The original Angry Birds is arguably one of the most successful mobile games ever. In only just over three years, you can find a slew of sequels, hordes of merchandise and even an Angry Birds TV cartoon that airs in the developer’s home land of Finland. I’d bet that a large majority of readers checking out this article have played Rovio’s hit at some point, and if you haven’t, I’d wonder how you managed to avoid it.

Rovio is back with yet another sequel, but this time, it’s not an affiliation with a big blockbuster movie. Angry Birds Friends is all about bringing deep Facebook integration to everyone’s favourite bird-flinging game. Let’s take a closer look at what Rovio has crammed into its latest title, after the break. (more…)

It seems like when people want to start complaining about iOS, skeuomorphism — the concept of making digital interfaces that look and act like their real-life counterparts — always seems to come up. Sure, the Podcasts app was pretty rugged for a bit, and no one likes Game Center, but is it all that bad?

Well let’s ask you. What do you think? Does skeuomorphism work for you or do you hate it? Let us know in the poll to the right!

Email on the iPhone is, for me, an interesting topic. I’ve tried a lot of email apps over the years and I’ve come to realize that nobody is really handling mobile email properly. The original Mail app that Apple ships with iOS is, all things considered, pretty good. It works handily with whatever email account I’ve thrown at it over the years (Hotmail, Gmail, @mac and now iCloud). It lets me respond to email and deal with it if I need to. But some people felt it was incomplete.

Sparrow and Gmail both have filled in some gaps for Gmail users, but they’ve mostly addressed issues such as filters and labels and things that non-Gmail users are never going to use. But maybe the real problem with mobile email is that most developers are so busy trying to replicate the desktop experience that they’ve forgotten to address the needs of the mobile user first. This is the gap that Triage is trying to fill. (more…)

Photoshop is a tool I use almost daily, and have since 2007. While I’m nowhere as good a lot of other professionals, I’m more than competent when at using Photoshop for photo editing and design work. So, when Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phone (the app’s actual name) was released in late February, my curiosity was instantly piqued.

With Photoshop being such a power desktop application, I asked myself if it was possible for Adobe to develop an adequate version for a phone. After spending time with Photoshop Touch, though, I came away with a definitive answer to my previous question. (more…)

There are a few games that I am embarrassingly addicted to. The Simpsons: Tapped Out comes to mind, a game that I’ve whiled away many an hour playing (and passed on to my friends, too). Tetris was another that killed the battery life on my Game Boy back in the day. Today, the battery killer is a new game, called Dots.

What makes Dots better than my other addictions? Well, there’s a list, so let me just break it down after the jump.


Puzzle addicts will try to get their fix any way they can, even going so far as to hoard those fiendishly difficult but, let’s face it, terribly ugly puzzle books you find in the dollar store checkout lane. And then the addict hits the wall.

They can’t find anymore new puzzles, and honestly, paper just isn’t doing it for them anymore. Providing a fix for puzzle addicts, Nono Logix puts a twist on a conventional puzzle style. Will it hold the interest of power puzzlers or is it just a Sudoku clone? (more…)

On this day in 1908, Mother’s Day as we know it was first celebrated in the United States. This weekend, if you’re treating mom to some gifts, don’t forget about the gift of gaming.

Today’s batch of freshly-picked App Store goodies includes a long-awaited space sim, a zombie game with a twist and some fascinating papery fun. Come see!


The more that I use my iPhone, the more that I believe that I can do just about anything I need to on it if I really force myself. Developers are creating apps that are making it easier for us to use our device to not only play games, take photos, or listen to music, but it is also becoming more of a productivity tool. The one thing that I have said about having an iPhone is its convenience to do something right then and there. I don’t have to go and find a paper and pen or I don’t have to have a computer with me; I always have my device with me which gives me the opportunity to use it to capture all kinds of things.

One tool that I’ve been very excited about checking out is CheckThis, which lets you easily create simple websites that you can share and interact with others. It’s like a canvas on your iPhone that lets you do a variety of things and then share it with friends who can comment on your activity. I was able to use CheckThis on the web and I really liked what they did there, so I was even more excited to hear that they were coming to the iPhone. (more…)

Teens seem to have mastered the practice of texting. Not only have they created their own codes and languages, they can type them out in a matter of several hundred characters a minute over thousands of messages within a given month.

TypeThis may not translate teen-speak, but it just might succeed in making players better at the technological art of texting. The skill-builder buried within this app uses points and competition to train texting accuracy, and the rate at which it’s executed. Can learning and training actually be a boredom buster, too? Find out after the jump. (more…)

The latest in the realm of audio social networking has arrived in the form of Dubbler, an app that allows users to record up to 60 seconds, then edit the sound bite with voice filters and share it with the world.

What you can do with Dubbler is limited only by your imagination — sing, tell short (very short) stories or jokes, provide pop culture commentary, spread some news, it’s up to you. Click through to see how it works. (more…)

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