phone from the bottom & shot out of the water–i swear that was the fastest i have swam in my life…i immediately turned it on to see if it still worked & tested to see how the speakers worked–that was before i read that you aren’t supposed to do that….ya so my poor baby will probably never see the light again…but i’m praying & hoping for the best. ;'(

  • peegirl

    i pee on my iphone for i think 12 hrs and i fucked up.. suddenly i grab a silica and a rice together in a plastic bag and sealed it i am hoping for a better result cause i have a lots of files and picture there i don’t want to loose it though

  • czarinakhaleesi

    I had my iPhone 5 in my back pocket with an Otterbox case (not sure if that makes a difference) and when I went to the bathroom I forgot it was there and it fell into clear water…After it being in there for 1.5-2 seconds I took it out and dried it off with a towel. I clicked standby and it turned on but I did not dare to swipe or make contact with anything else….I told my friend and she quickly took off the case and put it in a bag of rice and started shaking the bag. She told me I needed to turn it off and I did (it interacted with my touch so it turned off but I could see the screen becoming pixelating as it was turning off). Now it is sitting in a bowl of brown rice…it has been ten hours. When do you think it’s safe for me to check if it is working?

  • LIZ


  • Kimberly Infante

    i was in Saturday school today went to the bathroom because of course Saturday school is so boring, i put my phone on the top of that box that has toilet paper in it because i always put it there or my front pocket but i didn’t have a front pocket so i did the restroom flushed grabbed toilet paper then heard a splash, it was my phone i panicked and grabbed it fast , i didn’t turn it off because i didn’t know what to do i just cleaned it really fast went back to the class wanting to cry it was still on shook it to take the extra water off then the flashlight came on and it was getting hot :( turned it off and flashlight was still on turned it back on and used it when i got home i put it in rice then blow dryed it and its in rice right now hoping it works going to check it tomorow praying it works

  • Johnny Simon

    I was hanging by the pool with my little brother and we were joking around slightly pushing each other towards the pool. And before I knew it, he was pushing me in the pool with my iPhone 4 in my pocket. It was slightly protected with an otterbox, but it just filled up with water and made it worse. I have it in a bag of rice and im hoping it will come back to life. This is the second time it has been water-damaged, so I have my doubts.

  • Kristan Parrott

    yikes! I turned mine on. I hope it isn’t fried.

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