Find Nearby Destinations Easily With Localscope

There are plenty of ways to find out how to get to the destinations you want to visit. Your iPhone includes Google Maps, which works great for finding precise directions, and there are a number of other GPS apps that give you turn-by-turn directions and more. But how are you going to find new restaurants, libraries, doctor offices, and more?

Today, there’s tons of new data being saved daily about places all around you. The problem is just that it’s hard to put all of the info together. You could search on Google or Bing, or check Foursquare and Twitter to see where people are going. The Problem is, this can be time consuming. Localscope is an exciting new app that does the legwork for you and makes it surprisingly easy to find destinations all around you.  Keep reading to find out more.

Finding Your Location

LocalScope is like a window into the area right around you, helping you find the most popular restaurants, tourist attractions, and more. It works best if you have an iPhone with GPS, but even if you are using an iPod Touch or are indoors and don’t have GPS signal, you can still use LocalScope if you can identify your current location. Even on WiFi, it may sometimes be able to locate your current position if the Wifi network has location information. The most important thing is a data connection; if you’re offline, the app doesn’t run at all.

Localscope can locate your current location if your device has GPS

Once you’re online and have the app running, you can go ahead and search for destinations around you. You’ll see your current location on the bottom of the app; if it says Unknown or seems to have an incorrect location, tap the bar to find your location manually.

You could also do this if you want to explore destinations around somewhere you’re going, such as the hotel you’ll be staying at during your vacation. Just search the standard Google Maps interface or tap the blue address book button to go directly to the address on a contact. Once you’ve found the location you want, tap the arrow on the bottom to share your location, or just drag the top bar down to minimize the location settings pane.

Find your current location manually, or switch to a new area to discover other destinations

Where Do You Want To Go?

Now that your location is set, you’re ready to start exploring everything around you. Enter the place you want to find in the search box, or select from one of the included categories. There’s a variety of available categories, including common stores, travel destinations, and emergency services you may want to contact. Along the bottom, you’ll notice icons for Google, Bing, Foursquare, Twitter, and Wikimapia. Swipe the icon bar to switch to the search engine or network you want to use to find locations.

Restaurant? Barber? Airport? Library? They're all here

Seconds after you select a category, you’ll see results listed in order of how close they are for you. Depending on your category and the network you’re using to discover locations, you’ll see the place’s name, address, phone number, what they offer, and more. You’ll even be able to see exactly how far and what direction the location is from you on the compass icon on the right. If you don’t find the results you want from your first search, just swipe the bottom icons to switch to another network or search engine to discover more destinations.

I personally have never started using location services like Foursquare, so figured I wouldn’t find the Foursquare integration that useful. That’s definitely not the case, though. Localscope simply searches Foursquare for places people have checked into near you recently, which lets you tap the power of a location-based network without having to start using it yourself. I’ve finally found something good about Foursquare!

Switch between the available search tools by swiping the icons on the bottom

You don’t have to stick with the traditional list view, either. Tap the display icon on the top right to select between list and map view. The map view shows all of the destinations it discovered through your search engine as red pins around your current location on a standard Google Maps interface. Whether you’re browsing in list view or map view, more info is only ever a tap away. Select a pin or tap a list item to see more info about it.

Switch to map view to find locations visually

Just Go There

So you’ve finally found a new place to explore and you want to get more info or just go there. Localscope is ready to help. Tap the destination name to see more information about the location. Again, the information included may change depending on the network used to find places, but you’ll usually see the location’s website, address, and phone number.

On the bottom of the info pane, Localscope will show the compass icon with direction and distance, as well as a Google Maps thumbnail of the map around that place. You can now quickly get directions or share your destination so your friends can meet you there. Tap Open Map to open your destination in Google Maps or Navigon MobileNavigator if you have it installed.

Find the destination on your Maps app or share it with your friends

Getting Help

For the most part, Localscope lets you quickly find places and get back to enjoying your trip. It does include a few settings, however. You can access these by tapping the i icon on Localscope’s main screen. Here you can turn on or off sounds in the app and choose whether you want to use Metric or US measures for distance.

You can also find out more about the app from the Help menu in the settings pane. Localscope’s so quick and easy to use, though, you’ll likely never want to change anything anyhow. It’s amazingly streamlined, and simply makes it very fast to find places around you.

Switch to Metric units or get help directly in the app


Localscope was definately an app that suprised me at how much I enjoyed it. I figured it’d just be a new skin on Google Maps, but it turned out to offer one of the nicest experiences for discovering locations that I’ve ever used. Google Maps on its own is, of course, likely one of the most used apps on iOS, but combined with Localscope’s discovery power, you’ll find yourself discovering new restaurants and more near your home or work that you never knew about.

Better yet, you’ll come across that popular new attraction on your vacation that everyone is checking in at on Foursquare, even if you don’t want to let the world know your current location.

Go download Localscope and leave a comment below letting us know what you think.


Localscope makes it easy to find nearby destinations and get there quickly. Integrating Google and Bing search, as well as social data from Twitter, Foursquare, and more, you'll discover local places you've never heard of and find old favorites quickly.