Full Fitness: Turn Your iPhone into the Perfect Workout Buddy

It’s now March. Spring is descending upon us and 2011 (the year of the iPad 2) is getting into full swing! You should know by now whether the grand health plans you laid out in the dark heavy depths of winter are bearing fruit.

Whether it’s all going great and you’ve never been fitter, or you’ve hit an exercise wall, Full Fitness may be just the thing to bring new energy and fresh inspiration to your exercise routines!

Full Fitness

While there are a huge number of health and fitness apps on the App Store I’m going to have a look here at Full Fitness as a potential way to invigorate your exercise routines (and health generally). It’s one of the more popular workout apps, is well priced at $0.99, and takes over from the excellent iFitness App that ranked very highly in its day!

Full Fitness

If you’re looking to turn your iPhone into the perfect exercise companion then Full Fitness could be the App you’re looking for – it boasts a huge exercise list and includes some unexpectedly useful features!

Design & Interface

Something that, to my mind, can instantly make or break an app is the design of its interface. I can’t stand cluttered, ugly, or insistent Apps, and have a definite standard when it comes to App icons (nothing tacky please). Fortunately, Full Fitness has a good looking interface that’s effortless to get to grips with!

User Interface

It uses a simple tab bar for navigation, an example of good functional design, and makes nice use of a red and grey color scheme. The best design features become obvious as you begin to truly use the app: the exercise photographs are a good quality and the graphs look great once you’ve filled them with data!

Clear Photographs

Getting Your Heart Going

The primary functionality of Full Fitness is to provide you with a huge database of exercises and routines that will get you that much nearer to your fitness goals. You can’t argue with the database on the detail front – it includes over 300 exercises, all with pictures, videos, and text instructions for the uninitiated.

Getting Your Heart Going

Simply tap the video icon on the exercise page to see a short demonstration!

In addition to the detailed explanation of all the exercises, I find the solid categorization of all the exercises a really nice touch. You can search by body part, specific muscle (using a rather medical diagram), or equipment. The list of immediate categories is a good way to get started and includes such areas as:

  • Abdominals
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Cardio
  • Stretches

Personally, I have found the equipment category to be particularly useful if you’re on the move or away from the gym, as it allows you to find those exercises that can be done without the aid of expensive (and practically immovable) equipment.

The Equipment List

Alongside the database of exercises Full Fitness also provides users with some predefined workout programs and the ability to create and customise their own workouts, allowing you to tailor them to your own specific needs. The preset programs are in two categories; sports-specific and goal-orientated.

Workout Programs

The goal-orientated programs include such workouts as:

  • Beginner Program
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Muscle Building Program
  • Business Travel Workout
  • 30 Minute Chest Workout
  • And many more…

The sports-specific programs are more self explanatory. They are primarily designed to help you prepare and condition for a particular sport – anything from tennis to golf! These programs come with detailed descriptions of the workout ethic behind them and prebuilt workout plans, and are sometimes even broken down into pre-season, in-season, and post-season routines.

A Sports Specific Program

While there is a lot of choice, it would still be great to see more sports and activity specific programs. I love snowboarding but am always caught out in the first couple of days by the intense pressure put on muscles you normally never use!

Tracking Your Progress

The last piece of major functionality that Full Fitness provides is a way to keep track of the exercise you’re doing and monitor your overall health and fitness progress. You can enter details for each specific exercise session including details like weight and repetitions to keep an extremely close eye on your progress!

Tracking Your Routines

Full Fitness also allows you to add your own custom exercises so you can keep track of those as well.

For those of us who are less concerned with pushing up weight and reps and are instead aiming for more long term goals, Full Fitness also allows you to track your progress in a less time intensive way. You can monitor your body weight, BMI, and measurements.

Tracking Your Weight and BMI

It’s really useful to be able to track your weight and BMI if you’re pushing for a more healthy lifestyle, and Full Fitness does both of these things elegantly. It also includes a calorie counter – a clear attempt at broadening the scope of the app. However, it becomes a rather laborious task to keep track of your food intake on Full Fitness, if that is what you want then there are better Apps out there!

Counting Calories

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a way to track and push forward in your workout routines, or simply a good way to invigorate and inspire your approach to exercise, Full Fitness could be the app for you! It’s a great way to turn your iPhone into the perfect workout buddy, for only $0.99.

On a final note it’s worth saying that, while Full Fitness can be a good companion, your ultimate success will depend entirely upon your commitment to the cause – your iPhone can’t exercise for you….. yet.


Full Fitness is a great App for invigorating your exercise routines! It sports preset workout programs, more than 300 exercises, and the ability to track your progress every step of the way.