4 Snaps: Snaps to Young Hustla’

Now, I’m not saying all teenagers lack focus … but most do; I was one and you probably were also. Michael Sayman, however, is focused. With over 2 million downloads under his belt, and an iOS developer title at the ripe age of 12, this kid is one to watch. To that end, his latest endeavor is 4 Snaps, an app that brings together the best things of youth: friends, games and twerking.

Want to see what the cool kids are into these days? Sure you do.

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The Rundown

Similar to Draw Something (squint and it looks like it, kinda), 4 Snaps is a guessing game between friends. You are given a choice of three words, each a little bit more difficult than the last, you take 4 “snaps,” aka photos, of things that relate to the word (hey, it’s charades!), send it off to your friend and then wait for them to guess it. When they do, it then becomes their turn and the same experience is reversed. Hey-oh!

Gettin’ Started

You can log into the app one of two ways: either sign up with your email and create a username/password, or sign in with Facebook. Signing up with Facebook is obviously easier and your 4 Snaps profile syncs your Facebook pic. If you sign up via your email, you don’t have the option to load a profile image.

How to Start Snappin’

To create a game, tap the “Create a new game” tab on the home screen, which will open up a new page where you can search your friends via Facebook, username, email or your address book. If you did not sign up through Facebook, the app will point you towards rectifying the situation via settings. The catch is if you signed up with email and then at a later date want to look for Facebook friends you will need to log out of the app, which means you need to log back in with Facebook. Sounds easy, right? Well, even if your Facebook is connected to the same email address it will create a new account. So I wouldn’t recommend switching half-way through (I lost some of my games).

You can sign in via email or Facebook.

You can sign in via email or Facebook.

Once you choose the person you want to play with (yes, you need to choose, there are no random games), you will have three word options of varying degrees of difficulty. Words range from “red” (easy) to “Wutang” and “Twerking” (Difficult, depending on your agility.) You also have the option to change words for 150 coins (more on coins later.) Once you choose a word, a new screen will appear that has four blank squares and a Take Your Snaps! button. Once you tap the Take Your Snaps! button, a new page will open using your camera and there will be four circle overlays at the top of the screen. Take pictures that relate to your word. To note: you can’t take photos using the forward-facing camera. As you take pictures, these circles will fill with your images. Unfortunately, you can’t pull from your camera roll, and you can’t delete individual photos. If you take a wrong photo, either go with it or delete all the photos you just took.

Choose your level of difficulty.

Choose your level of difficulty.

Once you are happy with your snaps, send ‘em off to be ogled by your friend. If he/she guesses correctly, you will both get coins. These coins can be used to buy different words or to provide hints for guessing a word.

And this is Wutang. Don't laugh.

And this is Wutang. Don’t laugh.

When your friend sends you a 4 Snap and you have no idea what it is, (turn your volume down! A squeaky-toy noise will scare the bejeezus out of anyone around) you can post it for free to Instagram to see if your friends can help you guess, or you can use your coins to buy a hint.

Well, that’s the general gist.

Other Goodies

On the home screen, when you tap the coins in the top right, it will open up a new page featuring different coin pack options. Options range from a “Too Many Pack” ($49.99) to a “Stack Pack” ($1.99).

So many coin options...

So many coin options…

If you tap the three-dot line on the top left of the home screen it will give you the following options: Log Out, About, Invite Friends and Account. The About page is Michael’s tribute to his friends and family for supporting him and the option to add him as a friend on Facebook or Twitter. Your Account page features your photo, username, email address, and coin count.

Final Thoughts

Bridging the gap between Draw Something and Snapchat, 4 Snaps is a fun game to play when you have some time to kill. The design is user-friendly, and the premise is very entertaining (hello, “duckface”), but there are still a few kinks to work out. One particular kink is the inability to get a password reset. If you sign up via email and forget your password, there is not an option to send your password to you. (Full disclosure: I forget my password all the time.) I would also like to be able pull images from my photo library, and have the ability to delete individual photos instead of all of them. But, overall, the app is a pretty solid, entertaining game and I definitely see a lot of people using it. Snaps to Michael. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.


If Snapchat and Draw Something got together, this would be their baby.