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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Fast Analytics. The developer describes Fast Analytics as the premier app for viewing Google Analytics™ data on your mobile. We make it fast, simple and fun to see the numbers you need, when you need them.

We give you easy access to headline visitor data, with the most intuitive Google Analytics™ app on the market. It really is a pleasure to use and built by a team that values your feedback so we can make the app even better!

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Many years ago, back before I was a convert to the world of Macs, I wanted to find a way to sync the contacts on my various computers, that way I always had the right phone number on hand. To do that, I used a new online service, which didn’t really work the way I expected it to. I always found myself with doubles or missing contacts, which essentially defeated the purpose.

Today we have iCloud, which is supposed to be an improvement on the problems we had with MobileMe. But with those improvements comes a problem — relying on the system. And when it doesn’t work, then there’s a problem. A big one.


If you’re lucky enough to also own an iPad, it’s definitely worth heading over to iPad.AppStorm and checking out the recent, and unashamedly spectacular, collection of wallpapers!

We all love to beautify our devices, and one of the simplest ways to do this is by loading it up with some gorgeous wallpapers. If you’re looking for iPad wallpaper delights, then this is the roundup you’ve been waiting for!

Head over to iPad.AppStorm and get stuck in!

Everyone knows that buying an iPhone isn’t cheap. Even if you pay the subsidized pricing, you’re handing over $200 to become the owner of the best smartphone available today. To ease the burden of such a cost, it would be a helpful if a service was available for your iPhone that would allow you to make a little, if not all, of that money back.

Enter Field Agent, a company that offers information collection for clients in which you are the information gatherer. After the jump I’ll explain how ridiculously easy it is to earn a few dollars by completing a Field Agent job.


As the weather gets chillier, you might find yourselves wanting to snuggle up at home with your iPhone and a hot beverage rather than face the elements. We don’t blame you, and luckily we have a number of addictive new games out this week to spend time with by the fire …


Instapaper is a staple on many a homescreen. The application and service has been powerful in shifting the digital landscape, offering a useful service at a fantastic price.

With a brand new interface design, changes to the reading view, and some other features that really improve the functionality of the app, 4.0 is a huge update that shot for the stars. Did it reach its lofty goals? Read on and find out.


When working as an editor or writer online, it’s easy to stay behind the scenes and remain something of an elusive shadow. AppStorm is no exception – we have a great team of editors and writers who work really hard to bring you a regular stream of top-notch articles across the sites.

Today, I thought it would be fun to publish an interview with your very own editor – Kevin Whipps. He’s been a member of the AppStorm team for a while now, and is the driving force behind everything that goes on at iPhone.AppStorm.

I hope you enjoy getting to know your editor a little better, and feel free to leave a few questions for him in the comments!


Well, it’s official: we have our winners for the free copies of FX Photo Studio. All winners have already been notified via DM on Twitter. They are:






Thanks to all that entered, and be on the lookout for more contests soon!


Gaming on the desktop computer has always been a big deal for the seasoned gamers, yet a royal headache for normal human beings. “W” is forward, you say? And “D” is right? What was “reload” again? Where’s the jump button?

Luckily for you, one company heard your cries. They also noticed that you have an iPhone. Their name is Hazelmade, and their solution is to turn your iPhone into a game controller using Joypad.


I am always trying to stay in the know when it comes to technology. I just love reading about it everyday and seeing what is up and coming. This is where something like Google Reader comes in very handy. I can pull in all the news stories from all the different websites I read and have it all in one place. Definitely a great way to get your news if you get it from many different sources.

But this review isn’t about Google Reader, but an application that is very similar to it and yet offers a ton more features — Reeder for the iPhone. For those of you that don’t know, Reeder has been around for a couple of years now and I have used it on the iPhone for a long time. It’s a great app to use to browse the news and save for later reading when you are on a bigger screen.

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