Baseball Made Simple: Flick Home Run

Ever wish you were a famous sportstar? Or maybe you’d even be fine with just being “alright” in a sport? Well this is one sport which everyone can pick up and become proficient in while having a great time! In this simple concept game, a variety of 12 baseballs are thrown across the screen where they collide with your finger, or shall I say, your “bat.”

Most people are familiar with the game of baseball, but not all of us know all the intricacies of the game. Well in Flick Home Run, baseball is made simple. Without the worries of a team or catching hitters, your only concern is hitting the ball and aiming to get a home run. Similar to actual baseball, all you have to do is hit the ball with speed, accuracy and perfect timing to become the next Babe Ruth.

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Starting Off Slow

As a first time batter, you start off hitting simple baseballs in the Minor Challenge in an attempt to get as high of a score as possible. In the two different challenges, minor and major, progression is noted in one main way — steps. At first, the process of how steps work may be confusing, but you’ll pick up the system and its methods quickly. In the Minor Challenge, there are 15 steps, each with a required amount of balls to hit. With every hit, there is a bar up top which increases dependent upon the distance of your hit. At the same time, the bar goes down for each hit attempted. Once the bar is completely drained, you have essentially struck out.

Balloons fill the air while cars and buildings cover the ground as your ball soars through the air

Balloons fill the air while cars and buildings cover the ground as your ball soars through the air

Having trouble getting to Step 15? Check out the Training as it can help you with hitting each individual ball!

As you progress further into the game, you are exposed to more things such as balloons and the area past the homerun bleachers. These extras are there at chances of scoring a few extra points as your ball soars through the air.

Moving On to the Big League

Once the Minor Challenge has been mastered, you move onto the Major Challenge which is notably harder, yet essentially the same thing as the previous mode. In addition to the added challenge, you are exposed to all 12 of the different baseballs throughout the Major Challenge.

You've reached the maximum distance for the Minor Challenge! You must be ready for the Master Challenge

You’ve reached the maximum distance for the Minor Challenge! You must be ready for the Master Challenge

Another notable point is that there is maximum distance of 1000ft during the Minor Challenge. This maximum restraint is removed only when playing in the Major Challenge.


If you’re looking for some company while playing the game, the Multiplayer section is the way to go. Via Game Center, you are matched up with players that you can not see and you race to see who can fill up their bar first. The only real down side to this is that if Wi-Fi is not readily available, you can not enjoy playing against others.

More Game Modes!

Are the Minor and Major challenges not enough for you? Well they definitely weren’t enough for Infinity Pocket! If you get bored of those two modes, you can move onto the Moonstar Bonus, Multiplayer mode, Bunt Master, Total Balls, Faster & Faster, Giant Unit or Moto Cutter!

With so many modes, you'll surely be preoccupied for awhile.

With so many modes, you’ll surely be preoccupied for awhile.

The Moonstar Bonus is a unique game mode in which you bat into the night sky collecting stars while aiming for a set of 12 moons. When a moon is hit, the baseball ricochets off and enlarges. As an added bonus, you rack up more points by hitting several moons off of a single hit.

Bunt Master

The first available extra game mode is Bunt Master. In this mode, you strive to flick the bat but stop right before you come in contact with the ball. That way, the ball hits the still bat and lands on platform which is relatively near.

Try to aim towards the trail of balloons as they lead directly to the platform!

Total Balls

Once unlocked, this game mode has a simple goal: get the highest score possible by hitting a variety of 12 balls with a maximum of three lives.

Faster & Faster

As the title implies, this mode focuses on speed. Each ball that is thrown is a speed ball and with every pitch, the speed increases, making it increasingly difficult to hit the ball. Like the previous game mode, there is a maximum of three misses permitted.

Giant Unit

Possibly the most difficult game mode of the game, in this mode the main goal is to flick the special ball over the statue that is directly ahead of you. This game mode requires precision aim, perfect timing and absolutely no hesitation.

Aim to hit the ball over the giant statue!

Aim to hit the ball over the giant statue!

Moto Cutter

This game mode is quite simple in that there is only one type of baseball to hit with the sole goal of getting the largest distance possible. As you progress, however, the baseball becomes increasingly tricky to hit as it takes sharp turns and speeds up.

In Conclusion

For the small price of a dollar, this game is absolutely reasonably priced! For the hours of gameplay Flick Home Run offers, no one should feel apprehensive to spend their dollar for this app.

The price for the game — reasonable. The amount of gameplay offered — acceptable. Infinity Pocket did a wonderful job at creating a game out of such a simple concept and along with it, incorporating many different game modes. Being such a simple concept, however, its inevitable that you will get tired of the game after a few days.


Get that exciting, heart pounding, beloved home run all through the flick of a finger!