Monsters Ate My Condo: The Craziest App You’ll Ever Love

I guess I’ll start off this post by saying that [adult swim] has never resorted to normalcy with their applications. I mean, with titles like Robot Unicorn Attack and Snoticles, it’s safe to say that their applications won’t be like the rest.

The same holds true with one of their lesser known applications, Monsters Ate My Condo. In this game, you will go on a quest to keep your condo conquest from falling into the monsters’ hands. Can you undertake this crazy challenge? Find out after the break.

Building Blocks

If you were to ask me what is going on in this game, I would have to answer that I honestly have no clue. Essentially, you are trying to build up a condo complex, but the monsters are endangering the stability of the tower. To please them, you must feed them the corresponding color room.

Try to build your condo complexes tall and earn bonuses on the way

Try to build your condo complexes tall and earn bonuses on the way

The controls themselves are very simple. The only thing you really have to do is grab onto a room and swipe to the left or right to get rid of it. By stacking three or more of the same color room, you will create bonuses which stack up to create higher bonuses. If this combo happens to be the same color as one of the monsters on the screen, the monster will go away and a new one will come.

Condo Craziness

While controls may be really simple, the game itself can get really crazy. Yes, this is the game that you will have on your iPhone that will have people asking: what in the world are you playing?

Combos can reap in some serious benefits

Combos can reap in some serious benefits

Keeping your tower balanced isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do; if any part of it collapses, then it’s game over for you, too. During the game, you will come in contact with angry monsters, cinderblocks that can’t be moved, and burning condos that may jeopardize the stability of your tower.

Luckily, there are tons of little bonuses which help you out. Remember those combos that were discussed earlier? Well, those can help you out quite a bit. Combos provide you with bonus tiles, which can be combined to make even higher bonus tiles. Three bronzes make a silver, three silvers make a gold and three golds make a diamond. Once you get three diamonds in a row, you will activate a Mega Zone, in which every combo made will be worth twice its value. Pretty cool, huh?

In Time Attack mode, rack in the points before it is game over

In Time Attack mode, rack in the points before it is game over

Bonuses can also be fed to monsters, which summons their powers. Each of the monsters have their own special power that can be read about in the Meet the Monsters page of the application. The higher value the bonus, the longer their powers will last. Combos can also be made with the “bad bricks” — the cinderblocks and the burning floors. Combos made with solely these bricks will also come with special powers, so try to make those if you can.

The app itself is pretty bare-boned when it comes to features. It has two game modes: Endless and Time Attack, which are pretty self-explanatory. In each mode, the goal is to rake in as many points as possible, but in Time Attack` you need to get all of your points in a time frame of a two minutes. There aren’t any extras unless you count the Meet the Monsters page, which is fine because we can assume the developers devoted their time to the gameplay itself instead of extras.

Nevertheless, the game could not be any more fun. Scores can get absolutely insane, often entering the billions. Gameplay is also extremely addicting and involved as you will keep wanting to best your high score. Plus, its fast-paced nature makes it perfect for a quick-fix game for when you need something to hold you over for a few minutes.

Exterior Design

As you can most likely tell from the previous screenshots, the graphics look like they are something out of a Japanese video game or cartoon. To put it simply, they are absolutely insane. The rigid pixelized graphics and bright flashing colors can make this game quite hard on the eyes and a serious no-no for all you epileptics out there.

The design of the game mimics the cliche Japanese arcade—flashing lights and all

The design of the game mimics the cliche Japanese arcade—flashing lights and all

For the first few plays, you will find that the graphics can be quite distracting. However, after 4-5 plays, I didn’t really find focusing on the building itself to be a problem. Rather, I found that the eyestrain that occurs after playing the game for an extensive amount of time to be quite the problem. My advice is to be careful while playing this game and make sure that you don’t play it for ridiculously long periods of time or your eyes will feel the consequences.

The Verdict

At the end, it is completely understandable to me how Monsters Ate My Condo could earn the title of “App of the Week.” Even though I still haven’t a clue to what is actually going on in this application, the game still is one of my favorites that I have ever had to review for AppStorm. And I guess that says something by itself.

However, beneath the fantastic addictive gameplay, Monsters Ate My Condo does have its one major flaw. The flashy graphics of this application could definitely close the market to some of us out there, and it does cause some pretty bad eyestrain. But for just $0.99, Monsters Ate My Condo is worth every penny.


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