Freshservice: A Breath of Fresh Air for Customer Service Apps

Freshservice is a cloud-based customer service helpdesk for businesses that’s big on third party integration and ease of use. The Freshservice iPhone app features powerful modern ticketing and asset management capabilities but doesn’t require extensive training as it’s very easy to use.

Customer service with a fun twist

Freshservice features all the basic components you’d expect in a piece of customer service software, such as incident, problem, change, release and asset management capabilities. But it also aims to make it as easy as possible for customers to solve problems on their own before they have to resort to a customer service agent.

Agents are, however, always able to stay in the loop to keep track of assets and dependencies so that they can intervene if needed. Freshservice even tries to keep things interesting for customer service agents via “Freshservice Arcade” which challenges agents to play arcade games in order to see who can solve issues the fastest, although this is only available in the premium Estate pricing plan.

Clear overview of pending tickets

Freshservice for iOS features most of the functionality of the web version, allowing you to respond to tickets, assign issues to agents, change priority, merge tickets and mark them as spam or trash. Freshservice makes it very clear which tickets are the most urgent with several different view choices. The default Freshservice for iOS view gives you a convenient instant overview of your help desk with a summary of open tickets, overdue tickets, and tickets due today with counters indicating how many there are.

Freshservice gives a clear overview of open tickets.

Freshservice gives a clear overview of open tickets.

Alternatively, you can customize views to your liking so that you find the system that works best for you and your team. So, for example, you can customize Freshservice so that the newest problems or longest standing problems are visible at the top rather than the most urgent ones. Freshservice also allows you to send private messages to individual or groups of agents or simply choose to stay in the loop as a ‘watcher’.

If you access open tickets, you get a clear overview of what needs to be done with a ticket subject summary, information as to whether its new, pending, open or closed and if it is open, information about how long the ticket has been open for.

Freshservice provides a clear overview of ticket subjects and status.

Freshservice provides a clear overview of ticket subjects and status.

Conversations with customers follow an easy-to-read threaded format so you can scroll through conversations to see what’s been said or pass the issue onto another agent who can see at a glance the history of the problem. To speed up communications with customers, you can also insert canned responses and attach files directly from your device. You can also search lists of customers for previous contact with them or for previous solutions for similar tickets and problems that have happened before.

Freshservice customer conversations use easy to follow threads.

You can, of course, use the app to create new tickets and log how much time has been spent on a ticket. Creating tickets is very easy from the app, allowing you to create a subject, priority, status, source, the group it should be assigned to, the specific agent it should be assigned to and which department they belong to.

Freshservice easily allows you to create new tickets on your iOS device.

Freshservice easily allows you to create new tickets on your iOS device.


Freshservice can also be plugged into a wide variety of other popular web based services such as Freshbooks, JIRA, LogMeIn Rescue, Harvest, Dropbox, Zapier, Pivotal Tracker, SurveyMonkey, Google Apps for Work and Google Calendar.

Freshservice is free for up-to three agents and 100 assets and this includes incident management, knowledge base, a self service portal, SLA management and up to 100 end users. Other pricing plans depends on the size of your organization and how many agents you plan to use with it.

For small to medium enterprises, pricing starts at $29 per agent, per month in the Blossom plan which also includes CMDB, satisfaction surveys, time tracking, unlimited end users and multiple helpdesk emails. The Garden plan costs $49 per agent per month and includes all of the above plus problem, change and release management, custom roles and portal customization. For large operations, the Estate plan is $79 per agent per month and includes competitive gaming for agents, round robin assignments, custom SSL and trusted IP, a service catalog and contract management. Note that for all of these plans extra assets can be add for 20 cents per asset per month and subscriptions must be paid annually in advance.


Freshservice for iOS is a refreshing change from the traditional approach to customer service helpdesk systems and feels like a really modern app. Freshservice offers a breath of fresh air in modernizing customer service for both agents and customers, and even attempts to make customer service fun through the innovative use of target-driven games.

Check out more information about the Freshservice software and its features here.


Modern and easy-to-use customer service app.