Drive More Sales On The Move With Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a powerful sales application which helps you to keep track of your sales pipelines on the move. It is a sales CRM for small sales teams and businesses that’s designed to help you manage deals more efficiently and give you more control over your sales results.

Pipedrive for iOS allows you to access all of your contacts, deal history, to-do lists and meeting notes that are in the web app wherever you are, and all changes are instantly synced. There’s offline syncing if you’re going to be traveling for a while without access to WiFi or a data plan. Pipedrive aims to manage all aspects of your business including to-do lists, contacts, phone calls and an agenda of activities with potential clients.

Like the web app, Pipedrive also allows you to look up customer and deal details wherever you are, access files related to your contacts and deals, and record or type meeting and call notes.

Your sales pipelines at a glance

To get started, you must already have a Pipedrive account, but it’s very easy to get going once you’ve signed up. The dashboard doesn’t look exactly like the desktop version, but it is cleaner and easier to follow. When you log in, the first stage of your sales pipeline is the default dashboard.

The main Pipeline dashboard gives you a convenient, color-coordinated overview of won, pending, and lost deals. There are activity icons that indicate the different statuses, which are identical to the ones in the web app. Yellow triangle indicates that no next activity is scheduled, the Red arrow that activity is overdue, and the Green arrow that activity is for today. There’s also a transparent arrow icon that indicates activity is scheduled for future.

A running total of Qualified deals at the top shows you exactly how many have been sealed and how much they are worth in total. By swiping right to left, you can also see the second and third stages of your pipeline etc.

Pipeline gives you a convenient color coordinated overview of won, pending and lost deals.

Pipeline gives you a convenient color coordinated overview of won, pending and lost deals.

Manage client relationships more efficiently

If you want more information on a Deal, you can tap on it and you’ll see the communication history with the client, including any files or documents sent. You can also write a to-do list of tasks you need to follow up, such as further questions or figures you need to send to the client. These tasks will also be added to your Activities list, which basically collates all of the actions you need to complete and will indicate how many of them are overdue by highlighting them in red. It highlights planned actions in green.

Pipeline also provides an Outlook-style, easy-to-read calendar view of daily and monthly activities.

Pipeline provides an easy to read calendar of daily and monthly activities.

Pipeline provides an easy to read calendar of daily and monthly activities.

It is very easy to add info and contacts and you can make calls to clients directly from your iPhone using contacts in Pipeline. Pipeline also handles contacts very well. By using the Search icon at the bottom of the screen, you can quickly find a deal, person, or organization from your Pipedrive database. This makes it easier to access the details of items related to a contact and take action.

Search is possibly the quickest way to find anyone‘s detail page in your database, make calls, and send SMS or e-mails, for example. Just tap on their phone numbers or e-mails.


Pipeline for iOS feels much simpler and more straightforward than more bloated CRM tools. It’s highly customizable, and allows you to rearrange and add elements the way you want them. The app is very fast to use, and allows you to access your own custom fields and create and view notes related to deals and clients.

If you’re a small business wanting to jump start your sales, Pipedrive is a solid application to get the wheels in motion and bring more efficiency to your sales pipelines.


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