Test Your Logo Literacy With Logos Quiz

Logos are seemingly omnipresent in today’s world. Everywhere you look there is at least a logo or two, and they have the uncanny ability to distinguish one company from another — or so you would think.

Logos Quiz puts your brain to the test. AticoD’s flagship game will put your logo knowledge to the test in ways that you would never have imagined. Can you stand up to the challenge?

What is Logos Quiz?

The idea behind Logos Quiz is simple: to recognize logos. No, it’s not that simple — each logo has something missing from it, usually being the bulk of the text that normally accompanies the logo. Of course, the distinguishing feature of each logo is kept in place, making your job to figure it out just a bit easier.

Logos Quiz features hundreds of logos — some better known than others

Logos Quiz features hundreds of logos — some better known than others

Packed with hundreds of logos, Logos Quiz has eight different levels that seemingly grow harder as you move on. Levels need to be unlocked by identifying a certain amount of logos (i.e. you can’t unlock level 2 until you have identified 30 logos on level 1). This gives the game a little bit of extra challenge.

Logos Quiz features the widest variety of logos I have ever seen. Of course, they have the big ones that everyone recognizes such as Atari, McDonalds, or Nike, but it also has its fair share of very obscure logos (cue the hipster jokes). The app also has logos impartial to Americans and Europeans alike, making the game equally hard no matter where you are in the globe.

What Makes it Fun?

Logos Quiz didn’t soar to the top of the App Store charts for no reason. Being a huge fan of trivia, I find that Logos Quiz offers a fun, pop culture twist to the standard trivia games. That being said, it is an extremely addictive and captivating game to people of all ages.

Once you identify a logo, a green check will appear next to it, and the logo will be grayed out upon reentering the menu. If your guess is completely incorrect, a red “x” will appear next to the icon. A yellow equal sign badge will appear next to the logo; this means that you are very close to the actual answer, but not close enough. A yellow badge is usually the result of a spelling error or missing one part of the company name. The more incorrect guesses you have on a logo, the less points you will be awarded once you do identify it.

The game lets you know if you are missing something (left); nicknames don't play well with Logos Quiz (right)

The game lets you know if you are missing something (left); nicknames don't play well with Logos Quiz (right)

To put it simply, this game is frustrating. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have found myself staring at a logo thinking to myself: “I know what this is!” The satisfaction that you get from finally identifying a logo that has had you stumped makes the game something that you will want to return to. You will also find yourself examining the world around you a lot closer trying to find that one logo you need in order to unlock the next level.

Since the logos in each level don’t change, this game does not offer much replay value. It does, however, provide an awesome game to play with friends and family. More often than not, I have found myself contributing to friend’s games and having friends contribute to mine. Plus, we can expect numerous updates in the future since there will never be an outage of logos.

Something to keep in mind is that this app is prone to crashing, especially on older devices. The app did not even work on my iPod Touch 3rd generation when it had about 10 apps running in the background. Even on my iPad 2 it crashed every now and then. Luckily, game progress is saved.

The Design

At first glance, the design of Logos Quiz is not all that great. Between Century Gothic as the game’s font and simple, colorful shapes that plaster the user interface, it definitely isn’t the prettiest application we have ever reviewed here on AppStorm.

Design is a bit elementary, but it is functional

Design is a bit elementary, but it is functional

While it is not the prettiest game, it definitely is functional. When playing the game itself, the simple design keeps the focus on the logos themselves while keeping a nice splash of color. Of course, it does have its flaws. For example, the keyboard used for entering the logo-bearer’s name is quite compact and I have often found myself fat-fingering the keyboard — and I don’t even have fat fingers. At the end of the road, functionality is what matters, and together with the fact that this is the developer’s first iPhone application, the design is pretty solid.

Helpful Hints

Unless you have a supernatural photographic memory or you cheat, you will need some help on the way to beating this game. For every three logos you identify, you will be awarded one hint. Hints build up rather quickly and can be used to help you solve any logo in the game usually by providing information about the company or organization or giving the length of the company’s name. You are only allowed to use three hints on a given logo; each hint detracts from the amount of points you receive from solving each item.

Reach out to your friends for help or use the app as your resource

Reach out to your friends for help or use the app as your resource

If you run out of hints, you are able to purchase 120 for $0.99 or 300 hints for $1.99 via in-app purchases. You are also able to redeem 15 hints by using 10 stars, which are awarded periodically as you play the game. If neither of those options suit you fancy, you are able to reach out to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers for help.

The Verdict

Overall, Logos Quiz is one of the best games I have played in quite a while. Gameplay is challenging but still gives you enough help to make the game manageable. Better yet, it’s extremely addicting and makes the user want to come back to the application itself. It also forces the user to pay close attention to detail, which is a great skill to have.

Logos Quiz is extremely impressive especially because it is the developer’s first iOS app. Besides for not-so-great design and how crash-prone the app is, there is nothing bad to say about it. The best part? Logos Quiz can be had for free from the App Store.


An addicting game that quizzes you on logos