Amazing Breaker: A Beautiful Puzzle Game

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Does anyone remember the game Snood? Years ago, when I was just a boy, I played the game Snood on my home PC. It involved shooting small shaped and colored creatures from the bottom of the screen up into a heaping mass of similar creatures collected at the top. The goal of this Tetris style game was get rid of all the Snoods, which disappeared when certain colors and shapes met up. There are probably hundreds of puzzle games formed off this same basic concept, but Snood blew me away because it was the first of it’s kind that I played.

Today, I present to you Amazing Breaker. This gorgeous game from Dekovir gave the me the same feeling of awe and excitement that Snood brought me, because of it’s brilliant approach to puzzle gaming. Hit the jump to find out exactly what makes Amazing Breaker a serious notch in this genre.

Beauty And Style

It seems to me that more and more game developers are choosing to put a lot more effort into the style and beauty of their products. I’ve played a lot of iOS games recently that seem to blur the line between art and games (most notably, Contre Jour), and Amazing Breaker is certainly a welcome addition to that list.

Destroy gorgeous ice sculptures with tactical explosives.

Destroy gorgeous ice sculptures with tactical explosives.

The premise is simple: fling miniature explosives at structures made of ice and try to clear the entire stage. That being said, the ice structures are where the artistic department seems to have spent most of it’s time — and with good results, too. The sculptures are of everyday objects, the shape of which is one of the determining factors in the difficulty of the level. Objects from roses to beer mugs to toilets have been beautifully crafted for you to blow up.

The game has 80 levels with promises of more coming soon.

The game has 80 levels with promises of more coming soon.

Even the menus look gorgeous.

Another thing that I noticed is that the explosion physics are awesome. The game doesn’t exactly keep track of points, but you can chain explosions together (more on that later) and the results are amazing.



Finally, if you’re not playing this game with headphones on, you’re playing it wrong. The game has incredible sound design, both musically and the accompanying sound effects. The ambient music provides the perfect atmosphere for the aesthetic, and the sound of breaking glass becomes borderline addictive, adding to the overall enjoyment of Amazing Breaker.

Game Play

As I mentioned above, you, as the player, are tasked with the simple goal of demolishing everything in sight. The implements of your destruction are a series of small explosives launched with a slingshot. The explosives range in utility from basic to tactical, often making the completion of levels require forethought and planning.

Different bombs have different abilities.

Different bombs have different abilities.

Take this stage, for example. Your primary weapon is in the sling at the bottom of the screen. Your “on deck” weapon is in the bottom left, and can be swapped for your current weapon at any time. Your remaining weapons will be used in order as you launch them.

The green bomb, if simply fired, will explode on contact. However, if you tap the screen after you shoot it, it will spread like buckshot and attach to the ice, give you the chance to chain explosions on your next turn. The purple bomb lets you drop 3 mines before it explodes. The red bombs are the simplest, and attach to the edge of the ice and explode wherever they make contact.

Collect additional bombs to help you complete the level.

Collect additional bombs to help you complete the level.

The final type is the “ghost” bomb, which is somewhat maneuverable after launch, and is primarily used to pass through the ice and explode internally (or on the other side of something you can’t reach).

On certain turns, a glowing icon might show up somewhere in the stage. These are additional explosives that you may actually need to collect in order to solve the puzzle. By setting off an explosion close enough to them, you’re able to knock them down, arming you further toward completing your task.

As you chip away at the massive hunks of ice, the meter in the bottom right corner of the screen will increase. You must destroy a minimum of 90% of the original shape in order to move on to the next round, and beyond that, Amazing Breaker gives you a rating on a traditional three-star scale. One star for anything between 90% and 94%, two stars for 95%-99%, and three stars for achieving complete destruction.


Dekovir has nailed a great iPhone game here. At the end of the day, Amazing Breaker is exactly what every good iPhone game should be: fun, beautifully designed and perhaps most of all, addicting. Even writing this review took longer than it should have because I couldn’t stop playing.

The aesthetics and sound, combined with addictive and quality game play makes Amazing Breaker something I can’t not recommend to you. And the developers promise to continue adding levels, which is an iOS tradition with puzzle games that I couldn’t be happier about. Hello replay value.

Break some ice and let us know what you think of Amazing Breaker!


A unique and gorgeous puzzle game with fantastic attention to detail and addictive gameplay.