There are enough third-party task managers available for iPhone that it could be totally possible to review a new one every week on AppStorm. I’ve used a lot of different task managers in my day; as a writer, I’m a professional procrastinator and need help to keep my life organized (I’m a total stereotype). That’s why Finish appealed to me: It was made by two high school students, the only existing demographic that can procrastinate more efficiently than a freelancer. Finish claims to do things differently than other task managers to help beat your procrastination, and that’s a claim worth investigating. (more…)

Its seems like every other week I learn about a hot new weather app that’s just launched in the App Store, and for some reason I’m always excited. But when I look at the list of weather apps I’ve purchased, I find myself asking why I even bought them. The Weather Channel — an app I review in June 2012 — provides a lot of information, but often more than I need on a daily basis. Dark Sky is an app I’ll use for its unique radar map, but only during times of inclement weather. Solar is a beautiful app and I love the hourly report feature, but unlike The Weather Channel it offers too little information.

The hot new weather app right now is Haze, which, according to the App Store description, is built on the premise of providing a “radiantly crafted forecast at a glance.” So of course I had to buy it immediately and take it for a spin, so to speak. After spending a few days using it as my No. 1 source for weather information, I’m ready to share my thoughts. (more…)

In recent months, Google has shown an increasingly intense focus on iOS. In addition to last year’s acqui-hiring of the popular Sparrow and Snapseed teams, they have released new apps for Chrome and Maps, and overhauled existing YouTube and Gmail offerings. However, larger waves are being made under the surface; the uniform design language being rolled out across their entire catalogue may not be entirely innocent. Does Google have a subversive agenda on iOS? Well, if YouTube Capture is anything to go by, nothing is off the table.

On the surface, Capture appears to be just another simple video recording app offering only minor improvements over the stock iOS option. However, its simplicity should not be underestimated; it may just be its most threatening attribute. How does Capture fit into Google’s iOS plans? Can it replace the default Camera app? Let’s check it out. (more…)

Have you ever wondered if it’s true there’s a place in a person’s head, that if you shoot it, it will explode? Yeah, it’s true — at least in Ready Steady Bang. That’s okay, though, because the design and pixel animations in Ready Steady Bang are more slapstick than serious. A true test of reflexes, you’ll be called on to take out pint-sized outlaws or pitted against your friends to find out who’s the fastest gun in the West. (more…)

It’s been a colourful week for iOS gaming, with some impressive new titles and one particularly notable sequel racing toward you …

Click through for the lowdown on what you should be playing this weekend! (more…)

The social photo-sharing landscape is vast (and often overwhelming!). Rising from the ranks, a relative newcomer is offering a twist for social photo-sharing enthusiasts: the ability to collaborate on photos. Focusing on the “social” aspect of social photo-sharing, Pixplit has created the ability for individual users to add their own element or fragment of a photo to help create a whole image. Basically, combining images is now all I’m going to be doing on my morning commute.

Interested? (more…)

Getting into shape and my physical improving fitness is something I take a great interest in. I’ve tried a wide variety of training methods to get fitter and stronger; from powerlifting to HST (hyperbolic strength training), interval training, and currently, bodyweight training. The great thing about keeping in shape this way is that it’s virtually cost free, however, there isn’t necessarily an obvious way to start.

Adrian James Six Pack Abs Workout is an app that features a wide variety of exercises to work and develop your core strength. I hadn’t heard of the app until recently, when I stumbled across it gaining traction in the App Store’s Top Charts, with a lot of 5 star ratings and a reasonable price. This made me curious as to finding out what made this app so special for what appears to be a simple function. Let’s find out if it offers anything unique. (more…)

Artfinder is a magazine jam-packed with feature stories, exclusive interviews and beautiful collections; a wish list where you can save your favorite works of art and make purchases with just a few taps; and the art of the day, which will hopefully inspire you and teach you a little something about the creativity in the world around you.

Click “more” to see for yourself. (more…)

Todoist’s initial foray into iOS app development resulted in a somewhat-functional, unsightly app that was basically the mobile version of the website with offline capability. Users, myself included, clamored for a more viable iOS solution. The web app is so beautifully simplistic and functional, many users questioned if the Doist team could bring the best of the web app to an iOS model.

A few months back, the Doist team answered the call with a brand new iPhone version. How well does this iOS app live up to its web counterpart? Read on to find out. (more…)

This week, we’re introducing a new feature: Foodie Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, tune in to read the latest food related app review, whether it’s about great BBQ or just the best drink app around. Eat up! -ed.

My latest pick for foodies is Rick Bayless: Mexican Essentials. If you’re a fan of authentic Mexican food then you need to check this one out. Rick Bayless is famous for his Chicago restaurant, Frontera Grill, and his passion for Mexican cuisine. This celebrity chef has written multiple cookbooks and starred in long running PBS series teaching home cooks about authentic Mexican cooking. He is an expert on the subject, and now you can take his expertise on the go in a mobile app.

Rick Bayless: Mexican Essentials includes 35 foundational Mexican recipes and photos, 40 videos in which the chef shares techniques and a virtual pantry to get you comfortable with Mexican ingredients. As with all the Chronicle Books apps, you’re getting a lot of valuable content for the price. If you’re interested in cooking true Mexican food at home, keep reading. (more…)

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