Quirky, Mini-Golf Fun with Super Stickman Golf 2

The premise sounds simple enough. We’re here to play golf. Get the little ball that starts on one side of the course into the little hole on the other side. And yet, with Super Stickman Golf, we see how deliciously complicated that process can become. Noodlecake Studios did a fantastic job imagining this classic game.

And now they’re back again with Super Stickman Golf 2. Is it the same old story? Is it a different take on the same game? Is it worth trying? Let me try and give you a taste of Super Stickman Golf 2.

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Meet the New Obstacles, Same as the Old Obstacles

Part of the “charm” of any golf course is the obstacles that you face on your way towards the hole. And like a traditional golf course, there are sand traps and water hazards. But there are more obstacles than just that.

Sticky Walls and Magnets!

Sticky Walls and Magnets!

If you played the original Super Stickman Golf, perhaps you recognize the pink sticky slime. That used to be a ball you could stick to walls with. And while that ball is still an achievement you can unlock, the sticky slime makes appearances on various courses, with the same properties as the ball.

There are also now magnets, forces which repel the ball from them. These definitely add a new dimension to the game, and can sometimes me used as assets in completing the course, rather than simply as hindrances.

Premium Freemium?

An easy-to-notice addition to Super Stickman Golf 2 is a new in-app monetary system. In-app purchasing has created a new way for iOS developers, and game developers in particular, to make more money from their apps. Super Stickman Golf 2 has done it in an interesting way, though. Rather than adopt the straight-forward “freemium” model, giving the app away for free and charging for individual features in the app, Super Stickman Golf 2 costs 99¢ to begin with.

The Pro Shop

The Pro Shop

I can understand many bristling at the thought of paying for an app to begin with, only to be nickel-and-dimed as you continue to use it. And while you certainly notice the parts where you’re supposed to be tempted to put down cold hard cash for Super Stickman Golf 2’s, I never found it abrasive.

A big part of that is because Super Stickman Golf 2 doesn’t use regular currencies for it’s in-app purchases. Instead, there are Golf Bux, a proprietary currency that you purchase with real money. Those Golf Bux are then used in various parts of the game. While this may seem complicated, I actually prefer this method because there are ways to receive Golf Bux through gameplay. You aren’t locked into paying for the additional features — the option to pay becomes a short-cut to earning Golf Bux by playing the game.

Still Good, Clean Fun

All that being said, Super Stickman Golf 2 has a lot of new features and general improvements over its predecessor.

Hats and the Hat Lottery

As a way to add new powers and abilities to your golfer, Super Stickman Golf 2 has Hats. The abilities that the Hats give you varies. Some are useful, like a stronger swing or an additional power up for each round. Others are more for fun or just decoration, making the golfer invisible, bigger or smaller.

The Hat Lottery

The Hat Lottery

How do you get hats you may ask? Well, that would be through the Hat Lottery. A giant gumball machine filled with hats, you can give it a try by spending Golf Bux; the more you spend, the better your chances of a new hat becomes.

Bonus Goals

Keeping things interesting, Super Stickman Golf 2 has Bonus Goals which will randomly appear at the start of a hole. They offer a cash reward for finishing the course in the manner prescribed, usually a certain number of strokes above or below par.

Really this lets you keep playing the game, even though the courses are the same, because it changes things up and adds an element of surprise.

Clean Ball Bonus and Big Bux Award

In a similar vein, there are the Clean Ball Bonus and the Big Bux Award. In addition to the Gold, Silver and Bronze stars awarded for each course based on how well you play, these two awards appear on each course, adding replay value to the game.

For each course there are the Clean Ball Bonus and Big Bux Award to shoot for.

For each course there are the Clean Ball Bonus and Big Bux Award to shoot for.

The Clean Ball award is for playing the entire course without using powerups, a challenging endeavor on some of the later courses.

The Big Bux Award is for collecting all ten Golf Bux scattered throughout the course. What I particularly like about the Big Bux Award, is that going after the Golf Bux usually comes at the price of extra strokes when completing the hole. To gain the Big Bux Award you really have to decide to play the course with that as your goal.

Magnet Ball

Acting in the opposite of the Magnet Obstacles, the magnet ball pulls the ball toward the hole. While this may sound like an automatic hole-in-one every time, it doesn’t pull the ball around obstacles, so it works best when you already have a relatively clear shot.

Your Turn

Without a doubt, Super Stickman Golf 2 is loads of fun. The added in-app purchase layer adds complexity without being annoying, and all-in-all the game is a significant improvement on the original Super Stickman Golf. If you were a fan of the classic, it’s worth your time to switch. If you never even knew about the original, that’s fine too. Super Stickman Golf 2 is the one to play.


A 2-D physics-based golf game with creative and challenging course designs.