Monitor Your Home From Anywhere in the World With iCam

This is a real life story of my experience working at an Apple Reseller before a major shopping holiday.

It was a few days before a major shopping holiday and we had a huge supply of iMacs, Macbooks, and iPods in our store. It was the perfect time for a holiday robbery, with thieves being able to steal a huge amount of valuable computers. Sure, we had an alarm, but alarms aren’t foolproof. We didn’t want to take a chance with so much product on the line. We also didn’t want to spent hours watching a surveillance camera in hopes we would catch someone breaking in.

We wanted something that would alert us if it detected motion. We wanted something portable enough to run on a few laptops or connect to our current security camera system. We turned to an app called iCam. iCam allowed us to connect several Macbooks to iCams software, giving us access to a live video stream from anywhere in the world.


We chose iCam because of a few really great features that were built into the app. iCam uses the webcam of your Mac or Windows PC to stream video to your iPhone. We were able to use three laptops at different angles to make sure we covered all the entrances, no expensive security camera required.

iCam's webcam viewer allows you to watch multiple cameras at once

iCam also has a built-in motion detector which sends you push notifications when it detects motion. That means you can sleep easy knowing that iCam will stay watch. When it does detect motion, you’ll get a push notification and can easily view the camera that detected it. Sometimes the motion alerts are set off by pets or lighting changes, but it’s much easier than constantly watching the cameras. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the camera software to prevent getting alerts from minor motion events.

Watch your home from anywhere in the world. Just run iCam on a computer with a webcam.

iCam supports several different cameras at once, so you can set up a bunch of computers to monitor your home or workplace. iCam presents you with four video feeds simultaneously, so you can see what’s going on everywhere at once. Tap a video stream to view it on the full screen and even listen to audio. iCam also supports multiple logins on the same account, so your family or coworkers can join in on their iPhones.

Cross Platform

iCam’s server software was built to work on both Windows and Mac OS X, giving you the ability to use just about any laptop or desktop with a connected webcam. Create a home security network for just the price of one copy of iCam. iCam can also work with an MJPEG-compatible network camera, allowing you to upgrade your existing network camera with motion-detecting and monitoring from an iPhone.

iCam viewer can run on iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and even Android devices; making it easier for everyone at the office to monitor the camera no matter what device they have. Users without any of these devices can also use the java web client, although they won’t get motion notifications like the others versions will.

No Complicated Setup Required

One of the amazing features of iCam is that it requires very little setup. It runs automatically through the developer’s server, meaning you can access your camera from anywhere in the world.

iCam's instant setup makes it really easy to start monitoring your home. Enter your login information in the iCam Options menu.

You don’t need to have external IPs or any domain names setup on your cameras. Just type in the same username and password that you entered on the computer you are running the webcam software on and iCam will connect you. Within seconds, your webcams are up and running remotely. You can access these cameras from anywhere in the world using this login!

Alerts When You Need Them

The real magic of iCam is that it sends notifications when it detects motions. You can be playing Angry Birds on your iPhone or even watching TV. When iCam detects that there is motion on a camera, it will send you an alert to your phone. The iPhone push notification system sends you alerts no matter what your doing. iCam also stores screenshots of motion events, allowing you to review them at a later time.

iCam was featured in a Dallas local news story where it was used to capture video of two men breaking into a home. The homeowners were alerted of the break-in via iCam’s push notifications while they were on vacation and were able to contact the police and actually watch as police officers entered their house.


iCam is incredibly simple to use, and it’s the simplicity that makes it the best webcam app available for the iPhone. Imagine being able to setup any computer to act as home security system and not having to deal with VPNs or external IP addresses to access these cameras. Then imagine just opening up iCam and being able to monitor your home or workplace from wherever you are.

$4.99 is a small price to pay for piece of mind on this level. If you have a PC with a webcam, we highly recommend that you give this app a shot.


iCam makes it incredibly easy to monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world. Just set up a computer with a webcam attached and run the iCam software.