Robbery Bob: The Robbery Game Without Guns

Forget Grand Theft Auto, there is a new robbery game out on the block. While this game does not have all of the action that GTA has, it does not mean it is any less thrilling.

Robbery Bob puts a new twist on previous burglary games. In this review, you will learn why this comically strategic game put this criminal as the most wanted on the App Store charts.

The Plan

Once a criminal always a criminal, right? Well it sure seems that way for Bob, the main character of this game. Immediately after breaking out of jail, Bob starts his journey of serial theft, and it is up to you to help him.

Help Bob steal everything in his sight

Help Bob steal everything in his sight

As the accomplice of many different perps, you will make your way though the suburbs, downtown, and even secret labs and steal everything in your path. This won’t come without any obstacles — you will have to avoid police, guards, civilians, dogs, and even some angered grandmas on the way there. However, Bob should be able to successfully complete every level by using his smarts; hiding places, disguises, and traps are scattered throughout the levels in order to trick your enemies.

The Tools

One of the bigger faults in Robbery Bob’s plan is the control system. You control Bob using a joystick. I found that the joystick is especially annoying in this game as Bob moves slowly in order to remain undetected by the people in the area. The slow nature of this game makes it seem as if the controls are stuck, which is never good. Besides the joystick, you get one button to run, hide, disguise yourself or whatever other function that you may need to do to have a successful mission.

Bob's slow pace makes the controls seem sticky

Bob's slow pace makes the controls seem sticky

Still, the controls do their job well enough and usually don’t impede on the gaming experience. Plus, they are simple enough that anyone could understand how they work upon opening the app for the first time.

The Heist

The campaign itself is perhaps one of the longest that I have experienced in a long time. Each world has 15 levels that usually take more than one attempt to complete. Like most games, the levels start off relatively simple and progressively get harder to beat. The developers of Robbery Bob made their game more complex by making buildings’ floor plans bigger and more confusing by setting up obstacles like cameras and spilled paint.

As you progress, floor plans get larger and more complex

As you progress, floor plans get larger and more complex

Thankfully, as the levels get larger, there are more objects to aid your heist. Hiding places and disguises are a must-have in some levels, and more often than not there are checkpoints. You are also able to run away from guards that are chasing you, but you are only able to run so far before getting tired out. Despite these helpful things, some levels are seemingly impossible to beat, and the fact that there are no walkthroughs available on the Internet does not help all too much.

Nevertheless, the game is addictive and challenging, which ensures that you do get your money’s worth. Plus, in order to officially complete the game, you  must collect all the loot in the level within the given timeframe and without being detected by guards or civilians. This extra aspect of challenge gives the game a ton of replay value.

Sometimes it's hard not to get caught with hands in red paint, or, in this case, feet in blue paint

Sometimes it's hard not to get caught with hands in red paint, or, in this case, feet in blue paint

Which brings us to our last little bit about the gameplay: it is quite comical. Some of the missions that you are sent on seem very serious, and in the end the item you were sent to get ends up being something like “two dollars.” Some characters even have those stereotypical traits; for example, if the grandma character catches you, she will chase you down and hit you with her purse. Though a comical twist is often seen in Chillingo’s games, I did appreciate it because it helped lighten up the mood of the really intense gameplay.

The Loot

The heist would never be complete without the loot. Robbery Bob is packed with extras and in-app purchases. After you have finished the campaign, you will be able to unlock a pack of bonus levels. And yes, you do need to complete all the worlds before that, or shell out $0.99 to unlock it. Also, if there is a level that is seemingly impossible, you can purchase the “Shadow Bob” shortcut for $0.99. Shadow Bob will escort you through the level, and you are able to use him once for free.

The Graphics

Unfortunately, I was unable to think of a witty title for this one, but the graphics in Robbery Bob are nothing to scoff at. The illustration in the level selection screens is really, really good and makes the game look as if it came straight out of a cartoon. Quite honestly, it’s my favorite part of the whole interface.

Robbery Bob boasts a mixture of wonderful artwork throughout the application

Robbery Bob boasts a mixture of wonderful artwork throughout the application

As for the levels themselves, I like the 3D styling that went into them. Like the level selection screens, the levels are also fun and cartoon-like, which just makes the game all the more enjoyable.

The Verdict

At $0.99, Robbery Bob can’t be missed. Gameplay is addictive and challenging and the app offers a lot of replay value. Graphics are fun and cartoony, which helps add to the comical edge of the game.

Still, the game is guilty, especially when you get to the controls. The joystick usually seems stuck and sluggish, which I didn’t appreciate. Additionally, the fact that you need to finish a level before unlocking the next one gets rid of the freedom and doesn’t make this game all too good when you’re short on time. Nevertheless, Robbery Bob is still an awesome choice for your next app purchase.


A robbery game with a comical twist