DrinkOwl: Find the Best Local Drink Specials on Your iPhone

If you’re the kind of person who likes to go out for an occasional drink, you know that it can be an expensive way to spend the evening! One or two outings in a week can really start to drain the old college books fund.

As always, your iPhone comes to the rescue. Today we’ll look at DrinkOwl, a free and easy way to find the daily drink specials in your neighborhood. Get your drink on without blowing your paycheck.

Meet Drink Owl

As I mentioned above, DrinkOwl has only one purpose: to help you save money by locating local drink specials. It does this with a simple but gorgeous interface. The design really makes this app stand far out from the competition, the logo is excellent, the UI is pixel perfect and the controls are easy enough that you can figure the entire app out in a few seconds.



When you start up the app it will use your location (with permission) and then attempt to find some drink specials around you. Don’t worry if, as with my case in the screen above, nothing shows up on the map right away. That might simply mean you don’t live next to a bar!

Once you start to pan around to areas where you know contain several restaurants and bars, you’ll likely find plenty of specials. These will be indicated by little colored labels that inform you of the type of drink special you can expect to find at a given location: beer, wine, mix, etc.


DrinkOwl Map View

One of my only complaints about this app is that when you try to zoom out on the map, you get an annoying little message that tells you that you’ve gone past the acceptable zoom level. I’ve never seen a location app that doesn’t allow users to zoom out, it makes the map view very frustrating!

List View

The limitations of the map view are easily overcome by the list view. Here you can see a linear collection of drink specials organized by how close they are to your current location. If you’re just browsing for a good deal and want to hit some place close, this is your best bet.


DrinkOwl List View

As you can see, the name of the location, its distance from your current spot and even the nature of the special is all right here for you to see. Typically you get a look at the price of the drinks in addition to the hours the special will be in effect.

Filtering Results

If you tap the gear icon in the upper left, you get a list of the various types of drink specials. Simply tap each to check/uncheck that option. If you’re not into wine or some other variant, this allows you to easily turn off these specials from your results.


Filtering Results

Once you’ve adjusted the filters, go back to the map or list view to see an updated collection built specifically towards your interests.

Viewing a Location

Once you tap on a location either from the list or map view, you’ll bring up a screen like those shown below. From here you have all kinds of information and options. You can view the specials for that location by day so you can plan ahead, get the address, call them up, or share the spot with friends via social media.


Filtering Results

You can also tap the star in the upper right to add the location to your favorites. Building a list of favorites is an awesome way to keep an eye on spots that you frequent.

A Web App Too!

If DrinkOwl looks like an awesome app, you should know that it’s a website as well. The same basic features are present here so you can tell your friends about it even if they don’t have an iPhone.



Conclusion: Worth A Download?

Drink Owl is free, beautiful and highly functional. If you like to drink but hate getting overcharged, there’s simply no reason not to have this app on your phone.

As I mentioned, the map view needs a little work but other than that the app seems just about perfect. I think the biggest problem people will have is the same issue that we run into with any location app: it’s limited to big cities. I live in Phoenix so it’s easy to find apps that have plenty of data for my area but I checked a few smaller towns with DrinkOwl and came up empty.

I recommend that you check out the website first to see if the DrinkOwl service covers your area. If so, go grab the free app!


An attractive and easy way to find drink specials in your area. The app works great without any serious hitches but might not be useful if you don't live in a major city.