Go On Cheaper Dates With Happy Hours

Let’s face it, a night out can be quite expensive. Your typical dinner, drinks and a movie for two people can easily hit upwards of $60-$70 if you aren’t careful.

That’s where Happy Hours comes in. A neat little app that makes it a cinch to locate bars and restaurants that are currently serving drinks or food at a discounted price.

App info

App Info & Rating

Opening Up The App

When you first open Happy Hours, it will take a few seconds to determine your location. While it’s going about this it shows you a couple of features you might have otherwise missed. As you can see in the screenshot below, shaking your phone gives you a random happy hour and turning your phone horizontal will give you a map view.

App info

App Info & Rating

After the app determines your location you are brought into a list view of all the happy hours currently happening around you. As you can see, I tried the app at 7:45 on a Monday morning and it was still able to find a few happy hours in my area!

Choosing a Place

As the startup screen promised, turning the app sideways at this point brings up a Google map of your area along with a series of pins representing the current happy hours around you.


Map View

Tapping on a selection in either the list view or the map view will bring up the information for that location. Here you have the choice of viewing “Happy Hour” or “Place Details.”

place info

Happy Hour & Place Details

The “Happy Hour” tab shows you the details of the happy hour, the place’s rating, and gives you the option to rate the place yourself with a thumbs up or down. This screen also includes the option to send the venue to a friend, call the venue, call a discount cab to or from the venue, and flag the happy hour as inaccurate.

The “Place Details” tab is dedicated to extra information such as the phone number, address and website of the place as well as the cuisine type and a list of all the happy hours the place has.

Filtering the Results

Back on the main list view there’s a button in the top left that allows you to apply filters to the results. You can tweak your results based on day & time, location, specials, cuisine, features, and buzz.

Day & Time

App Info & Rating

Choosing the Date & Time filter allows you to bypass the default behavior of automatically grabbing the current date and time so you can plan ahead for future visits. Similarly, the location filter allows you to drill down your results by specific cities in your area.

Features and Buzz

Features & Buzz Filters

The “Features” filter lets you choose to see only places with certain available options. You can choose from a ton of options including Wifi, live entertainment and outdoor seating. The “Buzz” filter is more geared towards what kind of experience you are looking for such as romantic or kid friendly.

Cuisine and Specials

Cuisine and Specials

Finally, the “Cuisine” and “Specials” filters allow you to choose what type of food you are looking for and which type of specials you’d like to see (drinks, food or both).

Filters are an excellent feature that make it really easy to find the types of spots you’re aiming to visit. However, since there are so many potential filters to turn off and on, you can easily get lost forgetting which options you have selected. Fortunately, the app easily allows you to reset all filters, bringing you back to the default settings.


The final feature is the ability search for a specific place. Hitting the magnifying glass button at the top right of the list view will bring up a simple search field.


Searching for a Place

This works just like you’d expect it to: type in the full or partial name of a restaurant and receive a list of possible matches. It’s helpful to note that this is not a location search. Typing in “Phoenix” only gave me a list of places with “Phoenix” in the title, not a list of all the places in Phoenix. Likewise, a zip code search yielded no results.

Overall Impression

On the whole, Happy Hours is a fantastic little app that executes its purpose with ease. It really makes it easy to find good deals on food and drinks in your area.

During my review I came across zero bugs or glitches; the app never froze or crashed. It seems to do its job with nary a complaint. A great value for a free app!

The reviews have scored the app fairly low, but as far as I can tell this is due to a single complaint: lack of options in a given area. As with most location-based food and drink finders, this app works best for people living in major cities. I tested the app in Phoenix, a bustling city completely overrun with restaurants and bars of all types. Consequently, the app did a great job of providing lots of options to choose from. The best way to see if Happy Hours will work in your area is to just go download it and give it a shot.


Happy Hours is one of the best free apps out there for discovering food and drink specials in your area. The simple, intuitive interface works like a charm and contains only the drawback of the occasionally distracting banner ad (forgivable since the app is free).

The one area where it seems the app needs to improve most is to continue adding venues for different areas, especially for smaller cities. Smaller areas of improvement could include the option to filter the results according to average price and/or rating and the ability to see a few featured menu items.


Happy Hours makes it super simple to find great food and drink deals near you. The app is quite stable and rarely crashes or freezes. Vital improvements include a more robust feature set and additional listings in non-major cities.