Earlier this week, Apple released the long-awaited iOS 4.2.1 update. Though it added new functionality to all devices, the iPad was by far the subject of the greatest number of changes.

Namely, all the great features that iPhone users have been using for months (folders, multitasking, etc.) are now available on the iPad and working like a dream. Let’s take a look at the new and improved iPad experience!


Want to book a stay at an amazing destination directly from your iPhone? The Airbnb app brings thousands of rental properties around the world to your mobile device, so let’s look at how you can use it to find a great place to stay or rent out your home directly from the app.

Airbnb is an increasingly popular service to cheaply rent places to stay in prime locations around the world. You can find a place to rent or list your home for rent from their website, but they’ve recently released a beautiful iOS app to let you browse and list locations right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. This is a great way to book somewhere to stay no matter where you are.


Freelancers are constantly on the move. Not being tied to a specific office often leads to working anywhere we have an Internet connection. What better way to manage your freelance business on the move than with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?

Below you’ll find over 90 apps that will empower you as a freelancer to get more done when you’re away from your computer. Whether you’re a designer, writer, consultant or anything else, you’ll find tons of helpful tools.


I’ve signed up for many loyalty and membership programs over the years and have accumulated a sizable stack of plastic cards. I tend to keep the number of cards in my wallet to a minimum, which inevitably means that I often find myself at the checkout counter without the requisite card and miss out on the benefits. I almost always have my iPhone with me, whether I’m roaming around town or traveling the world. Wouldn’t it be great if I could somehow drop all of those cards onto my phone?

Earlier this year I discovered CardStar. At first glance it seemed to fit the bill almost perfectly. It allows me to store all my cards electronically and is even capable of displaying their barcodes on my iPhone’s screen. How well does it actually perform in practice? Read on to find out.

Have you been disappointed with the WordPress app and wanted more flexible ways to publish to your WordPress blog on the go? Thanks to the new Express for WordPress app and the WooTumblog plugin from WooThemes, you can now quickly publish a variety of content to your WordPress blog from your iOS device.

Express for WordPress is a new app designed to let you post anything you want to your WordPress-powered blog from your iPhone. One major problem of blogging apps is that most of us don’t want to write long, detailed posts from a cramped screen. Micro-blogging solutions such as Tumblr let you create shorter posts featuring an image, link, or quote, but WordPress sites are typically filled with longer posts. WooThemes is aiming to change that by making it easy to post simpler content to WordPress.


As we mentioned in yesterday’s poll question, at the beginning of the week Apple surprised us all by posting an announcement on their homepage. Something big was coming from iTunes. So big in fact that Apple promised us a day we would never forget.


The big tease from Apple

Naturally, our imaginations ran wild. Would it be a new streaming service? Would the long-awaited cloud-based iTunes app now become reality? Or was Apple cooking up something even better that we hadn’t even thought of yet?

This article reviews Paprika, an easy to use recipe manager, cookbook and grocery list generator for the iPad. Created by Hindsight Labs, this app is built on the founded experience the company has in creating custom software for the restaurant industry and was created with both home and executive chef’s in mind.

When the iPad was first released, people looked closely at the tablet design and touch screen interface to wonder how and why people would use it. One of the first things that came to the minds of many iOS developers was the kitchen. Never before had a relatively inexpensive, internet-connected device been available that supported everything home cooks and professional chefs needed. Where large desktop computers, fragile laptops and small screen mobile devices have failed, the iPad was quickly seen as a viable option to replace hand written cookbooks and hard to maintain recipe cards.


Earlier this week, Apple dedicated their homepage to a special announcement that something big was coming from iTunes. They hyped it as a day we would “never forget.” Speculation immediately ran wild, everything from an early launch of the Mac App Store to a cloud-based iTunes service was postulated.

We now know that the big news was about the Beatles finally coming to iTunes. This represents the end of years of legal struggles for Apple, but is it really a day you’ll never forget? Cast your vote and let us know! Then leave a comment below and tell us whether or not you’ve purchased any iTunes Beatles music.

Good to see you! As always, it’s time to unwind after a busy week with some excellent App Store games.

This week’s roundup includes some fiendishly addictive titles, so dive in, take a look at our recommendations, and keep sending us your tips!


Have you been waiting for your iPhone to support Flash videos? Today we’re going to look at Skyfire, a new browser that lets you play Flash videos on your iOS device.

Ever since the iPhone was released in 2007, users have been clamoring for Flash support. Although Flash is still not supported in iOS, the situation is much better today since many sites are including h.264 HTML5 compatible video on their mobile sites. Still, there are many sites with videos you just can’t watch on your iPhone.


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