Landcam: Do More With Your Photos

It’s not a secret that I like to take pictures of my cats and send the resulting images to anyone who’ll accept them. I add filters, text and even fun little stamps, until my photos could give you a toothache. I rely on a lot of apps to get that job done, though, and it would be a lot easier if I could get all of the tools I need in one place.

Landcam seems to fit the bill, with all of that, plus some pretty great editing tools to boot. I’ll try out Landcam and see if it can finally replace my folder full of image-editing apps.

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Try to Focus

You can import your images into Landcam, or snap a new shot right there. Crop out anything you don’t need, and turn that rectangle into a square like the geometry pro that you are. You’ve got this. When everything is zoomed in just how you want it and you’ve gotten rid of your big ol’ thumb in the top on the image, tap next to keep things moving.

Crop your image and choose a filter.

Crop your image and choose a filter.

There’s lots of stuff you can do to your picture, and Landcam shepherds you to filters first, found under the water droplet. There’s just a ton of filters, laid out more or less like color chips at the paint store. I’m a fan of choice, but this is almost too much. The color chips help sort through it all though, since you’ve got an idea if the filter will warm up or cool down your photo.

The half circle, next to the filters’ water drop on the editing menu, is where you’ll find the tools to really fine tune your image. Futz around with the exposure, brightness, contrast and more, just make sure you hit the check mark after you edit each attribute to save your changes.

Edit your image attributes or add some fun stamps.

Edit your image attributes or add some fun stamps.

Under the star, the last in the list, are all of the stamps you place on top of the photo. There are a few borders, but I’d admit that with so much on offer in the rest of the app, I’d kind of been hoping for more here, too. No matter though, because the abundance of fonts for adding text more than makes up for it. Add lots of fun little designs to your images with the sketches and shapes, too.

When you create an image in Landcam, you’re not just correcting the lighting and saving it to your phone — you want to share it. Landcam made that easy when I was trying it out by giving me the options for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter right there on the saving and sharing screen. If that’s not for me though, it additionally offered to open in Tumblr, another fun camera app I often use, or a third-party chat app, all of the places I’d be looking to shift my new image. Of course, you can always just save your images or email it on to a friend if those options don’t work for you.

It Packs a Punch

I was really surprised to find so much in Landcam. Often my photos make their way through several editors before finally being shared to Instagram or Tumblr. I need to correct the color and crop the image, plus add text and fun shapes, and no single app seems to do all of that.

There are a ton of fonts and lots of things you can do to your image.

There are a ton of fonts and lots of things you can do to your image.

I’ll be honest that sometimes I print the snaps I take with my phone, and I’d likely look for more tools to make that happen, but Landcam is more than enough for day-to-day shots. It has lots of great filters, plus fun shapes. It’s also got really attractive text which has almost seemed impossible to get in an app that had anything else to recommend it.

Share your final product. There are some good settings to check out, too.

Share your final product. There are some good settings to check out, too.

Landcam is different from a lot of other photo apps that let your “stamp” your images. I’ve got at least three or four of those on my phone right now and have tried out almost a dozen more. Most of them are inspired by a Japanese kawaii aesthetic and are over-the-top cute. Landcam is much more minimalistic, with all of the text and stamps in white or black. While you can still achieve a “cute” look, it’s going to look a little bit fancier than what I’ve been able to achieve with googly-eyed clouds and in-app purchases of sparkles.

Final Thoughts

I’m just blown away by Landcam. There is so much to do. It comes packed with so many stamps, sketches and other things to decorate images, I haven’t really needed to turn to any other apps. The great thing is, all of this comes with the app. You don’t have to download packs of fonts or filters to get the full Landcam experience — everything is ready to go with the app download.

I won’t say that Landcam has completely replaced all of my other photo apps, because sometimes I still want to take a fullscreen shot without filters or even add a googly-eyed cloud and some sparkles here and there. That’s not the bulk of my image sharing though, and Landcam has recently been taking care of all of the pictures of cats, funny signs, and restaurant desserts I’m sending to Instagram and Facebook. It has everything I need, all the tools, right there in a single app.


A great app for editing pictures with lots of filters. Add text and stamps, and share over social media.