Become a Celebrity in Zombiewood!

Gameloft, the bringers of the previously reviewed Asphalt 7: Heat, have done it again! With their creative minds, they’ve created a game which incorporates the making of a true hollywood film. Through the commands of your director, different prearranged scenes are shot for the ultimate zombie movie!

What do you call the zombie invasion of Hollywood? Zombiewood! As zombies walk down the streets that once flourished with celebrities, you decide to make a few extra bucks starring in a motion picture film in which you tear down rows of the undead. The exhilirating, well designed, cartoonish gameplay makes this a must play game offering hours of fun. 

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Stunt Man Wanted!

While relaxing in his recliner reading the Hollywood Times with the headline “Zombies Invade L.A.,” one of the few survivors of the invasion sees an ad for a stunt man. At the chance of easy money, he rushes to the set to get started as the star of Michael Brain’s film, Good Cop, Dead Cop.

Zombies Invade L.A.! What will you do?

Zombies Invade L.A.! What will you do?

In the beginning, you are put through a tutorial in which you are taught the two necessities of this game — walking and shooting. However, they say the best way of learning is by doing, thus we are thrown into our first scene, bodycount. In this scene, as the title suggests, we put down as many of the undead as possible in a spacious street set with zombies crawling from sewer pot holes.

Always make sure to watch your back as these zombies are sneaky

Always make sure to watch your back as these zombies are sneaky

A main component of the scenes we undergo include the sub-missions. Each scene has five sub-missions within it. In order to star in other movies, we first have to complete a specified amount of sub-missions to display our worthiness. These range from locating trophies that are scattered throughout different sets to using specific weapon to completing your task within a time limit.


The two corner analog sticks bring an classic feel to the game which is not as often seen anymore. The two necessities of this game are again as your only two controls are your left and right stick. The left stick controlling movement while your right stick controls the direction and firing of your weapon.

Run and gun as zombies surround you from all directions.

Run and gun as zombies surround you from all directions.

As simple as these controls sound, many will still find ways to run into trouble. The main reason being that they think they are on the analog stick when they actually aren’t. I found that if you are not pressing the left analog stick and are just shooting in place. Attempting to start moving will not work. Thus, in order to avoid being stuck while zombies are feasting on you, try to keep your finger on the left analog stick at all times!

Movies and Features

Upon completion of your first film Good Cop, Dead Cop and with the required number of sub-missions, you see the movies that await you for shooting, this time with more guns! In total, you have twelve films to film which offers a very good amount of play time for the price of the app — absolutely nothing.

Star in your first hit, <em>Good Cop, Dead Cop.</em>

Star in your first hit, Good Cop, Dead Cop.

To aid in your scenes, you are given an arsenal of twenty-one weapons which are bought with Z coins once you have reached the appropriate level. These weapons differ in both range and damage and range in price respectively. In addition to weapons, there are special temporary bonuses you can purchase when your in a sticky situation from super damage boost to super-speed boosts. These extras help get you out those typical situations where you’re walking down the sidewalk and a mob of flesh eaters decide to bully you.

Though these guns and extra abilities sound absolutely delightful, there is a clever catch attached. In order to get the most useful guns and accesories, you have to reach your fingers deep into your wallet. Yes, sadly, gameloft has implemented the hated in-app purchase system within their game once again.


The graphics in Zombiewood are quite impressive as its quite obvious that a lot of time was spent in the making of the game. With beautifully designed 3D characters and buildings, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the game is very enjoyable.

Beautiful 3D graphics show every bit of action.

Beautiful 3D graphics show every bit of action.

On the other hand, while the game is an elegant display of mobile gaming, the detail has taken a toll on the gameplay. At certain points , especially at the beginning of a new scene and when there are a ridiculous amount of zombies on screen, the frame rate is pretty low. This occasional freezing up of the screen does get annoying at times, but since it rarely happens, its well worth it.

Searching the Depth of Your Wallet

The price of this well designed game? Absolutely nothing! Though it’s fun to play without having to pay a straightforward fee, they do get you with the all too familiar in-app purchase. This wouldn’t be considered as terrible if it weren’t for the ridiculous prices of the things up for sale, ranging from two dollars for the cheapest purchasable gun to a wopping fifty dollars for well-known rocket launcher. These are obviously unfair requests which probably leaves Gameloft with a handful of coins and pocketfull of unsatisfied consumers.

Though there are plenty of guns, some take a hefty toll on your wallet.

Though there are plenty of guns, some take a hefty toll on your wallet.


Zombiewood is a very fun game which will without doubt offer a great amount of fun with the superb graphics and the alright controls. Afterall, who wouldn’t have a great time sending bullet after bullet into the undead? If the game were created without the in-app purchases and if the frame rate was a bit better, Zombiewood would earn a standing ovation. As of now however, it is just a pretty good game. Especially since it is a free game to play, I would encourage everyone to atleast try out the game. Who knows? You might love the game so much you decide to spend the extra money to have the full game experience!


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