GodFinger All-Stars: An Even Better Way to Rule the World

Have you ever wanted to rule over an entire civilization? How about create a world, impart wrath, control the weather, reshape the landscape and even be worshipped?

With GodFinger, all of this becomes possible. The latest installment, GodFinger All-Stars has all the hilarity you know and love from the original version with some great new features. Like the original, GodFinger All-Stars is completely free and your account transfers over so you don’t lose all your hard work. Let’s take a look!

What Is GodFinger?

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the game, GodFinger is a bit like all of those other games where you oversee a community and engage in basic mundane tasks like farming, only on crack. The characters that you rule over, called followers, are crazy little people that scurry about dressed in all manner of silly attire (everything from knights to pirates), making all sorts of noises (often of the flatulent variety) and working diligently to serve you their god.




GodFinger gives you a small planet to rule over. As you swipe across the screen the world spins and you are taken to different sections. A pinch will zoom you in closer so you can see and interact with specific items.

Your basic goal is to build structures, which are then manned by followers, who work to earn you gold. You then use that gold to buy more structures, decorations and followers so you can expand your planet and grow your following (it’s sort of an endless cycle of earning gold to build more to earn more gold).

When you purchase a structure, you pick up a few followers and drop them on it so they can commence construction. Once the structure is built, your followers will display icons showing you how to power up the building.



The icons shown match one of three weather “wonders”: sun, rain and lightning. To power up a building, you position the appropriate weather wonder over it, then tap and hold the wonder until it flashes. You can then release and sunshine, rain or lightning will burst forth (as you advance, you can hold the wonders longer for more powerful effects).

Wonders are also uses to affect your planet in different ways. You can create fishing ponds, grow plant life and destroy objects using your weather arsenal.

Replenishing Followers

As your followers work to earn you gold, they will eventually become too exhausted to go any further. At this point, you drag them over to a tent, tavern, fountain or other refreshing station for some relaxation and replenishing sustenance.


Refreshing Your Followers

Goals, Awe and Experience Points

As you perform wonders for your followers, you earn awe, which can be used in a number of ways including to purchase items from the store and immediately replenish a follower’s energy.


The Store and Goals screens

GodFinger also has a goals system that you can use to earn various rewards. You unlock goals as you progress and then try to complete them to advance even further. The goals are usually pretty straightforward such as connecting with a friend’s planet or building a certain number of structures.

Completing goals and earning gold build up your experience points. As this happens, you gain levels and unlock even more content. Again, it’s all very repetitive and yet is somehow a blast.

New Features

GodFinger All-Stars is the most significant update yet and brings about plenty of new goodies and features. Among these is the new Follower Stars system. As you power-up your buildings, if your followers are in the path of the sun, little star bubbles begin floating all around them. As you pop these bubbles, your followers earn star power, which will eventually lead to exciting rewards.


Your followers now earn stars

You’ll also notice the presence of circular rainbows on your planet after the update. There are two types of rainbows that serve different purposes. The first type is a normal rainbow, shown below on the left. These can be created by combining rain and sun in a single spot. Tossing your followers through a rainbow will generate stars.


Two types of rainbows

The second type of rainbow, shown above on the right, is actually a new mini-game. Tossing a follower into this portal will transport them to a cloud-jumping adventure full of gold and other treasures.


The new Jump Game

Those are the major advancements that I’ve noticed, as always there are plenty of new structures to create, crazy followers to nab and goals to unlock.

GodFinger All-Stars for iPad

GodFinger All-Stars is also available in a beautiful, super-sized iPad version. The larger screen makes for a much better experience that you won’t want to miss whether you’re a veteran or newcomer.


GodFinger All-Stars for iPad

Amazing or Annoying?

I must confess that I typically hate these types of games. I’d much rather get a root canal than be forced to play Farmville on Facebook. However, GodFinger’s unique spin on the genre sucked me in. I quickly got into a routine of checking in on my little planet once every day to collect my gold and I came to really appreciate the long-term value of the game.

I was just reaching the point of starting to slack off and regularly let my piles of gold turn into rust when All-Stars came out and grabbed me anew. As I said above, the game is infinitely better on an iPad and makes for a lot less frustration when you’re dragging those little guys all over creation.

My annoyances with the game are few and fairly minor. The sound effects get old in about fifteen seconds but can easily be adjusted or muted completely. My biggest complaint is just how long it takes from the time that I tap the icon until I actually get to play the game. First, you have to endure a number of startup screens. Then you have to dismiss a few messages about what’s new in the GodFinger store or what new app you should download from the App Store. After this you are taken to the menu where you hit the “Play” button, which brings up a loading screen. Then you have to deal with screens for the daily lottery and decide what gift you want to bequeath to your friends today. It simply goes on forever!

Once you finally get to the actual game, everything is great. The colorful illustrations and deep gameplay provide you with a rich experience not easily found in a free app.


To sum up, whether you love or hate life-sucking farming games, you should give GodFinger All-Stars a download. It’s crazy unique and is a great way to kill a few minutes at various points throughout your week when you’re tired of all the games on your iPhone that you’ve already played through.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of GodFinger All-Stars. Are the new features enough to regain your interest?


GodFinger All-Stars is a fun update to an already great game. Rule over your followers, build structures, earn gold and other rewards and now even play a fun mini-game. If you're looking for a relaxing free gameplay experience, this one is hard to beat.