EasilyDo: Your Life Assistant In Development

Even before the launch of the App Store, people were consumed with finding ways to be more productive. Technology has both hindered and attempted to help at solving that problem. The more things we do online, the more we find that we benefit from tools to help make those things easier and take them off our minds.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to be more productive. In fact, there are thousands of apps available on the app store dedicated to just that. One of those tools is the app Easilydo, which claims it can be your life assistant. That’s quite an impressive title to throw around. Read on to see if it lives up to that declaration.

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How It Works

Like many apps, you’ll need to start by creating an account or signing in with Facebook. Next, to take advantage of all that EasilyDo can do for you, you’ll want to authorize it to connect with your other services. Right now the services it supports are Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and Twitter.

With all the social networks and online services out there now, to only have five available seemed a little limited to me. I’m guessing the developers thought these were the most important to focus on at this time. Still, I’ve used some services that work with over 50 apps and websites, so I’m hoping that more will be added over time.

To get started with EasilyDo you'll need to sign up or login with Facebook.

To get started with EasilyDo you’ll need to sign up or login with Facebook.

Once you’ve integrated your social networks and email accounts, tap the gear button in the top right so you can get down to business. Here’s where you can see the power EasilyDo and you’ll begin to realize how much time it can save you. You’re given a list of tasks it can perform broken into categories such as Location, Facebook, Calendar, Contacts and more. Tap on a task and it will give you a more detailed description of what the app will do. If you like what it says, then turn the task on.

What It Does Well

EasilyDo does a number of things well. In all, there are currently 24 time saving tasks the app can complete for you. Some of my favorites are merging duplicate contacts, sending congrats or support to Facebook friends, and notifying me when to leave in order to be on time for my next meeting. I’m excited to see what other tasks the developers come up with going forward.

EasilyDo currently works with 5 different services and can carry out over 20 different types of tasks for you.

EasilyDo currently works with 5 different services and can carry out over 20 different types of tasks for you.

The best part is that for almost every type of task everything can be done within the app. For example, I get a notification when a friend of mine makes a big announcement on Facebook that warrants congratulations. I launch the app and it shows me the person’s post and gives me a pre-made message to respond. By tapping just one button I can either send the message as is or quickly edit it to be more personal.

Within 15 seconds I’ve congratulated them on their recent engagement, marriage, birth of a baby or their birthday. Thankfully though, EasilyDo doesn’t go crazy with the notifications. If you choose to keep them turned on you’ll get notified of more significant events, but you have to manually launch the app to see things like friend’s birthdays.

Other Ways It Helps

EasilyDo acts as your own free personal assistant carrying out a number of other activities and saving you time. Some of the location aware tasks come in very handy, such as offering to send a text when you leave a certain location, alert you of bad weather forecasted for your area and quickly get directions to your home or workplace.

The app has a bright, clean design and it's great to see how much time you've saved.

The app has a bright, clean design and it’s great to see how much time you’ve saved.

Some of the things it does, like those on Facebook, are more related to your personal life, but it also does a number of more job related assignments too. For instance, EasilyDo can clear old calendar reminders from your email inbox, remind you of a conference call and dial in for you, and add new contacts to your email when you email someone not listed in your address book.

Where It Needs Work

While EasilyDo has a lot of potential and I love the simple and clean design, there are still areas that need work. Some of the services I’ve set up have needed to be reconnected several times. Also, I wish it would show all the tasks it can do right away instead of spreading them out over time. I knew there were a number of duplicate contacts that this could help me merge, but it only notified me of 5-10 each day.

I would also really like to see it batch tasks instead of having to carry them out one at a time. For example, instead of telling it to merge each contact separately it would be great to hit one Merge All button and be done. Another helpful feature would be the ability to input several messages for wishing friends a happy birthday or congratulations and then having the app randomly cycle through those pre-made messages.

A Mixed Bag

While there are a number of things that need to be ironed out, two of the features I really like are the ability to see how much time you’ve saved and the promise that your data is “always yours and always protected.”

So, at this time I feel like EasilyDo is a mixed bag. This is a growing category of apps that is really just starting to take hold, so whether Easilydo succeeds will depend on how quickly the developers are able to keep improving on what they’ve created. While it doesn’t have the same amount of power and flexibility as something like the online service IFTTT, it does have the advantage of being easier to understand and configure. The good news is that the makers of EasilyDo recently announced they had raised $4.3 million in funding, which means this app will definitely get further development.

Overall, I would recommend EasilyDo, but also suggest that you keep an eye out as there may soon be better options available in this rapidly developing app category.


EasilyDo claims it can be your life assistant by quickly accomplishing everyday tasks for you and saving you time. While much of what it does will in fact save you time and make your life easier, the app still needs future development before you'll be ready to really tout it as your life assistant.