Unexpected Laughs in My Singing Monsters

With a name like My Singing Monsters, you know exactly what you’re getting in a game while still having no idea what you’re actually getting into. You’re going to be raising some singing monsters, but what can you expect from a game with such an absurd premise?

What you can expect is constant surprise and hilarity mixed into the familiar mechanics of Farmville type RPGs. But is what My Singing Monsters brings to the table enough to wake up an otherwise stale genre, or will the monster gimmick fall flat?

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Making Monster Music

If you’ve played Farmville, Frontierville or any of the similar social media simulation RPGs, you’re on solid footing with My Singing Monsters. Though the concept may seem a lot less straightforward than tilling the land or tending to animals, breeding monsters to form an a capella band isn’t really all that dissimilar.

Look at that fine, freshly hatched monster!

Look at that fine, freshly hatched monster!

When you start out in My Singing Monsters, you’ll need to sign up with a Facebook account or through Game Center. If you have friends already playing My Singing Monsters, and really, all of your friends should be, sign up whichever way will make it easiest to find you. If you ever log out, make sure you sign back in the same way; I didn’t and was briefly frightened I’d lost my monster ensemble.

The game will give you quests, called Goals in the app, to complete. Achieving goals will earn you experience points, allowing you to level up, but you may also get a little game currency, too. Some tasks can’t be completed until you’ve reached a certain level, so leveling up will open up new goals.

Completing goals will give you an experience boost, a few coins or some other reward.

Completing goals will give you an experience boost, a few coins or some other reward.

However, completing the goal, even if you don’t reach a new level, will give you new things to do in the game. For instance, building a bakery not only completes a goal and earns experience points, but also allows you to start baking munchies for your critters whenever you want, independent of the goal system.

Just a few of my monsters, doing what they do — sing!

Just a few of my monsters, doing what they do — sing!

Getting your monsters fattened up is important too, since that’s how they gain levels themselves. Monsters below level four can’t breed, and you want to get your guys breeding as soon as possible. The whole time you’re playing, your monsters are singing or otherwise making a racket in the background, and you’re going to want to get as many monsters on deck as possible. Add more monsters, and you get a better song. Monsters can be expensive though, so you’ll want to turn up the Marvin Gaye and get your monsters in the mood.

The Cost of Raising a Monster

Things cost money in My Singing Monsters. There’s in-game currency that can be used to buy all sorts of things for your monsters or to perform tasks around the island. You also start off with a small stash of diamonds to ease your early gameplay. Diamonds will speed up slow tasks, like breeding, or can buy new monsters. Food is used to level up monsters, and while the monsters never seem to get hungry, you’ll want to feed them to get them up to level four for breeding.

The My Singing Monsters market, where you can purchase all sorts of things.

The My Singing Monsters market, where you can purchase all sorts of things.

You can earn coins by completing goals. Your monsters will also periodically cross your palm with silver, just for the privilege of living on your island, and the more complex the monster, the more coins you’ll get. Bakeries are a good go to for food, but baking’s going to use up some of your dough. After you’ve been playing awhile, you can put in a mine, but by then you’ve run out of diamonds and started feeling the pinch of waiting for monsters to breed, eggs to hatch or even cookies to finish baking.

All of these, coins, food, and diamonds, can be bought via in-app purchases. For not very much, I bought a pile of coins and food, enough that I thought I’d never run out in a million years. I managed to eat through my coins pretty quick though, and have already started rationing. Still, I love the game and am happy to lay down a few bucks on an otherwise free app that I really enjoy. The game is playable without purchasing any extras, however, and I haven’t broken down and bought any diamonds yet. Still, if you like this app (or any other, for that matter), think about chipping in a couple of dollars to support the developers.


This game is a lot of unexpected fun. I’m going to admit a couple of the monsters creep me out, but most of them are either adorable or hilarious. When you add more monsters, you’ll hear your song change, and even the monsters’ performances adapt as you get more guys in there.

As I moved further into the game, it seemed to slow way down. Creating third-generation monsters takes a long time without using diamonds to speed everything up, and so does creating more complex structures and doing higher level tasks. I found myself checking in twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening, but otherwise ignoring My Singing Monsters because it took so long for anything to happen. Once I got all the monsters though, I found there was a new island and a whole new set of monsters to create a new song.

Despite the lag as I leveled up and created better monsters, the game and the monsters constantly surprised and amused me. It’s a quirky spin on the social simulation RPG that, at least for me, comes completely out of left field. If you like RPG sims or just anything out of the ordinary, My Singing Monsters is definitely one to try.


Raise funny monsters while creating your own a capella band.