Dead Trigger: Console Gaming Gone Mobile

What’s more fun than an action packed, zombie killing, adrenaline rushing, high speed intense game? Well the answer is simple. All of that in the palm of your hands! As a perfect example of console gaming gone mobile, Dead Trigger brings the first person shooting experience that we’ve all associated from the console straight to the iPhone.

Through its stunning graphics and heart-racing gameplay, Dead Trigger is easily one of the most notable zombie FPS apps available for the iPhone. Its intense quests will have even the most experienced zombie players at the edge of their seats.

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One of the Survivors

From the beginning, you are thrown into a world devastated by a disease which has caused a majority of the population to become mutant zombies with the single goal of tearing into your flesh. With nothing else but a few bucks and a scorpion, your hero enters quests which range from surviving a given amount of time to reducing the zombies’ numbers.

One main goal: Kill. All. Zombies!

One main goal: Kill. All. Zombies!

The primary quests you undergo teach you the required basics of moving, aiming and shooting, which is all you need to get through the first few main quests. As you progress, however, you are forced to become more tactiful and skillful in order to survive longer and complete your tasks.


The gameplay mainly revolves around running and gunning, although your character’s movement could be faster. As you complete main quests you earn money, which you can use to buy weapons or accessories (bandages, turrets, etc.) and you gain experience, which is the primary method of unlocking new weapons.

There are plenty of side quests to embark on.

There are plenty of side quests to embark on.

Dead Trigger fails to maintain a constant, engaging story line, yet does offer a number of random quests and missions to undergo. As you progress within the game, however, you become aware that the quests are quite repetitive in that they offer only a few different goals of surviving, retrieving items or killing a set amount of zombies. With that being said, Dead Trigger is most likely not for those who seek for more than mindlessly mowing down rows of zombies.


The controls are well explained at the beginning of the game. The left side contains the joystick to control your hero’s movements while the right side has the joystick to shoot. At the same time, the whole right half of the screen is used to control the view of the camera and the aim of our weapon. Though that may seem like plenty of room to turn and aim, it is not sufficient when you are being attacked from behind by a ravage zombie. Madfinger Games could have easily combated this issue by adjusting it so that the entire screen controls rotation.

Study up on your controls as you load up your next mission.

Study up on your controls as you load up your next mission.

Many things such as the reload button and the zoom button could have been better placed and designed. With their close proximity to the shooting button and their minuscule size, it is practically not worth utilizing when you are in the heat of the moment against a mob of zombies.


The smooth graphics in this game are absolutely phenomenal. Though there are not a large variety of zombies available, the ones that are there were carefully designed with detail and precision from the stumbling of the clumsy undead to the crisp soundclips. In addition to the zombies, the environment was beautifully designed evoking the dark suspenseful theme that all good zombie thrillers should.

My two cents on zombies? Obliterate them!

My two cents on zombies? Obliterate them!

Price, Problems and Difficulties

Having such an in-depth, realistic FPS zombie game for free is a blessing, but of course, there is a catch. Over 50% of the weapons are only available if real money is invested towards in-app purchases. This is a huge blow to all that enjoy fps zombie games as there is a large arsenal of weapons that, quite frankly, are just there mocking you. Though its understandable that Madfinger Games want a profit for the hard-work of creating a worthy FPS, having such a large amount of the artillery under lock and key until the wallets come out is a quite distasteful to most gamers.

The G represents those pesky in-app purchases.

The G represents those pesky in-app purchases.

As for the problems and difficulties, there weren’t too many. The few things that were noticed after a couple of rounds were the radar and the inability to get head shots. The game should have a large “objects in radar are closer than they appear” warning sticker as you soon see that the radar is not very reliable. In the midst of a zombie mob, I learned the hard way that what seemed like a zombie a few feet back on the radar was in reality a zombie breathing down the back of my neck. This causes for it to be harder to guard your backside for much longer than a few seconds at a time.

Never stop moving! It’ll make it harder for the zombies to get you as most are slow and many will miss!

As for the head shots, many kills that should have been declared a head shot were not. Whether it is a glitch in the game or just the designer’s deliberate act of making head shots seemingly impossible, it should be corrected. Multiple rounds of bullets directly to the head of a zombie will nine out of ten times result in a regular kill which means you lose out on valuable experience points or gold coins.


For a free, gorgeously designed, FPS zombie game which was designed like a console game, I would recommend this app to anybody and everybody. Though they snuck in the hated in-app purchases, this game can still offer a lot of fun before the weapons that require real money are necessary.

The only thing that could help put this game over the top would be if it had offered a multiplayer mode like consoles do. Even though it doesn’t have it, it is still something worth downloading and enjoying when in the mood for something more frightening than your average first person shooters.


Pick up your gun and unload on the undead in this magnificient first person shooter zombie game!