Keri Racing Serves Up Pet Raising, Racing, Farming and More

Social network games have become extremely popular in part due to their simplicity. For the same reason, however, some fans grow bored after a period of infatuation.

Keri Racing, named for the ability to race fantastical feathered “keris,” plans to turn that trend on its head by providing plenty of variety in exchange for long-term loyalty. If you’re nostalgic for the good old days when your favorite SNG wasn’t just a grind, Keri Racing might just be the cure you’re looking for.

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The Beginning

What’s brilliant about Keri Racing, compared to its social network game competitors, is that it keeps the simplicity and pick-up-and-play ease while adding a broader range of activities for players to participate in. It seems designed for the same audiences that can’t stop playing Farmville, while attracting the fans who burned out on the repetition these games’ designs fall prey to all too often.

By creating their farms, businesses and raising and racing colorful keris, fans are continually exposed to new content and activities. From the beginning, Keri Racing is less about finding a rotation to amass the most stuff and more about actively creating a gameplay experience that suits the player’s preferences to a T.


Keri Racing might be raising standards for social network games across the genre by adding options, but it doesn’t do away with the ease of play that these games are famous for. Most players can pick up Keri Racing and absorb the basics in next to no time, but exhausting the available content is another matter.

Build! Build! Build!

Build! Build! Build!

Like other popular social network games, menu based controls are designed to be intuitive and have next to no learning curve, while an array of well-thought out icons make adding to one’s empire a snap. Even the action portion of the game doesn’t demand too much dexterity. Racing keris is more about stat building and resource management, as well as keeping an eye on the whip ability cooldown time.

Interface & Functionality

The wide variety of content is astonishing, but it wouldn’t shine as much as it does if Keri Racing felt sprawling and disjointed. All of its various parts play well together, thankfully, creating a more flexible and fun gameplay universe than players are accustomed to in this genre.

NPCs scattered in the region hand out quests, for those who like to have a side of story-telling with their games, while mini-games offer an extra bonus for those of us with short attention spans. Each of the game’s main playing modes is well developed, also.

Farming isn’t simply a matter of planting generic keri foods; there are a dozen different crops and each requires its own special tender loving care. There are even more buildings to create than there are crops to cultivate, too.

Train your keris to be the best of the best!

Train your keris to be the best of the best!

Raising keris is just complex enough — keeping them happy and healthy, and building stats requires concentration, but it’s easy to learn as one goes along. Customizing keris is the icing on the cake, thanks to an items shop that is absolutely packed with equipment.

Buying items accomplishes a couple of things: style makes individual keris stand out in the crowd by showing off different outfits, while the outfits themselves provide stat buffs that help to win races. And when it comes to racing, there are three modes of play as well as numerous creatively designed tracks boasting their own challenging features.

Racing against friends is the best part ... until you lose!

Racing against friends is the best part … until you lose!

In Terra mode, players race realtime against their friends, while Exile mode is a competition for best-in-show. Wanted mode pits players against Keri Racing NPC criminals. Racing isn’t the only time the game’s social perks show themselves, either. Players can also help out one another with various tasks. Finding friends who play is easy enough, thanks to Facebook and Twitter integration.

If you’re not plugged into those services, no worries — you can also use your contact lists and email from within the app.  There are plenty of ways to contact friends, and thanks to the fact that Keri Racing is multi-platform (supported on both Android and iOS devices) there should be plenty of friends to contact.

Design & Performance

Of course, all of these options and features and content are wasted if the game doesn’t present itself well, but Keri Racing neatly avoids that obstacle, too. Characters are adorably designed, details are abundant and animation is smooth. So far as I could tell, there weren’t any bugs and lagging seemed to be non-existent. Keri Racing is, in some ways, too good to be true.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re tired of warding off boredom by playing different types of social network games in a cycle, having to start over from scratch when the game you were playing becomes a source of boredom, pick up Keri Racing. It’s a whole new world to explore, and it’s available in iTunes right now, for free!


If you’re nostalgic for the good old days when your favorite SNG wasn’t just a grind, Keri Racing might just be the cure you’re looking for.