Employee Scheduling Made Easy With When I Work

When I Work Employee Scheduling (More commonly known as When I Work) is an iPhone tool to manage your employee work rota. With When I Work, you can schedule and communicate work rosters and rotas with your employees, create and manage employee schedules and shifts, and track time and attendance from your iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac.

Employee scheduling and attendance can be a real headache so When I Work attempts to make things a little easier by taking the burden of organizing and monitoring things from your shoulders.

When I Work is a shift scheduler and time clock app that uses text messaging, email, push notifications, and the web to communicate, alert, and notify your staff about the current work schedule.

Employee scheduling apps such as When I Work, Jobber, and Acuity Scheduling are becoming increasingly popular with small businesses, and the developers of When I Work claim that more than 10,000 businesses and half a million users in more than 50 countries rely on When I Work for employee scheduling, time clock, and communication.

Keeps you and your employee on the same page

When I Work allows employees to clock in and out of shifts and gives you the ability to quickly and conveniently track payroll hours and prepare data for payroll processing. When I Work is extremely easy to set up for both you and your employees, with no complicated configuration or software to install.

It’s a more systematic approach to employee scheduling than relying on Outlook calendars (although it can be synced with this) or OneNote and is easier to keep track of for both employer and employee – especially for those that are a bit disorganized when it comes to tracking employee attendance, When I Work instantly brings organization to the way time is tracked. Just click a few buttons, and the rest is taken care of by the system.

When I Work gives you a convenient overview of your working shifts, requests and open shifts available.

When I Work gives you a convenient overview of your working shifts, requests and open shifts available.

When I Work is pretty flexible. You can create, update, cancel, and publish shifts from anywhere on your iPhone, which is useful when there’s a last minute absence, illness or problem with an employee. If staff are on call, you can open and fill shifts in seconds with an automatic SMS alert. In the same way, if staff want to change or exchange shifts with someone else, they can submit a request which you can approve or deny in one click.

Of course, employees can clock in and out, with When I Work giving you updates in real time on arrival and departure times.

Clocking in and out times at a glance

When it comes to scheduling, instead of having to draw up a new rota every week, you can simply save and copy schedule templates from one week to the next. And if you want to give your staff the chance to choose which shifts they’d like to fill, When I Work can automatically send out text messages and push notification reminders about upcoming shifts.

You can change staff shifts instantly, swap them with coworkers and take requests for time off using When I Work. You can also add payroll information, meaning you can examine timecards and then manage payrolls accordingly.

You can easily review employee clocking in and clocking out times.

You can easily review employee clocking in and clocking out times.

Although once mastered, using When I Work is fairly easy, it can take some time for managers and team leaders to work out how to do such things as change shifts, and copying rotas from one week to the next takes a bit of working out first time round. However, there are detailed instructions on the When I Work website and there are also regular live training sessions which you can book online, or you can watch recordings of past training sessions.


Of course, despite apps such as When I Work, many small businesses still rely on Outlook to keep track of all work related dates and working schedules. Fortunately, When I Work syncs with Outlook and also other apps such as Google Calendar, iCal and the Thunderbird mail client. This makes it easier for both you and your employees to track the working rota for everyone in the team if you’re a company that relies on Outlook for organization.

If you’re looking for an easier way to track your employee work calendar, When I Work is definitely worth a try. The best thing to do if you’re not sure is try it free for 30 days and after that, pricing starts from $9 a month depending on how many employees you’ve got.

If When I Work isn’t quite what you’re looking for, there are alternative employee scheduling apps out there that will meet your needs.


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