Easily Keep Track of Your Bills With Chronicle Touch

For some reason, I look forward to doing the bills each month. I am not sure why, maybe it is because of the satisfaction of seeing my debt go down each time. But there were those times that I would miss a bill, then I got a penalty for it the following month. I would absolutely hate when that happened, and so a little over a year ago, I came across Chronicle, a bill reminder app.

At the time they were only on the Mac, and I had absolutely fell in love with it, making it one of my favorite apps to use. Ever since I started using it, I’ve been wanting the developers to come up with one for the iPhone. The time has finally come for it to come to fruition, and I got an email the other day from the developer who generously gave me a promo code to check it out. I was excited to take it for a spin and to see how it compared to the Mac app.

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Setting It Up

If you have never used Chronicle before, you can manually set it up by adding your bills. Basically, you just need to fill out the template for each bill that you have by putting the name, type, due date and whether you want it to repeat. You can even put the amount due as well as the payment url, which can be handy because you can go to the website from the app to pay your bill. Finally, you can set a reminder for yourself to let you know when the bill is due, which in my case, is a blessing because now I never forget.

Creating a bill

Creating a bill

If you are a Chronicle Mac user, and are using Dropbox to backup your bill data, you can easily sync with the iPhone app to get your bills there. It was really easy to do and it didn’t take long at all for my bills to be synced over. Once this is done, now when you make changes on the iPhone or the Mac app, they both will be in sync.

Setting up syncing

Setting up syncing

Paying Your Bills

Each month when you are ready to pay your bills, you can do this from within the app and if you have added the bill’s web address, you can go to mobile Safari to pay it. You can also pay it on your computer, and then log in on the iPhone app. Chronicle also lets you see your history of payments for that specific bill as well as your average amount you paid.

Paying your bills

Paying your bills

So Simple

What I absolutely love about Chronicle is that it is such a simple app that does a few things well. I love it because it reminds me every month when a bill is due, which is big for me because I was always forgetting one or two. Secondly, it gives me the ability to keep track of my bills and how much I have paid over any length of time. With the iPhone app, it gives me a quick and easy way to check and see when something is due. I love it because my iPhone is always with me and I am not always at my computer so sometimes I want to see what bills I have coming up even when I don’t have access to Chronicle on the Mac.

Would Love To See More

I know this is version 1.0, but I can already think of things I would love to see in future updates. For one, I would love to see them have another option for syncing by using iCloud. I don’t know how all that stuff works, so I am not sure if that is possible or not. I would also like to see more analytics than just what they give you. With Chronicle on the Mac, you get a good amount of stats about your bills and it would be nice to see these integrated on the iPhone app.

Solid App

Overall, for a 1.0 version, this is a great job. I am not just saying this because I have used it for a long time, but because I know how long it took them to get to this point. They didn’t rush the app and took their time to get it right and to make it work well. Their patience definitely paid off because as you use it, you will get a good experience, and no bugs that I could find.

If you have a ton of bills or just need a way to be reminded about them each month, I would highly suggest getting Chronicle. It is in the App Store for $2.99 and if you want to check out the Mac app you can get that for $9.99. They both complement each other and can come in very handy when it comes to knocking down that debt each month. You won’t get anything flashy and fancy, but you will get an app that works well and does exactly what is expected.


Get bill reminders and log your payments each month with Chronicle